15 Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Glass of Coconut Water

After water, indeed the most natural drink to quench you is coconut water. It would not be wrong if coconut water will be honoured as the transparent goodness of life. This invigorating drink is very well-liked summer refreshment, which is much-loved by people of almost all ages. And on top of all this, this affordable beverage is touted with several healthy nutrients that can keep you fit, bright and dazzling. Check it out.

15 Health Benefits of Coconut Water

1. Anti-ageing

Well, this is really amazing!! Isn’t it? Coconut water is one of those age minimising remedies, which can be imbibed without shutting eyes and closing nose. Coconut water helps in cell growth because of the presence of lauric acid and cytokines. It also maintains the pH level of the body.

2. Increases Metabolism

Coconut water augments metabolic rate, which, in turn, induces burning of sugar at a rapid pace. This process burns the insulin fast, and hence; it keeps you energetic all day long.

3. Maintains Cardiovascular Health

Regular consumption of coconut water has proved to be effective in preventing heart stroke. The potassium and magnesium in coconut water maintains the level of blood pressure and increases good cholesterol in the body. This automatically becomes advantageous for your heart’s protection.

4. Fulfils Lack of Essential Nutrients

After water, coconut water is the best thirst quencher. Those, who work out vigorously, lose various essential fluids and minerals from the body. Coconut water refurbishes all the nutrients again and keeps the body hydrated.

5. Improves Digestion

Being composed of a number of bioactive enzymes, coconut water regulates proper digestion process.

6. Helps in Dehydration

Coconut water has plasma and electrolyte compounds, which help in eradicating dehydration, resulted due to stomach flu, diarrhoea, cholera and dysentery. Coconut water mixed with lemon is one of the best therapies to cure dehydration.

7. Manages Stress

There are a number of nutrients, like thiamine, pantothenic acid, and riboflavin enclosed by coconut, which reduces anxiety, stress and tension.

8. Boosts Energy

Coconut water contains plentiful essential nutrients, which are helpful in rejuvenating the body and boosting energy. It is high in calcium, potassium and chloride, which are supportive in restoring energy.

9. Cures Muscle Cramp

Being a potassium-rich drink, coconut water helps in reducing muscle cramps.

10. Cures Bloating

One of the topmost cures of coconut water is the prevention and treatment of bloating. It provides the feeling of comfort and relief.

11. Makes Bones Strong

The calcium contents in coconut water make bones sturdy and healthier.

12. Antioxidant

The free radicals that damage the healthy cells of the body are neutralised by coconut water, which helps in curing swelling.

13. Weight Loss

Coconut water is regarded as one of the healthiest drinks that are effective in losing weight. It is a natural drink and contains no chemicals or preservatives and hence; is great for health.

14. Good in Pregnancy

Coconut water increases the immunity level of pregnant women and heals them from illness and infections. It is good for both- the mother and the baby. Coconut water is also believed to give fair complexion to the baby, and maintain his/her overall health.

15. Other Benefits

Green coconut is the best medicine for treating diseases, like dysentery, heartburn, dengue, and constipation.

Buying The Healthiest Coconut Water

You’ll easily come across an array of coconut-water brands in stores, but to decipher between the healthiest options, you’ll need some expert knowledge to guide you.This drink is delightfully sweet and refreshing, so it doesn’t need any additional flavors or sweeteners to improve the taste. Unfortunately, many brands use mature coconuts in drinks that contribute to an acidic flavor. To compensate, brands add sweeteners to up the sugar levels. Doings so immediately takes it from a natural drink to an artificial, unhealthy choice. So, how do you know what to look out for in a supermarket? Check the ingredient lists. Put down anything that contains added sweeteners and sugars.Coconut water should be kept cold. If you spot any products on the shelf in supermarkets, don’t add them to your basket. These will have been heated at a high temperature to kill bacteria so it lasts longer. This process kills the natural vitamins and minerals within coconut water, which strips away its health benefits and delectable taste. Instead, opt for unpasteurized coconut water that only has a short expiry date. Anything that claims to last months has been chemically modified.

Some Top Brands To Purchase

If you don’t have a coconut to hand, here are some brands to purchase coconut water from.

Exotic Superfoods

This coconut water is 100 percent organic. To preserve freshness, it’s kept frozen and contains no artificial flavorings.

Juice Press

Coconuts are delivered frozen to the store. The coconut water is fresh and has a shelf life of three to four days without the use of preservatives.


An organic coconut water that contains a combination of other fruits. The water is mixed with lime, mint, spinach, pineapple and apple juices to produce a refreshing flavor.