10 Health Benefits of Sweet Potato

One of the most nutritious vegetable in the world, sweet potato, belongs to the Convolvulaceae family. As the name describes, sweet potatoes are starchy and slightly sweet in taste. These inexpensive super foods are readily available and contain some amazing and valuable nutrients, which have proved to provide a number of health benefits to your body.

1. Prevents Heart Disorders

The high amount of vitamin B6 that sweet potato encloses is great for preventing heart diseases as it reduces the level of homocysteine chemical.

2.  Contains Vitamin D

Vitamin D is imperative in sustaining the health of thyroid gland, teeth, bones, nerves, and skin. Sweet potato is abundant in quantity of vitamin D; hence, it is good for the nourishment of the body.

3. Enhances Immunity

As a matter of fact, iron is indispensable for maintaining the level of energy in the body. In this way, sweet potato is great in enhancing the immunity of the body. Besides this, sweet potato also improves the production of white and red blood cells and prevents stress.

4. Stabilizes Blood Sugar

The carotenoid compounds of sweet potato alleviate the blood sugar by responding to insulin. The considerable amount of vitamin B6 curtails the diabetic heart disease.

5. Cures Emphysema

Having one sweet potato in a day fulfils the 90% requirement of vitamin A, needed by the body. The vitamin A cures lung disorders, such as emphysema.

6. Promotes Healthy Digestion

Sweet potatoes are prosperously rich with the dietary fibres, which keeps the digestive tract clean and induces healthy elimination and digestion.

7. Cures Stomach Ulcers

If you are suffering with stomach ulcers, go for sweet potato and incorporate it in your diet as soon as possible. The vitamin C, beta-carotene, B vitamins, potassium, and calcium alleviate the possibility of ulcers.

8. Regulates Nerve Signals and Heartbeat

Sweet potatoes are rich in the contents of potassium, which are helpful in regulating heartbeat and nerve signals. Potassium also regulates the functioning of kidney, reduces swelling, and relaxes tightening of muscles, thereby alleviating muscle cramps.

9. Anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory properties of sweet potato cures internal and external inflammations, like heartburn, rheumatoid arthritis, acidity, etc.

10. Foetal Development

Sweet potatoes have an abundance of folate in it, which develops the cells and tissues of the foetus inside mother’s womb.


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