12 Home Remedies for Dark Coloured Elbows & Knees

Having a fair complexion works as a plus point, but having darkened elbows and knees influences the impression. It somehow affects the whole personality and contributes in ruining the whole confidence. Well, if you are tired of spending your money on worthless products with no expected results, then you should definitely try these home remedies out.

1. Coconut Oil

Rubbing coconut oil on the darkened elbows and knees is a great way of getting fair coloured elbows and knees.

2. Olive Oil

Apply olive oil for wonderful and discoloured knees and elbows.

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice will surely give you your expected results, once you start applying it.

4. Sugar + Lemon

Take half already squeezed lemon and put sugar inside the lemon peel. Now, rub this on your both knees and elbows. Do this for at least a week for superb results.

5. Almond Powder & Yogurt

Almond powder will gently exfoliate, and yogurt will naturally clean your elbows and knees while leaving them fair and soft.

6. Lemon & Salt

Lemon plus salt is a great way to exfoliate your darkened elbows and knees. Mix salt in lemon juice or put salt in a squeezed lemon. Apply it. You will surely get exceptional results.

7. Lemon + Baking Soda

The combo of lemon and baking soda is a wonderful and great natural bleacher. It will help you to get rid of your dark coloured elbows and knees.

8. Gram Flour + Curd

Gram flour works as a natural skin softener and tan remover. Gram flour with yogurt is a very old method to stay fair and glowy. Use this to get fairer and whiter elbows and knees.

9. Milk & Turmeric Powder

Adding milk in turmeric powder is a great way to achieve fair elbows and knees.

10. Pumice Stone

Daily exfoliate with a pumice stone to remove dark coloured skin from your elbows and knees.

11. Cucumber

Apply the cucumber juice or rub a slice of cucumber on the knees and elbows to get rid of that embarrassing dark coloured elbows and knees.

12. Sandalwood Powder with Turmeric Powder

Mix turmeric powder plus sandalwood powder with rosewater to make your elbows and knees fair and white.


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