Home Remedies for Diarrhoea

What is Diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea is an ailment, in which, a person passes loose or watery stools. It is mainly categorized as absolute and relative diarrhoea. Absolute diarrhoea involves more than five loose motions a day, while relative diarrhoea involves an increase in bowel movements per day. In the situation of diarrhoea, body looses electrolytes and fluid from the body. Diarrhoea can affect persons of all ages. If untreated, it can result in severe conditions, like blood pressure, kidney failure, or seizures.


Bacterial or viral infection causes diarrhoea. The other major causes are:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Consuming excessive coffee and alcohol
  • Chronic ethanol ingestion
  • Hormone secreting tumours
  • Ischemic bowel disease
  • Allergic reactions
  • Viral gastroenteritis
  • Food poisoning
  • Improper medications
  • Radiation therapy or surgery
  • Digestive disorders
  • Inflammatory bowel movements
  • Endocrine disorders


A person not only suffers with watery faeces, but also severe pain and cramps in stomach. Some of the common symptoms of diarrhoea are:

  • Abdominal cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Pricking sensation
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fatigue and boredom
  • Weakness in the body
  • Fever
  • Dehydration
  • Increase in the number of bowel movements
  • Blood in stool
  • Watery stools
  • Bloating

Home Remedies for Diarrhoea

It seems so embarrassing, when we have come to attend a wedding ceremony and we are frequently visiting washroom. In order to get rid of this problem, here are some easy and quick home remedies for you.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the natural remedies for diarrhoea. It is rich in probiotics (friendly bacteria or live cultures), which forms a protecting layer on the intestines to protect them from harmful bacteria. Have yogurt on a regular basis as it produces lactic acid.

2. Chamomile Tea

For the treatment of various intestinal problems, like diarrhoea, chamomile tea can work great. The antispasmodic property of chamomile helps in relieving diarrhoea. Prepare tea by adding one tsp of chamomile flowers in one cup of water. Put the water to boil and add one teaspoon of peppermint leaves in it. Let it soak for 15 minutes. Consume this herbal tea thrice a day.

You can also use tea bags to prepare chamomile tea.

3. Blueberries

The anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties of blueberries help in curing diarrhoea, naturally. Blueberries are enriched with anthocyanosides. You are advised to prepare tea from dried blueberries and drink it. For this, you need to grind some blueberries and boil it in one cup of water. The tannins present in blueberries fight against diarrhoea.

You can also chew dried blueberries. It is as effective as tea.

4. Orange Peel Tea

One of the natural remedies for getting relief in digestive problems is orange peel. How to stop diarrhoea fast with orange peel?  Remove peels of 1-2 orange. Place it in boiling water.  Cover it with a lid. Steep it for some time. Let it cool down. To make it little sweet, add some honey or sugar, and drink it.

5. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are a natural cure for diarrhoea. This remedy suggests grinding one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and adding it to little water. To get relief in the symptoms of diarrhoea, consume this paste.

You can also dissolve one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds powder in a glass of water. Stir it well and drink.

Note- This remedy is not recommended for small children suffering with acute diarrhoea.

6. Goldenseal

The anti-bacterial, astringent, and anti-inflammatory features of goldenseal make it a natural digestive tonic. Consume it to get rid of diarrhoea.

7. Carrots

Carrots are also effective in reducing symptoms of diarrhoea. You are advised to boil some carrots. Prepare puree from the boiled carrots. Drink half cup of puree on a daily basis. You can also intake one teaspoon of puree after every 15 minutes. The essential oils present in the puree will help to regain proper digestion.

You can also prepare fresh carrot juice and drink it. To sweeten it, you can add a little sugar and a 4-5 drops of lemon juice.

8. Black Tea

Sip a cup of strong black tea regularly to get relief in the symptoms of diarrhoea. The tannins present in black tea helps in battling against the infecting bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Note: Drink it plain without adding anything to it.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

A natural and simple remedy for diarrhoea is apple cider vinegar. A person, suffering from diarrhoea, should blend 1 tsp of ACV in a glass of warm water. Stir it well without adding sugar. Drink it before and in between your meal. For best results, drink this solution thrice a day.

10. B.R.A.T Diet

It actually stands for banana, rice, apple sauce, and toast. Green bananas and rice are good for diarrhoea. Applesauce is rich in pectin, which slows down the food movement through the gastro-intestinal tract. Eating plain toast during diarrhoea helps in absorbing tainted fluids from the stomach.

11. Flour

Flour is also a natural remedy for the treatment of diarrhoea. You can simply add two teaspoons of flour in water. Stir it well. Drink this solution to cure diarrhoea, naturally.

