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5 Home Remedies For A Spastic Colon

Learn how to treat a spastic colon with these 5 home remedies. All these 5 best spastic colon treatments are reviewed in 2022.

If you’re having trouble with a spastic colon, you know how painful, irritating, and embarrassing it can be. And finding a medication that helps without side effects can be difficult. You need to try using home remedies for a spastic colon.

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​How We Reviewed

Finding the best home remedy for your spastic colon can feel overwhelming. When you’re not feeling well, you want something that is 100% guaranteed to help you feel better, but finding a remedy that helps you feel better in the short and long term can be frustrating. Finding the home remedy that works for you is largely dependent on pinpointing what is factoring in to your spastic colon. We’ve gathered some of the best working home remedies; you’re bound to find one on our list that works for you. 

What We Reviewed

  • ​Stress Reduction
  • Healthy Diet
  • Peppermint OIl
  • ​Probiotics
  • L-glutamine

Stress Reduction

girl doing yoga as remedy to reduce stress and spastic colon

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​Have you ever noticed that your spastic colon becomes worse when life becomes stressful? If so, this might be the best option for helping to heal your spastic colon. Stress often is a core component of our health, and one we often overlook. From digestive issues, to musculoskeletal pain, to headaches and brain fog, stress can wreak havoc on our bodies.

Of course, this is one of the more difficult remedies to complete. We know that the amount of stress placed on an individual in today’s society isn’t healthy, but it so often is necessary to endure this stress in order to provide for ourselves and our families. Reducing stress is an almost impossible task, but it can be done.


When thinking of reducing stress, we often throw this idea aside since it is so difficult. After all, we can’t reduce our stress by not going to work, or not cleaning the dishes, or not doing the laundry. If we try to reduce stress by eliminating things from our lives, it often ends up making things more stressful. Instead, try to reduce stress from your life by introducing de-stressing activities in the form of self-care.

This type of self-care can largely differ based on who you are and what things help relax you. Perhaps your body would be calmed by introducing a weekly yoga class to your schedule. Maybe you would greatly benefit from having a therapist with which to discuss the stresses and struggles of everyday life. Perhaps your stress level can best be lowered by spending time alone in nature, or indulging each night in a bath with a good book.

Even if reducing your overall stress level doesn’t cure your spastic colon, it will aid your gastrointestinal tract in healing as well as your overall body to function well.


  • ​Helps your gut as well as your whole body


  • Not easy to reduce stress
  • ​The how-to differs by individual


​Reducing your stress level is guaranteed to help you feel better. It may not cure your colon issues, but it should at least increase your quality of life significantly. In addition, it should help all your body systems work more efficiently and painlessly, not just your colon. If you find that this home remedy method is helpful but doesn’t cure your issues, try combining it with another method, like a healthy diet.

​Healthy Diet

different bowl of fruits and vegetables

Image by silviarita from Pixabay


​Like reducing your stress, eating a healthier diet is something that is sure to not just help your gastrointestinal function, but the overall function of each of your body systems. And, like reducing stress, it’s a task that can be exceedingly difficult to accomplish. Our diet develops based on accessibility and habits. Change can seem impossible, but taking a few key steps can have huge impacts on the health of your gut.


​There’s no single way to start creating a healthier diet. If what you’re eating is affecting your spastic colon, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what is creating the issue. However, there are some likely culprits that will provide you with a good place to start.

Are you eating a lot of fried or fatty foods? Eating these regularly can cause serious gastrointestinal issues. The combination of extra breading and frying provides a difficult meal for your body to digest. You may want to stop eating fried foods regularly and leave them as the occasional indulgence.

Another common culprit of spastic colon is gluten. While you may not have celiac disease, gluten causes many issues for people with gastrointestinal and other problems. If you have any kind of auto-immune disease, gluten can increase inflammation and other symptoms of auto-immune diseases. You don’t need to be extremely strict with this and totally cut gluten out of your diet, but simply decreasing the amount you ingest can have a positive impact. Try using gluten-free versions of grain products when you can, and you may notice a significant decrease in your IBS symptoms.

Dairy is another common culprit of spastic colon issues. Again, while you may not test as “allergic” to dairy, it is still a product many non-allergic people do not tolerate well. There is plenty of research speculating that humans do not easily digest dairy from cows. Even if a small amount of dairy doesn’t disrupt your IBS, if you tend to eat a lot of dairy products, it may cause issues. You may want to try reducing your dairy intake and seeing if this helps.


