26 Health Benefits of Bananas

After reading this article, your ideology about banana might change as this article will tell you some unknown health benefits of a banana. Bananas are the treasure of a number of vital nutrients that can heal various health disorders. Delightfully sweet with firm and rich flesh, bananas are harvested throughout the year and are the favourite of everyone, from a toddler to an elder.

These pre-jacketed fruits are ideal for health and have a lot of positive effects on the heath that various other fruits might do not have. Let’s have a look at 26 health benefits of bananas.

26 Health Benefits of Bananas

26 health benefits of banana
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1. Energy Booster

Bananas are great energy boosters, which must be welcomed into breakfast regimen as they provide requisite energy all through the day. Bananas are also athlete’s favourite because they convert sugars into energy, instantly.

2. Controls Blood Pressure

Bananas are loaded with calcium, potassium, and magnesium, and therefore, it is a hale and hearty alternative for keeping blood pressure under control. Research studies have indicated that potassium consumption is good for those, who suffer from high blood pressure. The combination of calcium, potassium, and magnesium is excellent in controlling the blood pressure troubles.

3. Reduces Cholesterol

Banana contains a soluble fiber, called Pectin, which reduces cholesterol in the body. Banana decreases the LDL cholesterol without affecting the level of the HDL cholesterol.

4. Improves Brain Power

Potassium and vitamin B improve the nerve functions and brain power. Banana keeps the mental ability observant and perks up the learning skills.

5. Minimizes the Risk of Stroke

The powerhouse of potassium, banana, if included in the daily diet, also minimizes the risk of stroke and reduces its occurrence.

6. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Banana is well-off in antioxidants and dietary fibers, which is helpful in treating the threat of various types of cancer, particularly bowel cancer.

7. Makes Bone Healthy

The probiotic bacteria in banana absorb the calcium. Calcium is good for bones and teeth, and for this reason, banana is a great treat for your calcium needed parts. It provides protection against night time leg cramps and muscle cramps.

8. Enhances Digestion

Banana is copious in the friendly bacteria, known as fructooligosaccharide, which acts as a stimulant for probiotics in the colon and produces enzymes, which facilitate the assimilation of nutrients. In this way, banana is also good for digestion and controlling the growth of unfriendly bacteria in the body.

9. Combats Stomach Ulcers

Certain nutrients in banana combat the troubles of stomach ulcers by stimulating the cells, which forms the stomach lining. Banana produces a solid defence shield of mucus, which reduces the stomach acids. Protease in banana also helps in getting rid of bacteria in the stomach, which protects the stomach from ulcers.

10. Treats Diarrhoea and Constipation

Raw bananas are also effective in curing diarrhoea as they are the natural astringents. The pectin found in these yellow-jacketed fruits is also helpful in alleviating constipation and improving bowel function.

11. Cures Piles

Since bananas are helpful in curing constipation and managing bowel functioning, consequently, they also cure piles.

12. Regulates Anaemia

Bananas are rich in iron as well, and hence, they are good for people suffering from anaemia. It also regulates the haemoglobin level in the body.

13. Alleviates Heartburn

In case of heartburn, a raw banana will prove great. Its antacid substance offers immense relief from heartburn.

14. Prevents Allergies

Various kinds of allergies also refrain from banana due to the presence of plentiful amino acids in it.

15. Recovers from Hangover

In case of experiencing unpleasant physiological and mental feelings after consuming a lot of alcohol, banana with honey and yoghurt proves to be great.

16. Enhance Weight Gain

The combination of bananas with milk is helpful for lean people, who crave for gaining weight. Banana fulfils the requirements of natural sugar and milk provides protein.

17. Helps in Weight Loss

Now, you will definitely think that how banana can do two contradictory tasks at the same time? Well, bananas are highly fibrous, and alone, they are low in fat. Include it in your daily diet as fibers are good for digestion purpose.

18. Prevents Insomnia

Certain amino acids in banana, known as Tryptophan, trigger the production of the sleep hormone, called melatonin, in the body. To get a good sleep, eat a banana before going to bed.

19. Reduces Mosquito Bite

Banana also reduces itching and irritation, caused by mosquito bite. To get relief from such bites, rub the skin of banana on the affected area and you will get quick relief.

20. Prevents Morning Sickness

Some people, who suffer from morning sickness, feel dizzy and nauseous. Eating a banana at that time will treat the sickness fast.

21. Cut down Depression

Banana is an assortment of serotonin, Vitamin B6, tryptophan, dopamine, and a number of other nutrients that can help in combating with the symptoms of unpredictable mood swings, PMS, and depression.

22. Suppresses Smoking Urge

Banana can also help those, who are heavily into the habit of smoking. It curbs the urge of smoking and reduces the nicotine addiction. Vitamin B6, B12, potassium and magnesium in the banana helps in accelerating the recovery from the effects of quitting smoking .

23. Promotes Renal Health

Regular consumption of banana helps in maintaining and managing the renal health of a person.

24. Treat Warts

Rubbing of the banana peels on the skin that has developed warts is also good. It treats the irritation and pain, caused by these warts. The skin of the banana is anti-inflammatory and hence, will not cause any irritation on the warts. To keep the banana peels at place, wrap them on the warts.

25. Cures Fever

On a hot day or during fever, banana cools you down by bringing down the temperature of your body.

26. Keeps Eyes Healthy

Bananas have a little quantity of vitamin A that helps in keeping your eyes healthy. It enhances eye vision and trims down the risk of night blindness.

Delicious Ways To Eat More Bananas

26 health benefits of banana
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These 26 health benefits of bananas are amazing and excellent inspiration to eat more fruit every day. But when you’re short for time of have a lack of food imagination, how can you eat more bananas every day?


Bananas are a common ingredient in nutritious fruit smoothies. Try mixing a banana with pineapple, ground turmeric, fresh ginger and coconut water for a great pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Drinking a banana smoothie in the morning is a healthy start to the day and will combat any hunger until lunch.

Add To Your Cereal

Some manufacturers incorporate banana pieces to cereals, though these aren’t fresh and can sometimes have added preservatives to brighten the taste. Did you know that bananas help to regulate your hormones which can make them a great snack to help you get a good night’s sleep? 

Top your favorite cereal with slices of banana. Although your options are wide open, we suggest sticking to wheat and oat cereals as these flavors work well together. Try to avoid mixing with milk at first as this can make the fruit have a soggy texture.

Post-Workout Snack

If you’ve finished a high-intensity workout, it’s time to invest in a nutritious snack that’s packed with protein to help your muscles repair. Eat a banana on its own to strengthen your muscle development or combine with a protein shake or peanut butter. 

Make a Fruit Kebab

Ditch processed meats for a fruit kebab. There are so many health benefits of bananas, so if you’re looking to lose weight or boost your health, combine pieces of banana with your favorite fruits to increase your vitamins and minerals.