11 Beauty Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a multipurpose plant that not only treats all types of diseases, but also helps in enhancing your glow. Whether it’s a facial scrub, deodorant, shampoo or lotion, this miraculous herb is used in almost every cosmetic product. No matter your skin is oily or dry, aloe vera is equally good for all types of skin. You can also get rid of hair problems by the application of aloe vera. Let’s see what beauty benefits this herb has in its kitty.

1. Brightens the Skin

Many royal families used aloe vera as part of their daily beauty regimen. It has properties, which gives a natural glow to your skin.

2. Makes the Skin Smooth and Soft

Many beauty products and moisturizers have aloe vera in their composition. You can even replace your moisturizer with fresh aloe vera gel. It gets absorbed into your skin quickly, making it soft and supple.

3. Exfoliates the Skin

Aloe vera is a great exfoliating agent. You can use its pulp to exfoliate the skin of your face. You can also add the gel or pulp to the exfoliating masks to get the baby soft fresh skin.

4. Anti-ageing Agent

Aloe vera is great in removing the wrinkles and tightening the skin to restore a youthful look. Cleopatra was believed to use aloe vera daily as part of her beauty regimen.

5. Pimples and Acne

Like other skin problems, aloe vera gives miraculous results on pimples, acne and breakouts. Just rub the gel on your face or affected area two times a day regularly.

6. Speedy Hair Growth

Aloe vera boosts the hair growth with its nutritional values. You can use aloe vera based shampoo and conditioner to test the theory and the results will speak for them.

7. Sunburns

Aloe vera is also known to soothe sunburns or any other kind of skin inflammations. It boosts the flow of blood in the affected area, which heals wounds faster and removes the dead skin. The cooling effect of aloe vera makes it one of the best remedies to soothe sunburn.

8. Hair Conditioner

Aloe vera is an excellent natural hair conditioner. You can add its gel to your conditioner for extra moisture. There are many hair masks and packs that you can make using this herb.

9. Recovers the Split Ends

Aloe vera improves the blood circulation and accelerates the production of new cells, so if you are suffering from the split ends, it’s the magic elixir for you. Just apply aloe gel on your split ends regularly before wash.

10. Dandruff

Aloe vera is a natural solution for dandruff. Its anti-fungal properties make it easy and natural treatment for dandruff since ancient times.

11. pH Balance

Aloe vera maintains the pH balance of the scalp and hair by giving it moisture. As the hair follicles are able to retain the moisture, the hair loses dryness and frizzy texture to become soft and smooth.

12. Aloe Vera 

My favorite natural healing remedy is aloe vera. It is a well-known medicinal plant which is used all around the world to treat skin ailments, burns, and in many other herbal remedies. Aloe is cultivated in warm, tropical climates like South Africa, Barbados, Haiti, and Venezuela, also temperate regions of the United States. But all you need is a warm area to grow your own potted aloe plant.

A Personal story how Aloe vera worked for me

When my daughter was 7 years old, she dropped boiling water on herself. After I put her in cold bathwater, I applied aloe vera on her stomach; this not only soothed her pain but started the healing process. When our pediatrician saw her wound, he was happy I did what I did. She did not need any more care after that. Now my daughter is 21, and since we continued using the Aloe vera ointment, she barely has a scar from the boiling water burn. In a sense, it aided as a beauty regiment.

Aloe is cherished for its wound-healing and pain-relieving effects. Many people keep an aloe plant in their kitchen, so it is readily available to treat burns from grease splatter or hot utensils. Aloe is a slippery, slimy product that is soothing and effective.

Modern clinical studies show that aloe is one of the best herbs for soothing skin and healing burns, rashes, frostbite, and severe wounds. It also is used to treat eczema, dandruff, acne, ringworm, gum disease, and poison oak and ivy. Aloe is found commercially in several creams and lotions for softening and moisturizing the skin. It works by inhibiting the formation of tissue-injuring compounds that gather at the site of a skin injury. The plant contains chrysophanic acid, which is highly effective in healing abrasions.