14 Home Remedies for Dog Gas

home remedies for dog gas

The toxic wave coming from the rear end of your dog can bring you to the point of gagging at time. Worse yet is when your dog makes wind when you have guests over. Besides being torture for you are your guests, the gas your dog is experiencing could be related to other discomforts it is suffering from. Bring some relief to your dog and your olfactory senses by making use of one or more of our 14 home remedies for dog gas.

1. Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil with leaves

When it comes to home remedies for dog gas, few are able to help calm the cause as well as the foul smelling result. Peppermint calms and smoothes intestinal issues and stomach upsets that can lead to gas.

What to Do

  • Steam a handful of fresh peppermint leaves in 1 quart of water for about 5 minutes.
  • Cover and allow the leaves to steep in the water until it has cooled.
  • Strain out the leaves and preserve the infused water in the refrigerator.
  • Add from 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp, depending on the size of the dish, to your dog’s water daily.

2. Yogurt

yogurt in a bowl

When you are working on getting rid of that foul odor and fixing whatever ails your dog, yogurt is another remedy to consider. Just like human’s dogs can and do benefit from probiotics to improve gut health. Yogurt can provide those probiotics for your dog.

What to Do

  • Start small by adding from 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp of plain, unsweetened and unflavored yogurt to your dog’s food.
  • Repeat this with each feeding and increase it a bit as your dog tolerates it.

3. Boost Enzymes

Papaya halves

One of the most effective home remedies for dog gas is boosting its enzymes. Enzymes aid in the digestive process and are naturally produced in the pancreas, but occasionally the production of those enzymes is lacking. Adding enzymes into your dog’s diet can help improve digestion and prevent gas buildup.

What to Do

  • Mash up about 1 cup of papaya or melon with a fork and add a little bit of raw honey.
  • Add 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp of this mixture, depending on the size of your dog, to your dog’s food whenever you feed it.
  • You can add a larger amount each day as your dog tolerates it.

4. Ginger

Ginger root

Another common digestive aid for both humans and dogs is ginger. Ginger’s active compound gingerol helps to stimulate the digestive process and speed gastric emptying. This emptying, in turn, gets rid of gas buildup.

What to Do

  • ¼ to 1 tsp of powdered ginger added into your dog’s food dish daily is an easy way to get ginger into its system.
  • As an alternative, you can put a few drops of ginger extract on its tongue a couple times per day.

5. Parsley

health benefits of parsley in fresh green leaves

Among the top home remedies for dog gas includes the herb parsley. Not only does parsley help to freshen breath, yours and your dog’s, but it is also effective at reducing odor in your digestive system and reducing gas.

What to Do

  • Add 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp of fresh chopped parsley or about half the same amount of dried parsley to your dog’s food dish whenever you feed.
  • As an alternative, you can infuse water with fresh parsley as described in the peppermint remedy above and put it in your dog’s water.
  • Or, you can put a few drops of 100% pure parsley essential oil in your dog’s water.

6. No Table Scraps

don't feed your dog table scraps

Part of what creates both flatulence and digestive issues for your dog is the table scraps you give to your dog. Not all of what you eat is going to sit well on your dog’s stomach and it might cause digestive and gas issues.

What to Do

  • Do not give your dog table scraps.
  • Or know which table scraps are going to have negative effects on your dog’s digestive system. Since this requires a lot of attention and research, just don’t give your dog table scraps.

7. Oat Grass

Wild Oat Grass

Oat grass is also among the best home remedies for dog gas. It is another digestive aid similar to parsley and mint. Oat grass helps to stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and encourages better digestion. This can help alleviate the issues causing gas in your dog.

What to Do

  • Provide a planter or pot of oat grass for your dog to graze on whenever necessary.
  • You can also mix a small amount of oat grass seeds in your pet’s food, but it is not as effective as the grass.

8. Fennel

fennel seeds in bowl

In the same way that fennel helps you digest a heavy meal in which you over-ate; it can also relieve similar symptoms of slow digestion and gas buildup from your dog. Fennel seeds stimulate the production of digestive enzymes to help move things through your dog’s digestive tract to prevent the problem.

What to Do

  • Crush and moisten ½ tsp of fennel seeds, or just moisten powdered fennel to form a paste.
  • Add this paste to your dog’s food dish whenever you feed.

9. Exercise

white dog running

Believe it or not, exercise can be one of the simplest home remedies for dog gas. If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, it can lead to some gastric issues and gas buildup as well. In addition, exercise can help stimulate bowel movements and your dog can always expel excess gas outside if absolutely necessary.

What to Do

  • Exercise your dog daily by playing or taking a walk.
  • When that odor hits while you’re watching television, that’s a pretty good time to take Poochie out for a stroll as well.

10. No Soy Products

soy free

Soybeans do not do well with dogs or humans, but they are much worse for dogs. They are too heavy to digest and consequently sit in your dog’s intestinal system where they ferment and release gas. That guess buildup is not only uncomfortable, but it will also make its way out at some point.

What to Do

  • A lot of human foods contain soy products, which is one of the reasons you don’t feed table scraps to your dog.
  • Read labels and stay away from dog foods and treats that contain soy or soya.

11. Eliminate Certain Foods

eliminate dairy

Being careful to eliminate certain foods from your dog’s diet is another of the effective home remedies for dog gas. The long and short of it is that your dog’s digestive tract reacts a little bit differently to certain foods and those foods cause digestive issues and gas buildup.

What to Do

  • Do not feed your dog meat that has gone bad.
  • Other than yogurt, you should stay away from dairy products, especially cheese.
  • Raw vegetables should be avoided as well.
  • Have we already mentioned not feeding your dog table scraps?

12. Activated Charcoal

activated charcoal tablets and pills

If the gas buildup is causing your dog a lot of discomforts, you might need to act quickly in order to help bring your dog some much-appreciated relief. Activated charcoal can help provide that relief by detoxifying your dog’s stomach and digestive tract.

What to Do

  • Activated charcoal is usually mixed with water and administered by mouth using a syringe.
  • You will need to follow the directions precisely if you use this remedy.
  • You shouldn’t give this remedy for more than 2 to 3 days.

13. Eating Too Fast

dog eating dog food

One of the simplest of all of the home remedies for dog gas is getting your dog to slow down when they eat. Gas buildup often occurs in connection with the gulping of air while your dog is woofing down its food.

What to Do

  • Use a feeding bowl that is a little bit wider and crush the food into the bowl before you set it down.
  • You can feed smaller portions at a time to help your dog slow down a bit as well.

14. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is also one of the best home remedies for dog gas. It contains a lot of fiber as well as some digestive enzymes that help pass waste through the digestive tract more rapidly. In addition, pumpkin can help reduce overeating issues that can cause gas buildup.

What to Do

  • Just open up a can of canned pumpkin without any spices and feed it along with your dog’s food daily.
  • Start with smaller amounts from 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp, depending on the size of your dog, and work your way up.

Home Remedies for Dog Gas Wrapping Up

Not only can your dog’s gas cause some embarrassment as well as run you out of the room gagging, it can be a sign that its digestive tract is a little off of need some help. You can provide your dog with much needed intestinal relief by making use of one or several of our 14 home remedies for dog gas and avoid those toxic fumes as well. Don’t forget to add any comments, questions or additional solutions you might have to the comments section provided below.