21 Best Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

Every weight lose seeker knows that exercise and healthy eating habits are the keys to get that desired shape. Most of us set goals, and then make plans or strategies to achieve those goals. For some time, everything goes fine. But, after a few weeks, we don’t mind having pizzas, burgers and all those foodstuffs we are crazy for, and end up forgetting our target. We even feel sluggish in carrying out our daily exercise regime very often.

We give up when we are quite close to our goal. Have you ever pondered about it sincerely – why is it that we start with utmost energy and enthusiasm, while ditch the exercises out of sheer lethargy? Well, the reason is lack of motivation! Motivation acts as a stimulus that energizes us and keeps us going. So, what are the best ways to motivate yourself to lose weight

Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

ways to motivate yourself to lose weight
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1. Decide What You Need

Some may just need to maintain their existing weight and shape, whereas others may strictly want to lose some pounds. The weight loss plan for each and every person differs based on what they desire as an end result. So, decide whether you need to maintain your weight or reduce it. For weight management, cutting down calories is just enough, whereas for weight reduction, the entire diet and exercise plan differs.

2. Possible and Achievable Goal

The most successful way to motivate oneself to lose weight is to set an achievable goal. One cannot lose around 7 to 8 pounds in a week, and if this is your goal, then reconsider it. Begin with small attainable benchmarks to boost up your confidence level. Therefore, instead of thinking of losing 30 pounds in a few months, work towards losing 1-2 pounds per week.

3. Old Photo Trick

Were you so slim and sleek few years back and now looking fat? Then follow this simple motivational trick that will keep you focused all throughout your weight loss phase. Get some of your old photographs, in which you think you look fit and great. Now paste this photo in your bedroom, living room, dining hall, and especially at your work station.

Every time you see these old snaps of yours, you will automatically feel inspired to attain that previous avatar. Consequently, it will give you an impetus to work towards your weight loss program.

4. Choose a Trainer

For anyone looking for true inspiration to lose weight, the help and guidance of a trainer is needed. Choose a trainer for your weight loss program and discuss your weight loss plans with him/her. A trainer will motivate you at every phase and will help you stay focused.

5. Dream Outfit

Once you have decided about your weight loss program, shop an outfit you think you must fit in to, after putting off weight. Hang this outfit somewhere in your bedroom, ensure that it is visible and works as impetus. You can even occasionally try it to know how close you are towards reaching your fitness goal.

6. Bull’s Eye

This is another simple yet effective way to encourage a person anticipating successful weight loss. Write your short term and long term weight loss goals and stick the posters in places like refrigerator, office bay, pantry, kitchen, and also near the television. These are some of the common places where junk food plays a leading role in luring your taste buds. These posters with your weight loss plan shall prevent you from unwanted deviations.

7. Tell the World

At times, it is absolutely OKAY to tell the entire world about your weight loss plan. When people enquire you about how close you are to your fitness goal or when they compliment you for shedding weight – it serves as the best source of enthusiasm towards a successful weight loss.

8. Take Help of Social Media

It is now the right time for you to make use of the social media forum to let everyone (including you) know about what are your weight loss plans. Just a simple Facebook update like ‘You will see a smarter me sooner next month’ or ‘It’s time to change from XL to M’ shall enable you to keep working and committed to your goal.

Social media can also be one of the best ways to motivate yourself to lose weight through inspirational accounts. Follow fitness advocates and pages that share healthy, easy food recipes. Surrounding your offline and online world with positivity and health will only inspire you to become stronger.

9. Fitness Gears and Equipments

Fitness equipments and gears serve as an amazing source of encouragement to lose weight. It may be a bicycle that you love to ride, or a treadmill, or it could also be a pair of running shoes that motivate you to use them. Fitness gears like trekking dresses, jogging tracks, belts, bands, etc., are also recommended.

10. Log Book

A log book that states about your fitness goal in detail as well as a simple fitness tracker record with dates also motivates one to reduce weight sooner. As you scan the log book, you will find it really interesting to know that you gradually reduced weight, and hence, you shall never give up on your exercise schedule.

11. Set Favorite Diet Chart

A fitness diet need not always be strict. It is also not mandatory to include only boring food in your weight loss diet chart. Include your favorite fresh fruits, vegetables, and sprouts in the form of salad. Moreover, add any other cereal which you like because your meal should be tempting enough, so that, you feel full and enjoy it at the same time.

