How to Naturally Get Rid of Gallbladder Pain

If you tend to have gallstones or gallbladder problems in general, you will definitely be interested in gallbladder pain relief techniques. Acute cholecystitis (or any form of cholecystitis, for that matter) is commonly known as a gallbladder attack or inflammation; gallbladder problems can be excruciatingly painful, with severe upper right abdominal pain that can make any sane individual feel like they’re losing their mind. However, this article has the purpose to help you cope with that uncomfortable feeling.

Gallbladder Symptoms & Causes

Gallbladder issues like gallbladder attacks are difficult to cope with, but thankfully there are natural solutions available to relieve gallstone symptoms. If you have questions such as: ‘where is the gallbladder?’, ‘what does the gallbladder do?’, ‘what is the function of the gallbladder?’, ‘where is gallbladder pain felt?’, ‘what causes gallstones?’, ‘how do you get gallstones?’, ‘what is acute cholecystitis?’, ‘what is laparoscopic cholecystectomy?’, or “what is acalculous gallbladder disease?’.

So, we recommend that you consult this page for detailed information. After that, continue reading about gallbladder attack symptoms, gallstone causes, and gallstone treatment for gallbladder pain symptoms in our complete guide below.

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Gallbladder Pain Symptoms

Gallstones symptoms or general symptoms of gallbladder problems can lead to extreme pain in the upper right side where the location of the gallbladder is. Among symptoms of gallbladder disease and signs of gallbladder problems we can identify:

  • Severe abdominal pain that can continue toward other areas of your body
  • Experiencing pain when breathing
  • Heartburn
  • Gas in excess
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Trembling
  • Jaundice
  • Light-colored stool

Causes of Gallbladder Pain

There are several causes of gallstones and gallbladder disease, depending on the type you suffer from. If you have gallstone pain, the cause might be connected to your diet. Specialists state that those who eat foods that are high in cholesterol or fatty foods can lead to higher risk factors for gallstone formation.

In addition to this, gallstone pain is also known to appear frequently among individuals who are overweight or over the age of 60.

Unfortunately, a bad gallbladder can also be passed down to you if your relatives suffered from any kind of gallbladder infection, like chronic cholecystitis. Moreover, females have a higher risk of developing gallbladder stones, due to their gender.

13 Home Remedies for Gallbladder Pain

Now that we know what the symptoms of gallstones and signs of gallstones are, let’s continue with our 13 amazing home remedies for gallbladder pain relief. Most of these remedies won’t even require you to leave your home, so read all about them below and get rid of those gallbladder disease symptoms fast and safely without rushing to perform gallstone surgery.

* Please note that you should always consult your doctor when experiencing severe symptoms of a gallbladder attack.

1. Water with Epsom Salt

One of the most affordable and accessible remedies to calm an inflamed gallbladder is saltwater. Symptoms of a bad gallbladder are known to quickly go away for this remedy, so get these two ‘ingredients’ and prepare your healthy concoction: salt and water.

Epsom salt, in particular, is recommended, while the water should be warm. Take one teaspoon of salt and mix it into a glass (about 8 ounces) of water, until the mixture becomes one. Drink this glass of saltwater before you go to bed at night to ease gallbladder inflammation and rest well.

2. Beets

If you feel signs of gallbladder issues creeping up on you, do consider beets as a healthy, natural, and organic alternative to pain medication. How will beets help? Well, they work by thinning the bile that usually causes gallbladder stones symptoms.

Beets can be consumed in multiple forms for gallbladder attack relief; normally eating them, taking beet supplements, or drinking some beet juice. Whichever one you find easiest to wash down will work just fine.

3. How to Get Rid of Gallstones with Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids are not only wondrous for cholecystitis symptoms or as a natural treatment for gallstones, but they’re also something that anyone should consider consuming, regardless of their health condition. Omega-3 oil can be found in fish and is usually referred to as simply fish oil.

Also, Omega-3 fatty acids are recommended both for quick gallbladder pain relief and for including in your diet if your gallbladder tends to act up. One of the best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids is salmon, but you can also consider other types of fish.

4. Herbal Infusion – Gallblader Pain Relief

If you enjoy drinking tea, an herbal infusion can be excellent for gallbladder pain relief. A few of the most popular and reliable herbs in this regard are garlic, nettle, dandelion, fennel, ginger, yellowroot, rosemary, and St. John’s Wort.

To prepare the infusion, take 5 leaves from any one of the options we listed above and boil them in water. If you don’t want to take herbs as a tea, you can also consider herbal supplements as an alternative.

