Top 10 Super Foods for Weight Loss

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Losing weight is not an easy thing to do. Usually it takes a combination of factors to make a change to your figure and weight.

Weight Loss Factors

  • Eating at a caloric deficit – Consuming less food than you are hungry for generally leads to weight loss. This process should be handled by an expert in nutrition to ensure you are still eating a safe amount of food.
  • Exercising regularly – Consistent exercise helps to build your basal metabolism, ensuring a greater number of calories are burned by your body for the same amounts of activity thanks to an increase in muscle tissue.
  • Getting plenty of sleep – Ample rest gives your body time to engage in internal housekeeping. On top of this, more sleep can also help with managing hormone levels and contributing energy for you to be more active during the day.

But while practicing a sport cannot be deterred by many things, dieting can be severely undermined by two key points.

First of all, with all the fast-food, street carts, take-out menus in the mail and restaurants all over the place, food always seems to be just around the corner everywhere we go, which makes it very difficult to be on a diet. And second of all, the fact that most diets seem to encourage us to eat some very bland or even bad tasting foods, that might make us lose weight in the end, but take a toll on our general well-being on the long run.

However, it doesn’t need to be like that, because there is a list of super healthy and even tasty foods that are perfect for your weight loss plan. Consumed in the right amount and in combination with other products, they can work miracles in burning fat.

#1. Almonds

Considered to be the best food for weight loss, the healing and weight losing powers of almonds have been singled out a long time ago and, since then many studies on obese adults, both men and women, have been conducted to prove this hypothesis right. The little nuts are very rich in an amino acid called L-arginine, which actually helps you burn fat during workouts. Studies have shown that adults who ate a quarter cup of almonds and then went through their normal workout, lost more weight than usual in 2 weeks.

It’s important to remember they must be coupled with exercising and a low-fat diet. Also, you can eat them both raw or in the shape of almond oil or milk and you can make them part of your paleo diet if you wish, as they fit the menu perfectly.

#2. Green tea

This particular type of tea seems to work miracles and be the healthiest choice, especially when it comes to belly fat and rapid weight loss, because it’s rich in catechins, an antioxidant. A study has been performed on two groups of people exercising at the gym. The first group drank 5 or 6 cups of green tea per day and the second didn’t. The green tea consumers were then found to have lost more weight during exercise than the other group.

The same as with the almonds, green tea must be drunk regularly and always coupled with working out every day, in order for it to work as a super food for weight loss. Apart from its weight losing abilities, green tea is also amazing when it comes to detox.

#3. Yoghurt with Vitamin D and calcium

Supplementing your diet with this very healthy combination, Vitamin D and calcium, has been proven to help reduce body fat and aid weight loss. A 12 week research has been performed on this matter and it was found that, after just four weeks, the subjects who had been eating yoghurt enriched with Vitamin D and calcium had already lost more weight than the others who didn’t. There are two things you must take into consideration, though. While most yoghurts have calcium, not all of them have Vitamin D as a supplement, so you need to look for those that do. Also, avoid the whole fat ones, but go for the 0% or 2% yoghurts.

#4. Beans

On the high protein foods list for weight loss, beans are number one. Almost every type of beans is healthy, but black beans, kidney beans and white beans also help you lose weight and give you energy. One cup of the black sort has as much as 15 grams of protein and, more importantly, doesn’t have any saturated fats at all. Kidney beans have protein and fiber as well, 5 grams per serving, as well as white beans, which pack 4 grams. They are also very high in ‘resistant starch’, a type of healthy carb, which boosts the metabolism and helps you burn fats quicker. Half a cup of kidney beans has 2 grams of it, while white beans have 4 grams for the same amount.

#5. Avocado

Fresh or in the form of avocado oil, this truly is the super food you need to lose weight in a quick and natural way. Penn State University ran a number of tests and studies to work out this amazing nature product and they found out that the people who consumed three tablespoons of avocado oil every day lost 2 percent of the fat on their abdomen in just one month. But avocado can also be consumed fresh, as it is or in salads. You can also drink it in smoothies, for which you can find the perfect recipe for you online. It is a very filling food that will give you a feeling of satiety just like a normal, complete meal would.

#6. Pistachios

This time it was UCLA that performed a study on these delicious nuts and showed that they really do work as super healthy foods for weight loss. They divided their subjects into two groups and kept them on the exact same diet for 12 weeks. The sole difference was the fact that, in the afternoon, they were given different snacks. One of the groups was fed 240 calories worth of pretzels daily, while the other was given 200 calories in pistachios. The pistachio group reduced their BMI by a point in 4 weeks and improved their cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while the pretzel group remained the same.

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#7. Grapefruit

Because of the way it acts and its benefits, you can consider grapefruit a “warm-up” for your metabolism. Eating half a grapefruit before any meal has been proven to help your body burn calories a lot faster than it normally would, thanks to the phytochemicals it contains. Therefore, you can eat half of a fruit before breakfast every morning and then, during the day, you can add a few pieces to your starter salads. However, grapefruit has been known to interfere with some types of medication, so it’s best to discuss this change in your diet with your doctor.

#8. Dark chocolate

Combining great taste with a healthy effect on the body, this is an especially delicious super food which, when consumed responsibly, actually makes you lose weight rather than gaining it. The science behind it says that it slows down digestion, which means you will feel full for a longer period of time and you will be able to sustain longer gaps between meals. Also, dark chocolate is very rich in MUFAs, which is a group of healthy carbs that will help your metabolism burn all those nasty carbs and calories. Also, it will tone down the cravings you usually have for sweets, salty snacks or other types of diet spoilers.

As far as foods to avoid for weight loss go, it’s a good idea to never eat milk chocolate or the type that has nuts or raisins in it. Because of their high calorie content, they are the worst type of sweet to eat when on a diet.

#9. Eggs

For a very long time, eggs have had a bad reputation as slimming foods, because they were considered to be fatty. But they are beginning to get redeemed, as scientists have discovered eggs are actually full of protein, rather than fats, which, when consumed in the morning, will satisfy your appetite for a longer time, making you eat considerably less during the day. Studies have been performed on obese women, who were given eggs or bagels for breakfast. The ones that ate eggs lost weight and their cholesterol remained the same, while the bagel bunch kept a constant weight throughout the diet. As far as egg recipes go, boiled and poached eggs are the best, as well as frittatas, in non-fat combinations. Stay away from fried eggs or omelets.

#10. Milk

The tasty drink is another ally when it comes to weight loss. It’s high on a fatty acid that helps you feel full, without a high intake of calories or carbs. You might have already noticed how drinking a glass of cold milk makes you feel like you just ate a hot dog and helps you not feel hungry for some time. When buying milk, look for the cartons that say the cows it comes from were “grass-fed”, as that particular type has the highest amount of the good fatty acids. Also, it helps to drink the low-fat milk. It has the needed ingredient, but none of the fat.

Here are the top ten super foods to help you lose weight or stay in shape as long as possible. Indeed, it would be great if we could eat what we wanted all the time and still stay slim. But that doesn’t mean that diet foods need not be good. And this list proves just that. Dietary foods can be delicious and slimming at the same time.

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