We also recommend becoming connected to your food by creating your own dishes from scratch. Although it can be challenging to find spare time to prepare meals in the kitchen, it’s important that you create fresh food that nourishes you. This also provides you with the chance to improve your diet and put aside time to focus on you.

12. Use Interesting Props  

Have some fitness props like aerobics ball, push balls, a short leg chair, etc. within your vicinity. These interesting fitness props will motivate you to get in to action. Especially, if you are doing a desk job, then having some simple fitness props at your desk is a must.

13. Challenge yourself

Since challenges drive you towards victory, it’s another way to motivate yourself to shun those extra pounds. One can either challenge his/her friends or can challenge themselves. Have some silly bets or give yourself an easy punishment for not being successful. Challenge with your gym partner that you will reduce more weight than him, in a month.

14. Variety of Workouts

Do not stick to the same gym workout to lose weight. Treat yourself with a variety of workouts like aerobics, gym, walking, jogging, running, zumba dance and more. A variety of exercises retain your interest and motivation till the end of weight loss program, and further, you work out with excitement and pleasure.

15. Fun Boot Camps

Boot camps are an excellent source of motivation to reduce weight faster and also safer. Locate a fitness training center that conducts regular boot camps at outdoor. This boot camp is similar to a military fitness training conducted by professionals.

Boot camp organizes interesting activities, group workout sessions, action games and more. The boot camps are fun to take part in, and they also give you a break from your boring routine.

 16. It’s not impossible!

Shedding that stubborn fat is certainly tough, but not impossible. Strong determination and will power is what you require, for sure. Believe in yourself and stick to your regular workout regimen and healthy diet. Every person has his own pace, so don’t get disheartened, if you didn’t lose the same number of pounds as your friend did, in the same period of time.

17. Reward Yourself

For every pound you lose, reward yourself. It will keep your inspiration level high and will never let you derail from the right track, leading to your target. Some people treat themselves with food, but we encourage you not to do that as it’ll feel like you’re depriving yourself of your favorite food. 

Instead, a weight-loss journey is an experience of becoming healthier and adopting more nutritious foods into your diet. Reward yourself with a new book, spending time with a friend, a day off, etc. Choose something that makes you feel good about yourself but keeps you on track to becoming a healthier and happier version of yourself.

18. Love Yourself

Never criticize yourself for your shape. One of the ways to stay motivated throughout the weight loss program is to have a positive attitude towards your body. Instead of focusing on how you look, think about how you function.

Compliment yourself and speak kind words about yourself. If you are constantly looking at your flaws, you’ll miss the beauty within. Remember that you’re on this weight-loss journey because you love yourself, not to punish yourself.

19. Enlist Your Weight Loss Reasons

Different people have different reasons to lose weight such as for setting a good example for their kids, improving their confidence, shopping for fun fashions, etc. Jot down your reasons and keep it handy. Read it whenever you feel drained. It will instill a new energy.

20. Don’t Weigh Daily

What you think – weighing yourself daily is beneficial or dangerous? Sometimes, temporary up-ticks in the scale may sap your motivation. So, in order to keep a roller coaster of emotions at bay, step on the scale once in a week.

Don’t put all of your efforts on a number. In fact, ditch the scales completely if you want to. Some people become so obsessed with what the scales say that they don’t credit how healthy they’ve been eating and muscle they’ve gained from vigorous workouts.

21. See Pleasure in the Pain

Getting up early in the morning, sweating during workouts, refraining yourself from having junk food – all these might be distressing right now, but at the end of the day, you will be swelled up with happiness, after seeing the NEW YOU in the mirror.


  • It is always good to have a fitness partner with similar goal. So, better indulge a friend as well, someone who can be around to motivate you, on those days when you are down in the dumps.
  • Take inspiration from celebrities and set up a desktop or mobile wallpaper of your favorite celebrity before and after weight loss.
  • Do eat all your favorite food including desserts, burger, pizza, etc. It is all about cutting calories and not staying away from what you like.
  • Try to get a pet, so that, you must take it for a walk every day. It will be a good work out for you as well.


  • The first thing to avoid is the friendship of negative people who de-motivate and scare you about ill-effects of weight loss all the time.
  • If any exercise or diet gives you even the slightest of the health concerns, then try not to continue it.
  • Do not starve in the name of weight loss, as it will have adverse effects on your overall health.
  • Avoid working for longer hours and do not strain yourself in the name of rigorous workout.