  • ​Should significantly improve overall body functioning in addition to gastric functioning
  • ​Even if improving your diet doesn’t specifically help your spastic colon, it will help your feel better overall


  • ​Changing your diet is largely based on habits, which are very difficult to break
  • ​Changing your diet may not have immediate effects, but rather a decrease in symptoms over a month of eating more healthily
  • ​The ability to eat healthily is largely based on class issues such as income and food accessibility


​Of all our tips to help your IBS, changing your diet is most likely to help. Since you are having issues with your gastrointestinal system, the most likely answer is that something you are putting into your gastrointestinal system is causing the issue. However, our body systems function symbiotically, and a problem in one can easily create a problem in another.

That being said, changing your diet will help you feel better overall. It likely will help your IBS symptoms decrease, but on the off chance that it doesn’t, it still will absolutely help your overall health. Unfortunately, like decreasing your stress, eating healthier is not a quick-fix. It’s not easy to do and it won’t yield immediate results. However, quick fixes usually are just a bandaid over the bullet hole. They may help in the short term, but often lead to further distress down the road. Changing your life to change your health takes hard work and planning, but at the end of the day, you are left with a life that is far more enjoyable than the one you were previously living.

​Peppermint OIl

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​While peppermint oil is not a “quick fix,” it is a remedy that is far easier to begin utilizing than the ones previously mentioned. Integrating peppermint essential oil into your daily routine is much less overwhelming, and for this reason, may be the first remedy you want to try. Peppermint has long been used as a method to decrease gastrointestinal issues and promote health.

Therapeutic grade peppermint oil is proven to help alleviate stress, meaning it may be a phenomenal product to integrate into your de-stressing routines. The aroma of peppermint aids your mind and body in slowing down and promotes relaxation. Whether you meditate while putting on some essential oils, or put them on while your family gathers for dinner, or the children play, peppermint oil can be a phenomenal addition to any moment in the home.


  • ​Easier to introduce to your life
  • ​Aromatherapy is proven to alleviate stress


  • ​Difficult to use when on the go


​The effectiveness of peppermint oil can differ greatly for the individual. Many people have such a hard time relaxing that letting their guard down enough to even appreciate and enjoy the aromatherapy is almost impossible. While using peppermint essential oils for aromatherapy is unlikely to alleviate your spastic colon symptoms on its own, it can be extremely beneficial and is something you should start integrating into your relaxation, especially if you are looking to reduce stress.


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​Probiotics are a great support for gut health in most any individual, but if you are someone who struggles with IBS, you need to try probiotics. There are lots of bacteria in our gut, both good and bad. Often these bacteria get out of sync, and we start feeling poorly. When we take antibiotics for some illness, both the good bacteria and the beneficial bacteria are killed. This leaves our digestive system out of whack. We need the good bacteria to have a healthy and well-functioning digestive tract.

This is where probiotics come in. They reintroduce vital good bacteria to your gut, so it’s able to function better.


  • ​Easier remedy than the first two
  • ​Guaranteed to help gut health


  • ​Probiotics can be expensive
  • ​They don’t work immediately, but require being introduced into your daily routine


​Probiotics are guaranteed to effectively help balance out the bacteria of your gut and help your gastrointestinal health. That being said, your spastic colon issues may not be specifically tied to a lack of good bacteria in your gut. If this is the case, taking probiotics will still enhance the health of your digestive system, but it may not totally alleviate the symptoms of your IBS.



​This supplement is a flavorless powder that can be added to a liquid to help support gut health. Your body needs amino acids in order to properly work, but when your gut doesn’t function properly, your gut can have difficulty absorbing the amino acids in your diet; this is called intestinal impermeability. L-glutamine is one of the most amino-acid rich substances.

It is thought that IBS, and specifically syndromes that are primarily characterized by diarrhea, can be caused in part by this intestinal impermeability. Because L-glutamine is shown to significantly improve intestine permeability, leading to decreased symptoms of IBS.


  • Helps gut permeability
  • ​Aids in nutrient absorption
  • ​Provides necessary protein


  • ​Many body builders use versions of L-glutamine that have additives that can be bad for someone with spastic colon issues, so ensuring you get pure L-glutamine is vital


​This home remedy for spastic colon issues is thought to be very effective in directly decreasing IBS symptoms.

​The Verdict

​Having a chronic illness like IBS can turn everyday activities into pure misery. Even if your stomach is feeling okay one day, you still experience the pervasive anxiety that your spastic colon will kick in at the worst possible moment. And because this issue is something so individualized, going to doctors for test after test and trial medication after trial medication can start to break your spirit. However, there are answers out there, and with support, you can find them.

If you’re looking for help with your spastic colon symptoms, these home remedies will help. We suggest that instead of trying one, you try to begin implementing each of these practices into your life. Although it may make it more difficult to pinpoint exactly which remedy was the biggest help, all of these remedies work not only to improve your digestive health, but your overall health. If you decide to start taking serious steps towards leading a healthy life, these five remedies are a great way to start.© Incomestorage

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