15 Amazing Home Remedies for Chlamydia Prevention and Care

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Once you know that you suffer from a bacterial infection with chlamydia it is important to seek medical help and get proper treatment right away. However, in order to prevent the disease from spreading any further, you can try these home remedies for chlamydia. Since it is not a virus, the affection spreads through direct contact between individuals. Hence, stay clear of any sexual intercourse while undergoing the treatment.

Although both sexes are susceptible to chlamydia infections, teenage girls and young women are more likely to catch the disease easily. This is because the cervix is not fully matured and, as a consequence, less resistant to bacterial infection. We highly recommend to practice safe sex to stay free of any unwanted infections, but you can also prevent this type of disease by taking healthy doses of home remedies for chlamydia.

1. Garlic Cloves

Apart from being a great spice, garlic also contains natural active ingredients with strong anti-viral properties. Also, it makes for the best antibiotic you can find in the nature. Hence, if you consume about four garlic cloves a day, it should be enough to kill bacteria associated with chlamydia. If it doesn’t clear the infection altogether, at least it stops it from further spreading to other individuals. There are several ways in which you can consume garlic. Either eat it raw, add it to your meals, or take garlic capsules. You can find the latter available for purchase at local pharmacies.

However, we recommend you benefit from the unprocessed raw ingredients, so try to eat garlic cloves instead of running to the pharmacy. However, if you suffer from diabetes, do not attempt to eat this much raw garlic without consulting with your health care provider first. It may cause blood clotting, which will only result in further complications.

2. Sage Tea

You can look at sage like the cleaning lady of your immune system. The active ingredients present in sage leaves will keep stop the chlamydia infection in its tracks and alleviate the symptoms associated with it. You can prepare your own sage tea from the comfort of your home in just a few easy steps. First of all, you are going to need 50 mg of dried sage leaves. Boil a cup of water and add the sage leaves. Let the mix steep for about five minutes. Strain the contents so you are left with only the liquid and discard the leaves.

Home remedies for chlamydia like this tea, for example, rely on simple methods to produce and keep only the most beneficial ingredients in their composition. Hence, drink the sage tea as it is, without adding sugar or lemon. Consume it until you notice the symptoms disappearing. However, to make sure that everything is fine, check with your doctor.

3. Echinacea Supplements

Much like garlic and a series of other home remedies for chlamydia, Echinacea also benefits from a wide range of antimicrobial properties. Due to this along with its detoxifying effects, this miracle herb will strengthen your immune system and help you battle chlamydia more efficiently.  Not only this, but it also acts as a lymph cleanser killing much more pathogens than just the chlamydia bacteria in your body.

There are three main ways you can choose to take Echinacea in order to benefit from the best results. If you go for the tincture, we recommend using no more than 30 drops mixed with any liquid of your choosing. Apart from alcohol, of course. Another way would be to take as much as 500 mg of Echinacea in the form of capsules about three to four times a day. Last, but not least, you can make a delicious cup of tea. You can either use fresh or dried Echinacea all the same. Simply add half a cup of fresh leaves (or a quarter, if dried) to a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for about 25 minutes. Strain the tea, and consume it as it is, once it cools down to room temperature. In order to benefit from all the advantages Echinacea has to offer, keep the recipe to a minimum and do not add sugar or other ingredients to the mix.

4. Goldenseal

The main active ingredient in goldenseal that is responsible for killing a wide variety of harmful bacteria is berberine. As the same time, this miraculous compound found in goldenseal increases the white blood cell count in your body. This helps fighting infections more efficiently. All things considered, goldenseal makes for one of the most powerful natural home remedies for chlamydia on our list. We recommend you consume as much as one gram of goldenseal three times a day for fast and obvious results.

For women, we recommend regular douches twice a day in order to get rid of the infection. These will remove the bacteria from the genitals and reduce the level of discomfort and itching at the same time. To prepare the herbal solution, you will need one capsule of goldenseal, little under half a teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water. Mix the ingredients in warm water, so they fully dissolve and ultimately blend together. Do not use the douche right away, but instead, wait for about five minutes. After approximately ten days of use, you should be free of chlamydia. However, in order to do that, you will need to use the douche twice a day for the best results.