5. Lemon Juice – Natural Remedy

Lemon juice is great for gallbladder pain relief. The best kind, however, is the one that is freshly squeezed, and not store-bought. Additionally, it is best if you don’t dilute the lemon juice with water, as it will lower the effects.

Simply take 4 lemons and squeeze them; the results should be around 120-180 milliliters, depending on how large the lemons are. Drink the juice without eating anything beforehand, flush it down with some water after, and repeat the process every day for approximately one week.

6. Vitamin C

As far as vitamins are concerned, vitamin C is probably the most effective when it comes to gallbladder pain relief. Specialists recommend anywhere from 60 to 120 milligrams of vitamin C on a daily basis to calm down a bad gallbladder.

Vitamin C can be consumed either through supplements or in fruits or vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers, leafy greens, broccoli, peas, or papaya (and oranges, of course, but everyone knows about that one already).

7. Coffee – Home Remedy

Research cited by shows that coffee can play a key role in preventing gallstones or gallbladder diseases. The study concluded that coffee can lower the risk of gallbladder problems by 28% for men and %45 for men. This will give you yet another reason to enjoy your cup of java even more.

8. Vegetables

Beets aren’t the only veggies that can help you with gallbladder pain relief. Even though most vegetables won’t offer instant relief, these varieties will help you treat and prevent gallbladder issues over time.

Please note that these vegetables are recommended to be consumed fresh for the best results:

  • Cucumber;
  • Sweet potatoes;
  • Green beans;
  • Shallots;
  • Onions;
  • Swiss chard.

You can also juice these veggies for a refreshing drink.

9. Castor Oil Pack

It is said that castor oil will aid you in gaining gallbladder pain relief when applied on your skin, directly over the area your gallbladder is located. Tag a towel and drench it in castor oil and over your gallbladder.

For even more efficiency, heat up the rag with castor oil and place it in a suitable container for placing on your skin (like a bottle).

10. Apple Cider Vinegar (with Apple Juice)

Awesome apple cider vinegar will do a fantastic job of relieving you of gallbladder aches. ACV, as it’s commonly abbreviated, is literally packed with health benefits and properties that will soothe your gallbladder, as well as support numerous other organs.

Take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and add it to one glass (8 ounces) of apple juice. If you can handle it, try taking a fourth cup of ACV and then washing it down with a glass of apple juice for faster results.

11. Honey & Turmeric – Home Remedy

Turmeric and honey are both marvelous ingredients for getting gallbladder pain relief. Just like beets, honey and turmeric help with thinning your bile. Take one teaspoon (approximately 5 milliliters) of turmeric and one tablespoon (around 15 milliliters) of honey.

It’s best if you repeat the process one time every day to get gallbladder pain relief.

12. Fiber

As high cholesterol is a major factor for gallbladder pain, it’s natural why fiber would be recommended for gallbladder pain relief. Fiber is known to aid in the elimination of cholesterol and protect your gallbladder in the process.

Aside from fruits and vegetables (especially leafy greens – the dark kind), lentils and whole grains are also great sources of fiber to consume for getting rid of gallbladder pain. Some of the top fiber foods are celery, broccoli, bean, squash, oranges, and beans, just to name a few.

13. Hot Compress – Easy Technique to Get Rid of Gallbladder Pain

Last but not least, you can certainly consider this old-fashioned (yet super-efficient) remedy for gallbladder pain relief. Just as in the case of hot castor oil packs, hot compresses with water or heating packs/pads can help reduce the pain almost instantly. It’s instant relief for you.

All you have to do is fill up a bottle with hot water (make sure it’s not too hot for your skin) and place it over your gallbladder, with a thin towel underneath. If you have a heating pad at hand, you can easily use it as a quick alternative.

It is recommended that you keep the hot compress or hot pack for around half an hour at a time. If you want to joy additional rest and relaxation, take a long, hot, soothing bath for gallbladder pain relief.

Final Advice

It is important to cut back on eating fatty foods if you want your liver, gallbladder, and small intestine to all work at max efficiency. In this way, you lower the risk of getting bile duct stones, acute cholecystitis, and the risk of gallstones in your cystic duct.

Also, you increase the flow of bile and bile acids inside your gallbladder wall and lower the risk of severe pain in your side or back which can lead to gallbladder removal or gallbladder surgery.

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Gallbladder pain is very painful when left untreated. However, you can do your own remedy, but it’s always better to visit your doctor.

Leave us your thoughts in the comments below on how did you try to treat your gallstone infection.

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