The best way to increase your energy quickly is to fill your body with the nutrients from organic superfoods. The proteins in Spirulina are known to increase energy and strength, Matcha Green Tea reduces stress and regulates hormones, Ashwagandha and Wheatgrass have incredible health benefits, and Lemon Juice is wonderful for stabilizing blood sugar levels. Add these superfoods and a few others to your diet and you will feel completely rejuvenated.


The key to making this just a 30 second activity is a drink. If you mix your ingredients before hand, you can throw your superfoods into a blender, mix them up, and be done drinking in just under a minute. However, in this scenario you have to do all the shopping, chopping, blending, and juicing, which can be draining on time, energy, and money. Instead of putting all the effort in yourself, it would be much better to have a superfood infusion ready to go each morning.