Meet the Authors

Would you like to get a glimpse into our writer’s backgrounds and hobbies? Here’s a brief presentation of each.

Clara-SherwoodClara Sherwood

Clara was born and grew up in Great Britain, and although she’s now happier with the weather in North Carolina where she resides with her partner, she does miss the ubiquitous teacakes. She graduated from a master’s in literature and worked for about 5 years at local news magazines as a reporter. Her projects include freelance blogging on various platforms, as well as some small amateur design works. Having a domestic side, she’s always enjoyed gardening and making small DIY kitchen projects, like hand-designing her own jar labels and making jams. Contact Clara at

Peter-Alistair-BiskindPeter Alistair Biskind

Peter has a background in IT and has been more or less of a gadget enthusiast for all of his teenage and college years. He spend the first few years of his working life reviewing consumer electronics like cameras and phones. At some point in his mid-twenties, Peter discovered hikes and amateur alpinism and his weekend trips have become a fascinating collection of outdoor experiences. As he starting taking care of his body more, he also developed an interest for natural remedies and has hence started writing for Home Remedy Shop. Contact Peter at

Georgia-ScherhauferGeorgia Scherhaufer

Georgia has graduated from a nutrition expert degree and her work involves some freelance blogging on the side of her main part time job in a doctor’s office. She doesn’t travel a lot due to work constraints, but she likes going out as often as she can to compensate. She is on an ambitious (and often very difficult) quest to find more restaurants and places to eat out who serve really healthy and clean food. One day, she would like to open her own such place. Contact Georgia at

Alicia-Maria-FuentesAlice Maria Fuentes

Alice grew up in Los Angeles and currently lives in California, though she likes to visit home frequently. She graduated from a marketing specialist degree and worked at the core of outreach teams for more than 5 years. She has also become a successful freelance photographer, though she started as an amateur enthusiast working mainly for friend’s birthday parties and the occasional wedding. She’s fond of Russian novels and cats. Contact Alice at

Natalie-MorganNatalie Morgan

Natalie has a graduate degree in economics and experience working as a sales consultant and a social media division manager. When she’s not working, Natalie likes to cook and is fascinating with spices, which she collects prodigiously from all her distant travel locations. She likes to think of herself as a real everyday “mistress of spices”, although she didn’t like the movie with the same name so much. Contact Natalie at