16 Health Benefits of Oranges

Commonly known for the profuse contents of vitamin C, juicy orange is, in reality, a great energy-boosting fruit. Oranges are those mouth-watering fruits, which are not only consumed raw or in juice form, but today, they have become an indispensable part of some of the cuisines, as well.  The tanginess and richness that orange provides to the eatables is worth appreciating. This article will let you acquaint with some really incredible health benefits of oranges. Have a look!

1. Helps in Weight Management

Being a fat and calorie-free fruit, oranges are amazing for those, who want to get rid of their extra inches In addition to this, oranges are also highly profused with various vital compounds, like copper, magnesium, etc, which takes care of the overall well-being of the body.

2. Prevents Cancer

The combination of antioxidants, flavonoids, and a huge amount of Vitamins in oranges assist in preventing cavity, colon, stomach, breast and lung cancers.

3. Controls Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

A huge amount of minerals, like calcium and potassium in orange keeps the heart rate moderate. The cholesterol-free, fat-free, and sodium-free properties of fibres in oranges maintain the blood pressure of the body and keep the heart healthy.

4. Helps in Lowering the Cholesterol Levels

Oranges are also recognized for lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in individuals. It is done with the help of hesperidin compound that also assist in reducing the high blood pressure. However, hesperidin works in combination with another very important element, called pectin. Pectin prevents the body from incorporating unhealthy fats, thereby reducing the danger of high cholesterol.

5. Increases Male Fertility

Oranges are good for men as they are capable of increasing the male fertility by keeping the sperm healthy. The very essential folate compounds of the oranges contain many nutritious elements, which are good for the health of the sperm and also safeguards it from genetic damages.

6. Good for Vision

The amount of Vitamin A and various flavonoid in oranges makes them an essential fruit to keep the skin and membrane of the eyes healthy and take care of the vision. Along with these elements, it contains many other antioxidants, like lutein and beta-carotene, as well, which makes your skin look gorgeous.

7. Reduces Kidney Disease

Consumption of a moderate amount of orange juice reduces the risk of kidney ailments and also prevents the formation of stones in the kidney.

8. Combats Viral Infections

The polyphenols and anti-viral properties of oranges fight and preserve the body from viral infections.

9. Mitigates Constipation

The fullness of dietary fibres in oranges stimulates the digestive juices and regulates proper bowel movement, thereby easing the troubles of constipation.

10. Relieves Arthritis Pain

The anti-inflammatory properties of oranges are helpful in providing relief from arthritis pain and inflammation. Therefore, it is recommended to take freshly squeezed orange juice to get rid of the inflammatory troubles, like arthritis.

11. Puts off Premature Ageing

The availability of bioactive compounds (like Narigenin) in oranges is of great worth in making your skin feel great and free from premature ageing. The essential compound of orange fights-off the free radicals, assisting the body to get free from the wrinkles, blemishes etc.

12. Absorbs OTC Medicines

One of the very interesting facts of orange is that it helps in absorbing the medicines that we take for curing any disease. Orange juice absorbs the physiological and biochemical effects of medicines and thus, helps in curing the disease fast.

13. Treats Ulcers

Orange juice is helpful in treating intestinal ulcers, which are sometimes the main reason for the inception of constipation. Orange juice stimulates the digestive tract and cures ulcers.

14. Prevents Anaemia

Not because of the presence of iron, but due to the presence of vitamin C, oranges are helpful in treating anaemia. The vitamin C compounds of orange helps in proper absorption of iron in the body that we consume from other iron-rich sources. The vitamin B6 in orange is a superb blood purifier.

15. Maintains the Health of Bones and Teeth

The abundance of calcium in orange maintains the well-being of bones and teeth. Calcium is the pre-requisite of healthy teeth and bones.

16. Helps in Brain Development

For healthy brain development, oranges are a great choice as they keep the vital organs fit. It is equally good for pregnant women as oranges prevent any kind of neurological disorders in the embryo, and also keeps the mother healthy.

Delicious Ways to Eat Oranges

There are so many ways to eat oranges that make them so tasty! I personally love eating oranges as is, and can munch on them for a snack any day. But many people need that extra push to really fall head over heels for them.

Water Infused

One of my favorite ways to enjoy an orange is to put the slices in your water. You can even request oranges instead of lemons to squeeze into your cup of water at restaurants.

Fresh Orange Juice

Squeezing your own orange juice can be a task, but the results are tasty! I remember as a kid this was my biggest way to surprise my parents, by creating orange juice for them in the mornings by squeezing a million oranges by hand. Over the years I got smarter and started using a juicer.

Chocolate Covered Oranges

Do you love dark chocolate? The health benefits in this savory treat are endless, as is the case with oranges, too. Because of this, pairing the two together gives all kinds of benefits for your body! Melt some chocolate, dip the orange slices, and cool them on a sheet in the fridge. My personal favorite way to enjoy this is by sprinkling some sea salt on the top (you can’t go wrong with Himalayan).

Throw It in a Salad

Are you the type who likes fruit in their salad? I sure am! This type of salad gives me summer type of enjoyment. Tossing some orange slices in a salad is a good way to get all the benefits of leafy greens, any other veggies you add, as well as nuts and even the type of dressing you choose, not to mention the oranges themselves! This is a good place to start, orange eater.

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