Hey there! I’m Montoya Sigafoose, a seasoned marketeer and dedicated blogger by profession. However, this space isn’t about marketing strategies or industry trends; it’s about my personal passion: living naturally and raising my children as naturally as possible.

Who Am I?

🌱 Montoya Sigafoose: As a marketeer, I thrive on understanding trends and strategies, but here, I wear my parent and wellness advocate hat. I believe in the power of nature to nurture, and this blog is my canvas for sharing that belief with you.

Why Nature Matters:

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Raising Natural Children: My journey into natural living has been a part of my life as third generation chiropractors run in the family. So it is deeply rooted in my role as a parent. I’m on a mission to share insights into boosting our children’s immune systems through wholesome food, thoughtful supplements, and embracing a lifestyle that aligns with the rhythms of nature.

πŸ” Research, Personal Passion: While my professional life involves market insights, this blog is where I share the personal passion that fuels my daily lifeβ€”a commitment to wellness and a natural approach to living by researching holistic approaches from only the reliable & studied sources. 

What You Can Expect:

🍏 Nutrition Nuggets: Dive into posts about immune-boosting foods, natural supplements, and practical tips for integrating a holistic approach into your family’s life.

🌿 Parenting Chronicles: Join me in navigating the joys and challenges of raising naturally-minded children. Let’s swap stories and advice in this shared journey.

πŸ“§ Reach out for collaborations, questions, or just to share your story on LinkedIn: Montoya Sigafoose

Why Listen to Me?

🌿 Home Remedies Enthusiast: I am a third-generation individual raised on the wisdom of traditional home remedies. The knowledge passed down through my family has been a cornerstone of my holistic approach to health.

πŸ“š NIH Aficionado: My commitment to staying informed is reflected in my avid consumption of health studies on the NIH platform. I devour the latest research to bring you evidence-based insights and practical advice.

What You’ll Find Here:

🧘 Holistic Wellness Tips: Explore a harmonious blend of ancestral wisdom and contemporary health studies, offering practical tips for holistic well-being.

πŸ€” Curious Explorer: Join me on a journey of curiosity and exploration. I’m not just sharing information; I’m learning and growing with you.

🌱 Community-Centric: This space is not just about me; it’s about us. Join a community that values shared experiences, learning, and the pursuit of a healthier, happier life