How to Make Yourself Throw Up

how to make yourself throw up

Inducing vomiting never sounds particularly pleasant, but it is sometimes necessary.

There are a number of reasons you might consider making yourself throw up, most notably to expel poison or contaminants either purposely or inadvertently ingested.

Certain poisons can be survived if they are immediately expelled from the body. Vomiting serves as a quick means of doing this, though it is by no means entirely safe. There are plenty of poisonous substances that become even more dangerous if they are accidentally inhaled, making vomiting potentially more life-threatening than enduring adverse effects instead.

Individuals suffering from eating disorders may regularly induce vomiting, but this is very dangerous to their bodies and can result in long-term damage to their digestive systems.

The suggestions in this article are only in case of an emergency!

When not to make yourself throw up

There are numerous ways to make yourself throw up, but it is not always wise or safe for you to induce vomiting.  It’s ok for you to learn how to vomit on purpose, but you should proceed with caution.  It is not safe to make yourself puke on a regular basis.

Do not throw up after eating. The human body will adapt to physical changes that you frequently make.  For example, if you constantly throw up after a meal, your body will train itself to make that a normal habit.  If you regularly throw up after eating food, you could develop a harmful eating disorder called bulimia.

If you are wondering how to make yourself throw up to lose weight, this article is not for you.  Making yourself throw up to lose weight has many harmful side effects, including bulimia.  The stomach acid that your body uses for digestion purposes will cause damage to your mouth and teeth.  The acid erodes the enamel on your teeth and eats away at your gums and mouth tissue.

If you make yourself throw up regularly, you will become severely dehydrated.  Your body fluid will also become unbalanced.  These imbalances can cause acid reflux disease and stomach ulcers.  Ulcers are not only painful, but they can be dangerous if they are not treated properly.  Acid reflux will damage your stomach lining and esophagus.  It is difficult to recover from these conditions, so make sure to drink lots of water after you make yourself vomit to at the very least, keep hydrated.

If you think you ingested something poisonous, you need to contact poison control instead of trying to figure out how to make yourself vomit quickly.  If someone is unconscious due to, do not induce vomiting as a solution.  Puke can cause someone to choke if they are passed out.

When is it safe to make yourself throw up

Sometimes it is ok to make yourself throw up, as long as you do not practice this habit regularly.  If you are sick with the flu, stomach virus, or food poisoning, trying to vomit might make you feel better.

Certain foods that do not agree with your stomach can cause you to feel ill.  Once in a while, it is ok to throw up food that is bothering your stomach.  If you are doing this more than one or two times a year, then it becomes a problem.

Anxiety can also cause vomiting.  If you are nervous about an important speech, a big interview, playing in a sports game, or any other major event, it is not uncommon to feel nauseous.  Knowing easy ways to throw up are helpful in these situations.  Inducing vomiting can alleviate anxiety and make you feel better.  However, proceed cautiously and do not get in the habit of throwing up every time you are nervous.

Consuming too much alcohol can also lead to vomiting.  If you have had too much to drink, it’s safe to throw up.  If you go to sleep drunk with too much alcohol in your system, it is possible that you might throw up in your sleep, which is not safe.

Throwing up in your sleep is obviously a mess that you do not want to deal with, but it can also cause you to choke.  To avoid puking in your sleep, it is safe to throw up the alcohol.  Replace the alcohol with lots of water before going to sleep.

Methods to throw up instantly

One of the benefits of intentionally throwing up is that you know it’s coming.  You do not need to throw up in public places such as a restaurant or on the sidewalk.  You can plan accordingly to make yourself comfortable, somewhere private where you can avoid making a mess.

Large plastic bags and bathroom toilets are the best choices to puke in. Do not overwork your abdomen muscles.  Put yourself in a comfortable position that puts limited stress on your stomach.

Finger Method

Triggering your gag reflex is the easiest way to make yourself throw up.  The first step is to wash your hands to remove germs and bacteria from your fingers.  Next, select your favorite finger; any finger will work, but the index finger is the most popular.

Carefully stick your finger down your throat.  Try to uvula in the back of your mouth.  Try to avoid scratching sensitive areas such as your tonsils and the area surrounding them.  You should feel nauseous almost instantly after sticking your finger down your throat.

Remove your finger promptly to avoid throwing up on your hand.  Continue to gag naturally until you start vomiting.

Toothbrush Method

Just like your finger, a toothbrush can also be used to stimulate your gag reflex.  One of the benefits of using a toothbrush instead of your finger is that the toothbrush is much longer.

Psychologically it can be easier to use an object, rather than your finger.  Clean the toothbrush thoroughly before inserting it into your mouth.  A soft bristle brush is less likely to scratch your tonsils or the cause damage to the back of your throat.

Use the wet bristles and rub the back of your tongue as many times as needed until you start to gag.  Quickly remove the brush from your mouth to avoid getting vomit on it.

Watch Others throw up

Watching someone else throw up is repulsive.  When someone starts to puke, most people close their eyes or turn away.  The very sight of someone gaging or even the noise associated with throwing up can cause people to feel sick themselves.  So, if you are looking for ways to make yourself sick, watching other people throw up might get the job done.

It is unlikely that you have friends waiting around to throw up on command for you so that you can feel nauseous and also throw up.  Instead, go online and simply search “videos of people throwing up.”  Position your phone, computer, or tablet somewhere that is not in danger of getting damaged when you start to throw up.

Gargle Egg Whites

Take two or three eggs and remove the yolks.  Separate the raw egg whites into a bowl or cup.  Egg whites are slimy and can help trigger your gag reflex.  Put raw egg whites in your mouth, tilt your head back, and allow them to slide to the back of your throat.

Try to avoid swallowing them, as raw egg consumption can be dangerous and lead to illnesses.  Gargle the egg whites until you feel yourself start to gag.  Spit the egg whites back into the cup, or into the toilet, bag, or wherever you plan to throw up.

Take Emetics

Taking medicine specifically designed to induce vomiting is safe another method for making yourself throw up.  A popular emetic is called Ipecac.  Originally, this medication was used as a cough syrup but has been alerted to an emetic.

Ipecac can be consumed in the form of syrup or a tablet.  The side effects of Ipecac are low blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, dizziness, shortness of breath, and feeling light-headed.  Emetics are not recommended for children, and pregnant women should avoid taking Ipecac.

Mix the liquid syrup or tablet with a glass of water and quickly drink it.  The walls of your stomach will rigorously contract, forcing all contents out.  You will throw up shortly after consuming the emetics.

The effects may be faster for some people than others, so make sure you are near a toilet or garbage can in case you are affected immediately.  During the time between drinking the emetics and throwing up, it is common to feel moderate discomfort in your stomach while the walls are constricting.

Some people will feel pain that is more severe, but the pain will be relieved once you throw up.

Ineffective Remedies to Avoid

Although there are safe methods to force yourself to throw up, there are ineffective and dangerous methods that you should avoid.  Do not punch yourself in the stomach, or let anyone else punch you in the stomach in efforts to throw up.  A blow to the stomach can cause serious internal damage to your vital organs.  A blow to your abdomen also puts you at risk for internal bleeding, bruising, and pain that can last for weeks.  Worst of all, this method will not necessarily make you throw up.  So you can end up with serious bodily harm, without achieving your initial goal to throw up.

Some people feel nauseous when they get dizzy.  Spinning in circles may cause dizziness, as well as nausea, but this method is not effective.  If you spin in circles, you can lose control of your balance, motor skills, and is not healthy for your brain.

Instead of throwing up, you might fall over and hit your head or even break a bone in your body.  If you want to force yourself to puke, stick to the safe methods that are outlined above.