11 Tips on How to Get Rid of Mites

Are you suffering from sudden bouts of itchiness all over your skin, redness and inflammation? If so, before you rush to the drugstore for medication, you might want to consider that your problem are actually mites. Invisible to the naked eye, these small Arachnids can be extremely annoying given their size. They affect humans, dogs, […]

17 Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

hydrogen peroxide

Learn how to safely use hydrogen peroxide at home. These 15 hydrogen peroxide’s most common uses are safe and effective.

Chigger Bites: the Best Treatment and Prevention Options

You may not know it, but chiggers are related to spiders. They are a member of the arachnid family, and just like many common household spiders, they can and will bite you. Unlike most spiders, however, chigger larvae are parasites, and their hosts range from birds, reptiles, and even some amphibians to mammals, including humans. […]

10 Best Homemade Grout Cleaners

Best Cleaner For Grouts

Cleaning the grout stains is an uphill battle. It’s a challenging and messy task. There is a wide range of grout cleaners available in the market. However, some products that are readily available at your home can also clean those dirty and tough stains. Some include vinegar, baking soda, lemon, bleach, and salt. They will […]

DIY: Homemade Powdered Laundry Detergent

Most laundry detergents that are commercially available are not only expensive but also come with a cost to the environment. Homemade detergents, on the other hand, can get your clothes just as clean and are less toxic to the environment. You can easily make powdered laundry detergent at home. Read further to learn. Ingredients Required […]

Amazing Baking Soda Uses For You and Your home

A Spoonful of Baking Soda baking soda uses

Above everything else, baking soda is a household staple. Just take a mental note of your home right now, and you’ll probably notice the versatility of baking soda uses. From a stash of the white powder in your fridge to make it smell nice, to a box in your pantry for when you feel creative with the […]