Effective Home Remedies for All Types Of folliculitis

One of the most uncomfortable, embarrassing, and stressful aesthetic problems you may encounter is folliculitis. What is folliculitis? By glancing at a few folliculitis pictures or images, you will see that it looks like a form of acne, herpes, or some bacterial problem that makes your skin break out. To sum up, medical specialists define […]

Best 38 Bach Flower Remedies to Try at Home

Nature’s healing power has been witnessed by almost everyone since time began. With the advancements in research, a varied number of plants are now used to provide us with healthy food and curative medi­cines. Bach flower remedies were initially developed by an English homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach. What Are Bach Flower Remedies? After completing his […]

How To Treat An Ingrown Fingernail

a woman having her fingernails trimmed properly to avoid ingrown fingernail

Out of the numerous ailments and diseases that the human body can suffer from, nail diseases and infections are some of the most inconvenient and painful ones. Although nails cover less surface area, they are a crucial part when it comes to our daily activities. This is because the first contact our body has with […]

17 Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide

META: Our guide to the many ways you can use hydrogen peroxide for your health and household. Some of them may surprise you. image source : Pixabay     First Aid Most people keep a bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide in their bathroom cabinet for first aid purposes. Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant, so […]

18 Home Remedies for Passing a Drug Test

Doctor holding a medical specimen

Is an impending drug test a reason for your edginess? It’s obvious! The outcomes of a drug test may directly or indirectly affect the rest of your life. A positive drug test report may lead to felony charges in some states, and it may not only jeopardizes your personal life but also wreaks havoc on […]

15 Super Foods for Fighting Depression

After covering general home remedies for depression, we have decided to get more specific with the subject and talk about some of the best super foods for fighting depression. Studies show that roughly 19 million Americans suffer from depression and that it has become one of the most severe and frequent conditions in modern day […]

14 Causes of Cellulite

the main causes of cellulite

Let’s face it: no matter how you look at it, cellulite is absolutely horrible. From an aesthetic point of view, cellulite can damage your self-esteem and make you lose confidence in yourself. Even though it is not officially regarded as a medical problem, cellulite has strong health origins that mostly lead to body fat. Nevertheless, […]

11 Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

Having a baby really is the most joyous miracle a person can experience throughout their adult life. Any parent will confess that holding their infant in their arms is the most beautiful feeling in the entire world. Nevertheless, parenthood will always have its ups and downs, and sometimes it seems like the challenges weigh down […]

11 Super Foods for Arthritis

woman holding her leg arthritis

The term ‘arthritis’ is coined by the amalgamation of two words- ‘arthron’, which means joint (in Greek), and ‘itis’ that means inflammation. So, arthritis is basically the inflammation of joints. If a person feels stiffness or pain in moving around his/her hands or legs, he/she is likely to have developed arthritis. Arthritis is not just […]

20 Super Foods to Fight Stress

Stress is a common ailment among the individuals of almost all the age groups. There are many reasons that can be held responsible for causing stress. It can be hectic lifestyle, health, workload, relationships, family, job, and hundred others. However, too much stress directly affects the working and well-being of our mind and body. Stress […]