Dry Hair? Try These Natural Remedies

natural remedy for dry hair

Dry hair is a common problem that affects people of all ages and backgrounds. It can be caused by various factors, such as genetics, environmental stressors, and harsh hair treatments. Not only does dry hair look dull and lifeless, but it can also feel brittle and prone to breakage. Fortunately, several natural remedies for dry […]

29 Tested Home Remedies for Grey Hair that Really Work!

Probably, the biggest nightmare of human beings, especially women, is the emergence of grey hair. Well, it is a fact that by the time and with growing age, hair turns grey. But today, we can see even young people below 30 are not untouched by the problem of grey strands. Hair becomes grey when the […]

24 Powerful Home Remedies for Reducing Hair Loss

Thick, full, and glossy tresses are every woman’s dream. But, several factors may lead to massive hair loss, which can be really embarrassing in the long run. We all may be hunting for a quick fix to this problem, but if you want to walk the natural path, know that most home remedies work great […]

10 Secret Home Remedies for a Push Up Bikini Effect + Infographic

HRS infographic about tips to obtain a push up bikini effect

We ladies know that some of our biggest assets are our breasts. Whether we like it or not, both guys and gals always find their gazes wandering to our chest areas and checking us out. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed by Mother Nature with double Ds and have to settle for 32a or […]

14 Causes of Cellulite

the main causes of cellulite

Let’s face it: no matter how you look at it, cellulite is absolutely horrible. From an aesthetic point of view, cellulite can damage your self-esteem and make you lose confidence in yourself. Even though it is not officially regarded as a medical problem, cellulite has strong health origins that mostly lead to body fat. Nevertheless, […]

10 Home Remedies for Hangnail

If we were to make a list of worst little things that come with a big pain in the rear, hangnails would easily be up there at the top. We are not talking about the Nickelback band song or the scene from Black Swan; we mean that pesky little pain with obnoxious symptoms. No matter […]

14 Home Remedies for Thick Eyebrows

Bigger, fuller and perfectly shaped eyebrows accentuate the cuteness of your face. Nowadays, thick eyebrows are in trend and have been flaunted by several beautiful ladies on the silver screen and ramp. You can even give the desired shape to your thick eyebrows. For those women, who crave for thick eyebrows and use a pencil to make […]

20 Tips on How to Get Rid of Cellulite + Infographic

Tips to get rid of cellulite

You know summer is almost here when you start reorganizing your wardrobe after a long, hard, cold winter. You gleefully pull out all of your little dresses, miniskirts, and shorts, and you really start to consider going bikini shopping. But wait, before you even consider showing off your arms, thighs, butt, stomach / belly or the […]

22 Home Remedies for Getting Long Hair

Long hair has long held special appeal in the eyes of women and men alike. For women, lengthy hair serves as a symbol of fertility and beauty. For men, long hair can symbolize creativity and virility. However, both men and women can usually agree that short hair can take a seriously long time to grow […]

20 Home Remedies for Treating Split Ends

Hair is the most essential adornment of a human body, which enhances its splendor. There is an average of 1,500,000 strands on a human head. They have to fight almost every day with pollution, sun, dust, wind and not to mention, the curlers, straighteners, dryers, gels, sprays and a variety of beauty products. This lavish […]