12. Custard Powder

Add one tablespoon of custard powder in a glass of water. Stir it well. In just one gulp, drink this solution. For best results, drink this solution thrice a day.

13. Salt and Sugar Water

To treat diarrhoea naturally, prepare ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts) solution by adding 6 tsp of sugar and ½ teaspoon of salt in water. Stir it well until both the ingredients dissolves. Drink this solution.

You can also buy a packaged ORS mixture from the market and drink it by adding in a sufficient amount of water.

14. Ginger

Ginger is very effective against the cramps developed during diarrhoea or food poisoning. For using ginger as a remedy against diarrhoea, you have to grate a piece of ginger and add a little honey to it. To improve your digestive system, eat this mixture.

You can also make ginger tea to heal the symptoms of diarrhoea. You are advised to boil a cup of water. Add a piece of ginger to it. Let it cool down. Add a small amount of honey in it, after straining.

15. Brown Rice

To reduce the symptoms of diarrhoea, consume brown rice. Brown rice is rich in vitamin B and starch, which makes stool less watery. Add ½ cup of brown rice in 3 cups of water. Boil it for 45 minutes. Once you are done with boiling procedure, eat rice adding a pinch of salt. Then, drink a lot of water. It will accelerate the healing process.

16. Lemon

Lemon is also a very effective against diarrhoea. Squeeze some lemon juice in a glass of water. Add ½  tsp of baking soda and drink it.

You can also prepare tea from dried lemons. Put 16-20 ounces of water to heat. Poke holes on 2-3 dried lemon with a fork. When water starts boiling, place these lemons in it. Let them steep for five minutes, until they become soft. Soon, the colour of water will change, and lime tea will get ready. Add some sweetener in it. Drink it regularly.

17. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is used to relieve diarrhoea. You just have to heat a cup of water. Add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and a little sugar in it. Stir it well. Allow it to cool down. Drink it in one gulp.

18. Wheatgrass

To get relief in stomach cramps during diarrhoea, wheatgrass can be an effective remedy. To get instant relief, add wheat grass powder in water in the ratio of 2:1. Now, stir it well and drink it. After this, drink a glass of plain water.

19. Cornmeal

Can cornmeal be effective for healing diarrhoea? Yes, cornmeal is a natural remedy against diarrhoea. Add some cornmeal in a hot frying pan. Stir it until its colour changes to light brown. Consume two tablespoons of it. If required, drink a little quantity of water.

20. Guava Juice

For treating diarrhoea, drink a whole glass of guava juice. Guava juice is known as an effective remedy for constipation, diarrhoea, dysentery, etc. For effective results, drink the juice after every 3-4 hours.

You can also boil some leaves of guava in water and have this water.

21. Mango Juice

Who doesn’t love mango? One cannot resist from having a mango. It is very refreshing and sweet in taste. With its healthy properties, it is known for curing diarrhoea, naturally. Extract some mango juice and add one teaspoon of ginger. Drink it to experience good result.

22. Black Pepper

To cure diarrhoea, you just have to boil 2 cups of water. Add 3 teaspoons of black pepper powder in it. Also add half teaspoon of kelp (marine algae).

23. Red Radish

To use red radish for the treatment of diarrhoea, blend a handful of chopped red radish. Add a cup of cold milk in it. Mix it well while adding half teaspoon of cornstarch. For quick results, have this mixture thrice a day.

24. Burnt Toast

We usually throw away a burnt toast. But, to treat diarrhoea, it can work effectively. When you suffer with diarrhoea, have a burnt toast. Put two toasts in the toaster to get dark. Consume it plain.

If it tastes bad, simple separate the burnt part and mix it in water. Gulp this water.

25. Pineapple

To stop diarrhoea, you are advised to eat chopped pineapple cubes. It works very effectively. You can also have fresh pineapple juice.

26. Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is effective for several problems, like dandruff, acne, cough, diaper rash, etc. The anti-microbial properties of oregano oil help in treating diarrhoea by killing the chronic diarrhoea-causing bacteria.

27. Charcoal

Charcoal is used to get rid of various diseases related to stomach, like indigestion, gas, diarrhoea, etc. To relieve diarrhoea, you are advised to intake charcoal tablets. Charcoal will work as an absorbent and absorbs the toxins, relieving diarrhoea.

28. Peppermint Tea

Like chamomile tea, peppermint tea also works effectively for healing diarrhoea. You are required to prepare peppermint tea by adding 2-3 leaves of peppermint in boiling water. Add a little honey or sugar. Strain it and drink it slowly.

You can also use peppermint tea bags for preparing tea.

29. Cheese

Everyone’s mouth waters when they hear about cheese. Cheese is used for the treatment of diarrhoea in adults. You have to mix cottage cheese and sour cream together. After mixing, have it 3-4 times a day.

