24 Home Remedies for Dark Neck

Ladies, you have likely experienced it before. Men, you guys are no exception either. We have all had that moment where we let our hair down or we catch a peek in the mirror and we see the dark patch of skin on our neck. 

Not only can a dark neck be an unsightly thing to deal with, but it is not a surprise that it may hinder your personality and confidence as well. 

Although having a darker neck than your face or the rest of your body may be a nuance, there are several things you can do to help alleviate this annoyance. Today, we are going to go over some great remedies you can try right at home to help get rid of dark patches of skin on your neck. 

What Causes a Dark Neck? 

There are many reasons why you might be dealing with a dark neck. While some of these reasons might be due to your genetic make up, it should come as no surprise that a majority of the reasons may be due to simple lifestyle choices you make every day. Here are some of the top reasons why you may be dealing with a dark neck:

Hyperpigmentation – For many people, hyperpigmentation is something that is all too common. Hyperpigmentation is when patches of your skin will appear darker than other parts of your skin. For many, hyperpigmentation may come in the form of freckles. For someone with a plethora of freckles on their face and neck, this could give off the appearance of a neck that is darker than the rest of your skin. 

Skin conditions – Another reason why you might be dealing with a dark neck is because you suffer from a skin condition. Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema can cause patches of skin that will become crustier, flakier, and generally less hydrated than the other parts of your skin. This will unfortunately also make your skin appear darker. If you suffer from a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema, be sure to speak with your doctor so that you can find medicine or lotion that will help you deal will flare ups and cause them to appear less often. 

Skin damage – If you do not take care of your skin properly, then you run the risk of damaging it. One of the main reasons skin damage will happen is because you do not apply proper sunblock when you go outside. The harmful rays of the sun can and will damage your skin. If you expose your neck to the sun for long periods of time then you run the risk of having the skin on your neck being darker than the rest of the skin on your body. Also, not applying sunscreen properly and evenly will lead to an uneven skin tone too. 

Not caring for your skin – While it may sound gross, one of the main reasons why you might be suffering from a dark neck is simply because you are not cleaning it or exfoliating it as often as you should. When you clean and exfoliate your skin regularly, you are able to get rid of the accumulated dead skin. This, in turn, will allow the fresh new skin to shine through. 

When you do not get rid of the dead skin, what will tend to happen is that the accumulation of dead skin will inevitably result in a darker complexion than other parts of your skin. One of the best ways to avoid this is by cleaning and exfoliating your skin with a dry brush every time you hop into the shower.

1. Lemon

Lemon removes tanning and provides a fair looking skin. You can rub lemon on your neck directly for fair looking neck. Add rosewater for fast results.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil not only nourishes the skin, but also removes tanning. Therefore, apply coconut oil in order to remove tanning from neck.

3. Baking Soda

Mixing baking soda in water and applying it on your neck is a great way to treat dark neck.

4. Oats & Tomato

Add tomato pulp in oatmeal and apply it to gain white neck.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber helps in giving naturally fair skin. Apply the juice of it on the neck.

6. Rosewater

Wash your neck with rosewater to avoid dark neck. You can also add rosewater to turmeric powder and rub it on the dark neck.

7. Honey

Use honey to lighten up the dark neck.

8. Aloe Vera Gel

Apply aloe vera gel to remove darkening from your neck.

9. Walnut

Use walnut powder to exfoliate your neck. You will notice a difference just after one wash. Mix yogurt for making this remedy more efficacious.

10. Scrub

Make your own scrub to remove darkening from the neck. Mix lemon plus sugar with any oil. Use it to exfoliate your neck. You can also use it as a body scrubber.

11. Lemon & Cucumber

Lemon and cucumber are both natural bleachers. They both will help in removing tan and make your neck look fairer. You just have to mix the juice of two and rub it on your discoloured neck.

12. Almond Oil & Vitamin E

Mix almond oil and 1 capsule of vitamin E. Use this remedy to treat your dark neck. You will see the results in less than a week.

13. Honey & Lemon

Honey and lemon are used widely for treating dark skin. Mix these two and apply to get fair neck.

14. Rice Water

Don’t throw away the left over rice water. Apply this on your neck to remove darkened skin.

15. Potato Juice

To remove tanning from your neck, apply potato juice and to make this remedy even better, add lemon juice in it.

16. Orange

Use orange to get fair neck. Apply either pulp of orange or rub peel of orange.

17. Chick Pea

Use chick pea powder to get rid from darkened neck. Mix yogurt in it for extra benefits.

18. Honey & Tomato

Honey & tomato are great neck whitening ingredients. Add lemon to make your neck fairer and whiter.

19. Oats

Wash your neck with oats paste to make your neck look fair.

20. Strawberry & Papaya

Strawberry works as a great exfoliater. Add papaya in it for better results. Apply the mix on your neck for effective results.

21. Vinegar

Make a solution by adding 1 part of vinegar and 2 parts of water. Wash your neck with this solution to make your neck fair.

22. Pineapple & Banana

Combine banana & pineapple to make your neck more white and soft.

23. Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great nourishment provider and a good tan remover. Use it for desired results.

24. Milk Cream

Milk cream works as a great cleanser. This will surely help you to gain white and soft neck.

How to Prevent Dark Neck?

  • Use a good SPF containing sunscreen whenever you go outside.
  • Remember, washing, exfoliating and moisturising are the three important steps for white and fair neck.
  • Use a good body scrubber at least once a week.