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That healthy co.

Tarnea addressed the lack of transparency in the food and supplement industry by introducing Wild Collagen Reds. Packed with potent collagen, antioxidants, and vitamin C, this brand guarantees the finest and most natural products—free from additives, completely organic, and sustainably sourced.

A graduate of Endenver College of Natural Therapy in Brisbane with a current pursuit of chiropractic studies at the Barcelona College of Chiropractic, Tarnea is deeply entrenched in the health sector. She serves as a primary source of information and wisdom.

Originally designed for surfers and athletes to enhance endurance, Wild Collagen Reds benefit everyone by supporting the immune system, promoting skin regeneration, boosting collagen production, and reducing oxidative stress.

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Family business

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I belong to a third-generation chiropractic family, where my recently graduated siblings are stepping in to lead the business. Our matriarch, my chosen mother, serves as the life force, imparting her philosophy and knowledge not only to her children but also to her 300+ monthly clients. Through her guidance, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of many.

Chiropractic, at its core, explores the science of the nervous system and its influence on organ function, movement, and adaptability. Beyond the science, chiropractic embraces a profound philosophy, with the first of its 33 principles asserting that Universal Intelligence is inherent in all matter, endowing it with properties and actions that sustain its existence. This intelligence resides within each of us, offering the opportunity to connect and live a beautiful life from the inside out. At Homeremedyshop, we strive to share and convey this philosophy with everyone we encounter.