30. Honey

Honey is rich in anti-bacterial properties, which helps in curing diarrhoea. You have to add 4 tablespoons of honey in 8 ounces of water. When an infant suffers with diarrhoea, give this solution in every half an hour.

For adults, only 1-2 tablespoons of honey is advised.

Note- Excessive quantity of honey causes severe constipation.

31. Potato

Prepare potato soup and consume several bowls of it regularly to avoid diarrhoea. Potato is a starchy food, which helps to restore the nutrients of the body.

You can also have baked potato to relieve the symptoms of diarrhoea.

32. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is highly rich in vitamin A, C, and E. The antioxidants present in pomegranate helps in clearing the toxins causing gas, stomach ache, indigestion, etc. Mix one cup of pomegranate juice with one cup of sugarcane juice. Stir it well and consume it four times in a day. You can simply drink pomegranate juice, thrice a day.

You can also use pomegranate juice while preparing rice. Cook some rice. Add salt (as per your taste) and ½ tsp of ginger paste to it. Put some pomegranate juice in rice, which will help to soothe inflamed walls of the intestine.

33. Pumpkin

For the treatment of diarrhoea, prepare tea from pumpkin’s leaves. Put a handful of pumpkin leaves in water. Put the water to boil. Cover it with a lid. Let it steep for 30-35 minutes. Sip a cup of this tea after every two hours.

34. Buttermilk

To treat diarrhoea, drink 3-4 glasses of buttermilk, adding a pinch of salt in it. Add black salt and some roasted cumin seeds in it, for taste.

35. Gooseberry (Amla)

Gooseberry or amla juice is beneficial for curing various diseases. Drink some fresh amla juice, adding lemon juice and a little sugar to it.

36. Black Seed Oil

Black seed is an herbal plant, which helps in curing various health issues, like gas, constipation, asthma, and diarrhoea. This remedy suggests adding one teaspoon of black seed oil in yogurt. Have this mixture 2 times a day to relieve the symptoms of diarrhoea.

37. Grapefruit Seed

Grapefruit seed is a natural remedy to heal diarrhoea. It acts as a natural disinfectant. Its extract is bitter in taste, yet effective. Put five drops of grapefruit seed extract in a glass of water or have 3 capsules regularly.

38. Bran

Bran, the hard outer layer of cereal grain, is helpful to cure diarrhoea. Add one tbsp of unprocessed bran in your diet. It is known for absorbing excess fluids from the body. It can be taken with a variety of foods, according to the requirement.

Homeopathic Remedies for Diarrhoea

It happens sometimes that some health problems are not treated with home remedies. Some people are satisfied with the results, some are not. Homeopathic remedies, which are side-effect free, are always considered best for the treatment of diarrhoea in children. Have a look at some homeopathic remedies to treat diarrhoea.

1. Argentum nitricum : This remedy is used when a person suffers with severe bloating and pain in the groin area.

2. Bryonia : It is used when a person feels irritable and feels to lie down. Person’s mouth also becomes dry, and the symptoms get worsen in the morning.

3. Arsenicum album : It is used when one feels restless and experiences burning pain in the digestive tract. The symptoms are also accompanied by vomiting.

4. Colocynthis : When a person feels cutting pain in the abdomen and feels comfortable when hard pressure is put on the abdomen, this remedy is used.

5. Chamomilla : This remedy is used to relieve hot and green watery stools.

6. Gelsemium : It is used to alleviate various symptoms, like weakness, fever, and headache, which are associated with diarrhoea.

7. Phosphorus : This remedy is used when a person becomes weak and feels thirsty. He/she also experiences an empty feeling in the stomach.

8. Pulsatilla : This remedy is used against diarrhoea, which is caused after having fatty foods.

9. Ipecacuanha : If diarrhoea is accompanied by nausea, this remedy is suggested.

10. Podophyllum : When there is no pain during diarrhoea, but abdomen gurgles before diarrhoea passes.

11. Sulphur : When a person suffers with hot watery stools in the morning and the area around anus becomes red, itchy, and irritating, this remedy is used.

Preventive Measures

In order to prevent diarrhoea, follow some necessary measures, which are given below:

  • Use anti-bacterial soap every time you wash hands.
  • Drink excess of liquids, including juices.
  • Do not drink water or juices from unhygienic places.
  • Cook food at the right temperature.
  • Try ORS solution.
  • Have small and light meals.
  • Use clean and hygiene toilets.
  • Avoid sharing utensils, linen, and cutlery.
  • Take proper rest.
  • Avoid long journeys through car and bus.
  • Breast-feed your infants.

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