5. Balanced Diet Plan

A well-balanced diet in often overlooked, in spite of the fact that it represents one of the most common home remedies for chlamydia. Even though diet has nothing to do with contracting the disease, keeping a close eye on food intake can prevent the bacteria from further spreading inside your body. If goldenseal had a positive impact on the white blood cell count, a proper diet also improves the production of white blood cells. Hence, if you eat healthy while taking goldenseal, you double your chances to fight off the infection faster.

Consider eating more foods rich in fibers such as beans, nuts, whole grains or seeds. Also, do not overlook the importance of dairy products such as yogurt and milk. Needless to say that you have to replace chocolate chips or other treats with fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time avoid processed and canned foods, alcohol, and caffeine at all costs. Instead of ingesting large quantities of red meat, consider fresh fish for dinner. Also, any type of junk food, fast foods or other fat products such as butter should be taken off your list.

6. Neem Products

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Another herb rich in antibacterial properties and yet another effective among natural home remedies for chlamydia is neem. Usually, neem based lotions are very popular when it comes to alleviating painful symptoms of chlamydia. You can find creams made from crushed neem seeds or neem oil available for purchase at local pharmacies. Apply 5ml directly to the affected area every night for two weeks. Usually, it takes only about eight days for chlamydia to be out of your system. However, even though there are no symptoms anymore, consult with your health care provider to make sure you are in the clear.

Also, for better results, you can consume neem tea regularly or create a mixture you can use for douching every now and then. In more severe cases, we recommend consuming two cups of neem tea while you also use the cream in parallel. This will help you fight off the infection from the inside. For douching, add 50 leaves of neem to boiled water. Only after it cools down enough, proceed to use the douche. Keep it up for ten days, while consuming other neem based products for better results and your body will cure the infection.

7. Saw Palmetto

In general, home remedies for chlamydia as well as other conditions rely exclusively on herbs. Saw palmetto is yet another example that carries incredible medicinal properties.  This particular plant helps to cure urinary tract infections effectively, due to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties it benefits from.

Also, in is rich in phytosterols and fatty acids that combined with the impressive antibacterial properties helps you get rid of chlamydia. Whether you suffer from either mild or a severe form of chlamydia, the saw palmetto will cure the painful symptoms in no time.

8. Cat’s Claw

We couldn’t have a proper list of most effective home remedies for chlamydia without some ancient Chinese medicine on it. Cat’s claw has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine in order to treat bacterial infections. Thanks to its antibacterial as well as antimicrobial properties, this particular herb is a worthy ally in battling painful symptoms associated with chlamydia. Also, as a natural diuretic, Cat’s Claw is perfect for eliminating bacterial infection caused by chlamydia. For the best results, take a single dose of 500 milligrams of Cat’s Claw three or four times a day for ten days, at least. You can find Cat’s Claw supplements at any traditional Chinese medicine shop in your area.

However, we do not recommend this remedy for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Also, we strongly advise against the use of Cat’s Claw for people who have recently undergone any kind of surgery or organ transplant. Also, people who are currently taking any anticoagulant medications should stay clear of this particular home remedy for chlamydia.

9. Olive Tree Extract

The main active ingredient in olive tree extract is oleuropein. Apart from its antibacterial properties, it can also reduce inflammation and at the same time the pain that comes with it. like many other home remedies for chlamydia on our list, olive tree extract can also give the immune system a boost, as well. You can find olive tree extract available for purchase in many forms. Powder, capsules, liquid concentrate, dried tea leaves or olive tree extract lotion are the most popular.

No matter which way you go, before considering to take any form of medication, even mild, consult with your health care provider. Olive tree extract reacts just like all the other home remedies for chlamydia before. Hence, it provides you with antibacterial protection that speeds up the healing process while killing off the harmful bacteria at the same time. You can rub olive tree extract directly to the affected areas or take it orally. Whatever the case, you need to repeat the process three to four times for a week, in order to see some obvious results.

10. Practicing Safe Sex Methods

The main cause of chlamydia spreading to more and more individuals is unprotected sex. Hence, as far as home remedies for chlamydia go, this is more a precautionary measure than a cure. However, just to raise the level of awareness, let’s talk for a moment about  the benefits of practicing safe sex. The most obvious one is preventing sexually transmitted diseases from spreading. However, no contraceptive measure is 100% safe. This is why in order to ensure a healthy life, check in with your health care provider regularly.

