15 Home Remedies for Gas in Babies

home remedies for gas in babies

We all know the discomfort of a bloated stomach from the buildup of excess gas. Consequently, whenever our babies are suffering from the same feelings there is no time to waste in coming up with a quick solution. You probably already have many of the ingredients for our 15 home remedies for gas in babies in your home. By implementing one or several of these remedies, you can bring relief to yourself and to your little one.

1. Tummy Time

baby laying on their back home remedies for gas in babies

Laying your baby on his or her stomach for several minutes a few times a day is one of the first home remedies for gas in babies that you should try. If your child is old enough, this method helps to push out gas and acts as a natural massage while your baby kicks and wiggles around.

What to Do

  • Lay your baby on his or her stomach on a blanket with a soft surface underneath.
  • Do not leave your baby unattended during this time and monitor them closely.
  • Allow them 3 to 5 minutes per session in this position and repeat it twice to three times per day.

2. Cardamom

Green Cardamom Seeds

Cardamom is a gentle spice which works well as one of the home remedies for gas in babies over the age of six months. With its abundance of potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C, cardamom helps to speed up the digestion process and reduces the amount of built up air in the stomach.

What to Do

  • Soak ¼ to ½ tsp of cardamom in water for a couple of hours.
  • Strain it out and grind it into a powdery paste or simply add powdered cardamom into your baby’s food or formula a couple of times a day.

3. Cumin

Cumin Seeds Brown Spots on Hands

Another spice among the home remedies for gas in babies over the age of six months which works well is cumin. The presence of thymol in cumin helps to activate the pancreas to produce more digestive enzymes, which in turn, will help relieve the buildup of gas.

What to Do

  • Add ½ tsp of whole cumin seeds to 1 cup of water and bring it to a boil.
  • Reduce heat to a simmer for 5 minutes or so.
  • Strain out the seeds, allow the tea to cool and retain the water to give it to your baby throughout the day.

4. Ginger

turmeric home remedies for gas in babies

Among the most effective home remedies for gas in babies over 8 months old is ginger. Ginger helps to enhance the digestive process while it soothes and gets rid of the buildup of excess gas in the stomach and intestines.

What to Do

Add only a pinch of ground ginger to your baby’s food or formula a few times per day and mix it in well.

5. Carom Seeds

Carom Seeds

Carom seeds also work as one of the top home remedies for gas in babies that are at least 6 months old. Similar to the other spices mentioned above, carom seeds help to encourage the production of digestive enzymes to help break up the gas.

What to Do

  • Add a handful of carom seeds to 1 ½ cups of boiling water.
  • Reduce heat and allow the seeds to boil for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Strain out the seeds and set the water aside to let it cool.
  • Give this water throughout the day until the condition improves.

6. Warm Compress

Cold pack home remedies for gas in babies

Among the most comforting and simplest home remedies for gas in babies is a warm compress. A warm compress helps to soothe bloating and gas build up while also providing some relaxation to your baby, which is also quite effective at getting rid of gas buildup.

What to Do

  • Saturate a soft, cotton cloth in warm water and wring out the excess water.
  • Place the warm, wet cloth over your baby’s stomach and allow it to sit for a few minutes until it is cool.
  • Saturate the cloth again and repeat this process 3 to 4 times per session several times per day.

7. Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is also one of the top home remedies for gas in babies. A gentle massage using mustard oil not only helps to calm digestive turmoil, but it also brightens skin, strengthens bones and leads to sounder sleeping.

What to Do

  • Place several drops of mustard oil in the cup of your hand and rub your palms together.
  • Massage your baby for several minutes with this oil on your hands, making certain to concentrate on the stomach.
  • You can repeat this a few times each day to relieve gas and continue it once daily when there is no problem with gas.

8. Bicycling Your Baby’s Legs

lifting baby legs

Bicycling your baby’s legs is another of the easiest and simplest home remedies for gas in babies. The action of bicycling the legs helps to break up gas buildup so that it can be passed easier and the bloating will decrease. You can actually help to prevent gas buildup by practicing this a few times daily.

What to Do

  • Make this time into a sort of play time to distract your baby from his or her discomfort while you work your baby’s legs.
  • Repeat this activity a few times a day to get rid of gas and/or keep it at bay.

