Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant compound that is responsible for neutralizing the destructive repercussions of oxidation of fats. Sufficient quantity of vitamin E works wonders in protecting against cancer, heart disease, and other age-related eye damage problems. On the contrary, excessive intake of vitamin E in the form of supplements can turn out to be horrendous. Here is a list of top vitamin E rich foods that are completely safe and healthy.

1. Spinach (Cooked)

Spinach is surely not a favorite veggie for everyone, but it is certainly considered one of best green leafy which is very essential for your health. Apart from being a good source of vitamin E, it is also loaded with a lot of other antioxidants and vital nutrients such as calcium and folate. One cup of boiled spinach fulfills 20% of our every day requirement. So, add spinach in your sandwiches or salad, in order to make them healthier.

2. Almonds

The foremost food that struck our mind whenever we think of Vitamin E is almonds. In fact, they are amongst the richest naturally accepted sources of this vitamin. 100 grams of almonds supplies 26.2 milligrams of Vitamin E. Raw almonds are mostly recommended because of their richness in the nutrient content. Alternatively, you can also take almond milk or almond oil.

3. Avocados

Avocados are considered one of the tastiest foods and are liked by a large number of people all around the world. They are symbolized as Nature’s creamiest, oil-rich fruits. Just half an avocado has over 2 mg of Vitamin E, and can be easily incorporated into your diet, in the form of salads and sandwiches. Or else, you can also mash it up as guacamole to make it tastier.

4. Plant Oils  

A large number of plant seed oils are great sources of Vitamin E, with wheat germ oil being the best oil, as it has the highest content of Vitamin E. One tablespoon of wheat germ oil fulfills 100% of your every day Vitamin E necessity. Another excellent alternative is Sunflower oil which offers over 5 milligrams of this Vitamin and can be used for cooking. In addition to this oil, other oils that are rich in vitamin E include coconut oil, hemp seed oil, cottonseed oil, olive oil and safflower oil.

5. Broccoli (Cooked)

Broccoli has been widely known as one of the most excellent detox foods. Besides, it is also the healthiest foods rich in Vitamin E. In fact, one cup of steamed broccoli fulfills 4% of your daily nutrient necessities.

6. Raw Seeds

Yet another excellent source of Vitamin E are raw seeds such as sesame, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds. Eat seeds as a snack, or else, garnish them on soups and salads. Consumption of ¼th cup of sunflower seeds provides 90.5% of your daily nutrient value, thus, making them a valuable food you can eat on a daily basis.

7. Swiss Chard

This green leafy veggie is one of the healthiest vegetables you can consume every day, as it refills your body with vitamin A, K, C, and E. A single cup of boiled Swiss chard greens gives you about 17% of your daily suggested nutrient values.

8. Mustard Greens

Apart from being a great source of Vitamin E, mustard greens are also high in vitamin A, K, and C. Consuming this wonderful cruciferous vegetable on daily basis will supply a diverse number of health benefits. Just one cup of boiled mustard greens offers 14% of regular dietary requirements.

9. Kale

Another food that has high nutrients is Kale, the most prominent provider of vitamin E. Just a single cup of boiled Kale gives you approximately 6% of your every day vitamin E. Thus, eat this cruciferous vegetable as often as you can. Look for organic Kale, if possible.

10. Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are enriched with Vitamin E as well as a lot of other enormous nutrients. It is a perfect snack for a long workday. Consuming a single ounce of hazelnuts can offer about 20% of the day-to-day requirements of vitamin E required by our body. Or else, you can also substitute your morning coffee with hazelnut milk.

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