15 Home Remedies for Fluid in Ear

Girl holding her hand to the ear, illustrating home remedies for fluid in ear

Stuffiness, a dull ache, and sometimes even balance issues are quite common whenever you have fluid in your ear. Getting rid of the fluid might be something simple or it might require getting rid of an infection. We’ll cover all of the possible options and provide 15 home remedies for fluid in ear that will […]

15 Easy Ways to Unclog Ears at Home

home remedies for plugged ears

If you feel like someone has stuffed so many cotton pads in your ears, then you have clogged ears. Some of the most common causes are ear wax, cold, blocked nose, a sinus problem where you didn’t use any sinus pressure relief, allergies, getting water into your ear, changing the atmospheric pressure (for instance, when […]

How to Get Rid of Stomach Flu? (15 Home Remedies for Stomach Bug)

home remedies for stomach bug

Few health conditions bring greater discomfort than being unable to keep anything down due to some foreign invader or toxin that has gotten into your stomach. The weakness and misery of this condition demobilize you completely and finding relief goes well beyond all other priorities. Thankfully, our 15 home remedies for a stomach bug or […]

18 Home Remedies for Passing a Drug Test

Doctor holding a medical specimen

Is an impending drug test a reason for your edginess? It’s obvious! The outcomes of a drug test may directly or indirectly affect the rest of your life. A positive drug test report may lead to felony charges in some states, and it may not only jeopardizes your personal life but also wreaks havoc on […]

Fight Negative Energy with These Home Remedies!

negative energy

What is positive energy and negative energy? Energy can’t be seen by the naked eye, but nevertheless, there are times when we feel a disturbance around us. This negativity and bad energy can leave us feeling unhappy and can cause difficulties in our family relationships. We may sometimes feel that we are attracting bad energy […]

5 Sour Stomach Remedy and Relief Tips

There are a few common things in life that can make a good day go bad very quickly. Missing your bus on the way to an important job interview comes to mind; getting flat tire in the middle of rush hour traffic, or having your phone die while looking for your date at a Bruce […]

5 Ways to Know If You Have Athletes Foot

A foot itch can be an inconvenient thing. Being stuck in a meeting, on a date, driving in traffic or pretty much doing anything where you can’t take the time to stop and scratch your foot if it starts itching is a real nuisance. But how do you know whether it’s just a passing itch, […]

How to Make Yourself Throw Up

how to make yourself throw up

Inducing vomiting never sounds particularly pleasant, but it is sometimes necessary. There are a number of reasons you might consider making yourself throw up, most notably to expel poison or contaminants either purposely or inadvertently ingested. Certain poisons can be survived if they are immediately expelled from the body. Vomiting serves as a quick means […]

Home Remedies for Chafing


Chafing is easily one of life’s most annoying nuances. There’s nothing more irritating than having to go through your day with the sensation of chaffed skin. If you have to deal with chaffed skin during the warmer months, then pain can be even more unbearable.  Luckily, you have come to the right place. Today, we […]

15 Home Remedies for Mastitis

Home Remedies for Mastitis

It is well known that mother’s milk is the very best nutrition for your baby, but when the pain and swelling of mastitis takes over, it becomes very discouraging to continue those feedings. With plenty of knowledge of the most effective home remedies for mastitis, you can overcome this difficulty and get right back to […]