9. Soothing Tone

mom and baby

A calm and soothing tone is also among the effective home remedies for gas in babies. Tension is often passed along to your baby through your own stress and anxiety. That tension has a tendency to increase gas buildup in your baby’s stomach. Limiting your frustration and communicating relaxation to your baby will help a great deal.

What to Do

  • Understand that all babies will have a period of gassiness, spit ups, colic pain and crankiness.
  • Regardless of how difficult things become, remain calm and patient and use a soothing tone with your baby.
  • Often times getting someone else to help will reduce your stress and allow you to be better able to communicate soothing calm to your baby.

10. Anise Seed

Anise Seed home remedies for gas in babies

Another of the home remedies for gas in babies over 6 months of age which is effective at relieving gas is anise seed. Anise see helps to expel built up gases from the stomach and intestines to help relieve the pressure and discomfort.

What to Do

  • Boil 1 tsp of anise seeds in 1 cup of water at a simmer for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Strain out the seeds and retain the water to give it to your baby several times throughout the day.

11. Burping after Every Feeding

burping time home remedies for gas in babies

A practice which helps to prevent gas buildup and improve overall digestion in babies is burping after every feeding. Gas discomfort and buildup tends to come from feeding your baby, and then laying him or her down without burping them first. Therefore, one of the most logically effective home remedies for gas in babies is to burp them after every feeding.

What to Do

  • Place a towel over your shoulder after you finish feeding your baby.
  • Hold the baby upright with its chin resting on your shoulder.
  • Gently pat your baby’s back in rapid succession until you hear them or feel them burp.
  • Be aware that they might spit up a little bit, which is the reason for the towel.
  • Repeat this process after every feeding.

12. Hold Baby Upright

Mom holding baby upright home remedies for gas in babies

Holding your baby in an upright position rather than cradling him or her is another of the simplest home remedies for gas in babies. Always cradling your baby is certain to contribute to gas buildup because they tend to curl up in this position and trap gas in their stomach.

What to Do

  • Just like when you burped your baby in the remedy above, hold your baby in that same position for extended periods.
  • You can gently stroke him or her and speak in a soothing voice to help him or her relax.

13. Change Feeding Pattern

baby taking in a bottle home remedies for gas in babies

Sometimes something as simple as changing your baby’s feeding pattern is one of the best home remedies for gas in babies. Rapid feedings done while you are on the run or busy doing other things in your home tend to play a role in stress and the associated buildup of gas in your baby’s stomach.

What to Do

  • Calm down and realize that your baby’s health is far more important than the million other things you have going on.
  • Recognize the difference between your child needing your attention and cries for hunger.
  • Feed your baby slowly and be sure to burp them afterward.

14. Deep Bath

baby in the bathtub home remedies for gas in babies

Another of the effective home remedies for gas in babies is a deep bath. Allowing your baby to soak or float in deep water brings a great deal of relaxation and relieves the buildup of gas. Besides, this is another opportunity for relaxed and soothing talk and playtime.

What to Do

  • Fill your bathtub with warm water and hold your baby upright in the water, supporting him or her while allowing natural buoyancy to do its work.
  • DO NOT even think about leaving the baby unattended in the tub.
  • A better option might be to get into the bathtub with your baby and enjoy some relaxing and playful bath time together.

15. C-Hold

C-Hold position for babies home remedies for gas in babies

The C-hold or football carry is one of the best home remedies for gas in babies as well. Some mothers might have a hard time doing this one because they don’t feel that their baby is secure and it seems a bit crude, but holding your baby in this position really helps to relieve their gas. If you have a problem with this, just pass your baby off to a man and he’ll show you how it’s done.

What to Do

  • Place your baby face down on your forearm with his or her head near the crook of your elbow and support his or her core in your open palm.
  • For added security, you can place your hand on your baby’s back, because they might kick and wiggle in this position.
  • Carry or hold your baby in this position several times throughout the day when he or she has gas.

Wrapping Up

Since you are already well aware of the extreme discomfort of gas buildup yourself, you can certainly empathize with the pain your baby is going through. Getting him or her some quick relief is a major priority. Fortunately, making use of one or several of our 15 home remedies for gas in babies provides you with plenty of simple, workable solutions to bring the relief that both of you need.

Don’t forget to add your comments, additional remedies and any questions you might have in the section provided below.

Clara Sherwood

Clara Sherwood

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