Epsom Salt Bath to Lose Weight

It is very strange to hear that Epsom salt bath can be used to reduce weight. Usually, Epsom salt is used to get relief in muscle pain. But, surprisingly, it is also an effectual remedy for reducing soreness and weight. One of the causes of weight gain is excessive deposition of toxins in the body. Epsom salt contains both sulfate and magnesium which indeed removes toxins and heal minor injuries.

How to use Epsom salt to lose weight?

To reduce those extra inches, add one tablespoon of Epsom salt in your bathing water every day. It is recommended that you begin with 1 tablespoon and gradually increase the quantity to 2 cups. But if you start off with 2 cups of Epsom salt in the water you might experience mood swings, irritability, and hyperactivity. To add up to the fragrance, you can pour a few drops of essential oil. However, some studies suggest that addition of some other ingredients such as oil reduces the effect of this bath. When added to mineral water, this salt effectively heals muscle pain. Epsom salt bath is also called detox bath as it pulls out excess water and toxins from the body. People who take Epsom salt bath also feel stress-free.

When you soak yourself in Epsom salt, toxins start to sweat out of your skin as soon as water cools down. To get maximum benefits of this bath, you may add vinegar or baking soda. Make sure that you drink a lot of water after and at the time of this detox bath to reload the sweated out liquids.

It is suggested by experts that having detox bath on a daily basis helps reduce weight soon. While some others recommend that this bath should not be taken for more than 3-4 times in a week. So, you can ask your physician about this.

Different Epsom Salt Baths

1. Epsom Salt and Ginger

When ginger is added to Epsom salt, it opens up the pores of the body. When these pores open up, you sweat more and release toxins from your system easily. It is suggested that if you use very hot water then the remedy works better. Add 2 tablespoons of crushed fresh ginger in hot water. Then, add 2 cups of Epsom salt. Immerse yourself in this hot bath maximum for half an hour.

2. Baking Soda

Add two cups each of Epsom salt and baking soda in the bathing water. Rub your body tenderly with a soft sponge. This helps cleaning the excess toxins from the body.

3. Vinegar Bath

If you wish to try vinegar bath, add apple cider vinegar and Epsom salt in warm water in a ratio of 2:1. Soak yourself in this warm vinegar bath for 40 minutes. Apart from losing weight, you will also get relief in joint pains and muscle stress.

You can use any of these ingredients alternatively to get the best results.

Note- If you are a patient of high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart trouble, do not practice detox bath.

Other Usages of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt bath is used not only for losing weight, but it is also effective in getting rid of several other problems. Below are some other uses of Epsom salt:

  • If you have a problem of oily hair, mix Epsom salt with your regular conditioner in equal quantity. Apply it for 20 minutes on your hair and then rinse.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of Epsom salt alleviates the irritation caused by sunburn. To relieve itching and irritation, you can also prepare a spray. Add two tablespoons of Epsom salt in a cup of water. Mix it well and fill it in a spray bottle. Squirt it on the affected areas.
  • Epsom salt is also used to clean tiles at home. Mix some Epsom salt in liquid dish wash. Scrub it on the tiles and walls and then rinse them well.
  • Epsom salt is also helpful for treating dry lips. Add some Epsom salt to petroleum jelly. Rub it gently on the lips. Scrubbing will do away the dry skin on your lips. It will also make lips smooth and healthy.
  • When a bug bites, Epsom salt is the best remedy to heal. Add two tablespoons of Epsom salt in a glass of water. Apply it on the affected area.
  • If you are suffering from cold or flu, try hot Epsom salt bath. It not only fortifies your immune system, but also relaxes muscles and body ache. It even boosts up the number of white blood cells which resist infection.
  • It helps cure sore muscles. Dissolve some Epsom salt in hot water and then let it refrigerate for 20 minutes. Cleanse and dry the affected area. Then, apply the Epsom salt paste on it.
  • The natural exfoliating properties of Epsom salt helps soften the rough skin. During the process of pedicure, add some Epson salt to warm soap water.
  • Epsom salt is also an excellent cure for bee bites. Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt in a cup of water. Stir it well and dip a cotton ball or clean washcloth in it and apply it on the swollen area.
  • Epsom salt is also helpful in cleaning facial pores. Add 1½ teaspoon of Epsom salt in a cleansing cream. Apply it gently on the skin and rinse off with water.
  • You can get respite from swelling which arises after the removal of minor splinter. Mix some Epsom salt in a cup of water. Soak a cotton ball and apply it on the affected area.
  • For deep exfoliation, Epsom salt is the best remedy. Add 2 cups of Epsom salt in petroleum jelly and add a few drops of lavender oil for fragrance. Apply it on the skin.
  • In case of poison ivy rashes, Epsom salt can work wonders. Prepare a mixture by adding Epsom salt in water. Dip a washcloth in it and place it on the affected area.
  • Add Epsom salt to your bath to make muscles strong and healthy.
  • Epsom salt bath also induces sound sleep.
  • Soaking feet in Epsom salt solution helps treat joint pain, toe or foot fungus, and foot odor.

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