Abstaining from sex altogether is the safest way to keep away from bacterial infections such as chlamydia or other more serious diseases. However, if you already have a partner, make sure to remain monogamous and healthy for both of your sakes. Also, the symptoms of chlamydia aren’t visible at first for quite some time. So, if you had any sexual intercourse in the past weeks and display some concerns, refer to your health care provider as soon as possible. Or try these efficient home remedies for chlamydia in order to both cures or at least prevent you from catching the infection.

11. Turmeric

The main thing that sets turmeric apart from other home remedies for chlamydia is the fact that it is extremely rich in antioxidants. This particular herb benefits form a wide range of anti-bacterial properties. Also, it acts as a natural antiseptic that prevents the infection from spreading and speeds up the healing process.

There are two ways you can use turmeric to your advantage. You either add it to your diet through foods and drinks or drink turmeric milk. You can sprinkle this miraculous herb on almost anything since it closely resembles a spice. Also, drinking turmeric milk twice a day will help you get rid of the unwanted infection. As an added bonus, turmeric will also boost your immune system and strengthens the body. If you suffer from a bacterial infection caused by chlamydia, consume turmeric anywhere from two to four times a day for a week for the best results.

12. Usnea

old man's beard

Many people recognize this particular medicinal herb under the name of “Old Man’s Beard”. It is used as a powerful anti-viral in treating a wide range of different infections. Usnea is basically a combination of moss and algae which contains high levels of antiseptic agents. Hence, it makes for one of the best home remedies for chlamydia out there. Not only does it fight against symptoms associated with chlamydia, but it can also protect you from other viral as well as fungal infections.

There are two ways to benefit from the medicinal qualities of Old Man’s Beard. For a hot Usnea drink, you will need to crush about 500 milligrams of it. Top it off with boiling water and let the mix steep for no more than four minutes. Drink the liquid without adding any sweeteners or other products. Repeat the process three times a day for a week for the best results. Another way to benefit from the healing properties of Usnea is to take it orally through capsules. For this, consult with your health care provider in order to be sure it is safe to start treating the symptoms with Usnea.

13. Curd

Homemade curd benefits from a wide range of beneficial bacteria that can help you fight off chlamydia infection. If you do not know how to make curd, you can eat unsweetened yogurt all the same and still benefit from all the medicinal properties this dairy product carries. You can find yogurt at any supermarket. However, make sure that it is sugar-free. Usually, consuming probiotic foods helps to boost the immune system while fighting off pretty much any kind of infection.

We recommend you consume one cup of yogurt or curd twice a day while supplementing with other home remedies for chlamydia, as well. However, even if you no longer experience any symptoms, continue consuming probiotic foods. They will produce good bacteria in your body and strengthen the immune system which results in a better chance of fighting off infections with less effort.

14. Astragalus

The root of this particular plant is extremely effective against chlamydia. Astragalus root is rich in trace minerals as well as amino acids and flavonoids. It takes approximately four to six years until it dries off completely in order to display the best medicinal properties. However, you do not have to wait that long. You can purchase Astragalus tincture from the local pharmacy.

Thanks to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this specific home remedy for chlamydia also stimulates the immune system. You can consume about three to five drops of Astragalus tincture two or three times a day. Repeat the process, until you no longer experience painful symptoms associated with chlamydia infection.

15. Gentian

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Gentian roots benefit from extremely potent medicinal properties. The natural active ingredients act like natural antiseptics as well as anthelmintics. The latter means that they are strong enough to repel even parasitic worms or other internal parasites. Much like olive tree extract, Gentian is used extensively in Chinese medicine in order to treat multiple sexual transmitted diseases. Also, it benefits from anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and also works as a highly effective antioxidant.

All you need to do in order to benefit from the medicinal properties is to boil the root for several minutes. Strain the liquid and discard the root. Dip a piece of clean cloth or a sponge in the liquid and apply directly to the affected area. repeat the process until you start to notice the unpleasant symptoms fading. Also, to make sure you are free of any infection, consult with your health care provider.


If you start to notice discomfort, itching or swelling in the groin area, it may be a first sign that you contracted a sexually transmitted disease. If this is the case, try these amazing home remedies for chlamydia in order to get rid of the infection from an early stage. You can use more remedies in combination with each other for improved results, as well.

However, if you already take medication for some other unrelated conditions, make sure to seek medical help. Refer to your health care provider for a detailed investigation and keep clear of sexual intercourse until you are free of the infection. This way you will prevent the disease from spreading and you will be able to make a quick recovery.

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