How To Heal Dry Skin Around Your Nose With Natural Remedies

How To Heal Dry Skin Around Your Nose With Natural Remedies

Having dry patches of skin around the nose is a common skin care problem. Healing and hydrating skin around your nose can be difficult, even with a moisturizer that works well in other areas. If you are dealing with dry, cracked, or chafed skin, it is time to explore natural remedies.

Causes of Dry Skin Around the  Nose

Dry skin around nose can be caused by different factors. It is important to determine why you are experiencing dryness so you can eliminate what is causing this skin care problem.

You should know that dry skin is more likely to appear in certain areas, including the nose, because there are fewer sebaceous glands under the skin. This means skin cells can’t produce as much oil as in other areas. This is why the skin in the nose area is sensitive and prone to dryness.

This sensitive skin is likely to become dry because skin care and beauty products can easily get trapped around the nostrils. They can dry and trap moisture against the skin. This results in irritation and dryness.

Make sure you take the time to massage any skin care product you use and avoid using large quantities of creams and lotions around your nose.

Dry and cold weather can also be responsible for dryness and cracked skin. Dry skin around nose will be accompanied by dry and red skin in other areas if the cold weather is responsible.

Dry skin can also be the result of sunburn. The skin around the nose is very sensitive and prone to getting sunburnt if you don’t use sunscreen.

Using hot water when you take a shower can cause dry skin. So can blowing your nose regularly, for instance, if you experience illness or allergies.

Your skin care routine could also be responsible for your dry skin. Patches of dry skin can appear around your nose if you don’t use any moisturizer or sunscreen. Exfoliating too often can also result in dryness and irritation, especially in areas where the skin is sensitive.

Why Use Natural Remedies?

You can address dry skin around nose with natural remedies to avoid exposing your skin to chemicals that could irritate it and cause more dryness. Skin care products typically contain chemicals and fillers.

Moisturizers and lotions contain some active ingredients that will soothe and hydrate your skin, but they are usually combined with fragrances and other chemicals that are too harsh for the skin. Finding skin care products made entirely from natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin can be difficult if you have sensitive skin.

Using a natural remedy is more affordable and won’t further irritation. You can easily test a few different remedies to see what works for your dry skin.

The Best Natural Remedies For Dry Skin Around your Nose

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These are the six best natural remedies you should try. These remedies will hydrate your skin and address irritation and inflammation. You can use them to complement your current skin care regimen or replace your moisturizer with one of these remedies.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel comes from the leaves of the aloe vera plant. This gel is very easy to find in health and beauty stores, but make sure you purchase a product that contains aloe vera gel with nothing added to it.

Aloe Vera gel is one of the best remedies for dry skin because it is very gentle. This gel hydrates, soothes, and reduces inflammation. It also works well against psoriasis.

This is a product you can use on a daily basis because it will never irritate your skin. Make sure you take the time to massage it into your skin to get better results.

Essential Oils for Treating the Dry Skin Around your Nose

Essential Oils

Many essential oils have hydrating and soothing properties. However, they need to be diluted in a carrier oil because a highly concentrated essential oil can irritate your skin.

Carrier oils like jojoba and coconut oil have moisturizing properties. You can use these oils by themselves to treat your dry skin. All you have to do is apply a few drops on your skin and massage the essential oil into your skin in small circular motions.

You can add a few drops of another essential oil to your carrier oil. Make sure the concentration isn’t higher than five percent and use a lower concentration if you have sensitive skin.

These are the best essential oils for dry skin:

  • Carrot seed.
  • Cedarwood.
  • Myrrh.
  • Lavender.
  • Frankincense.
  • Geranium.
  • Patchouli.

Cocoa Butter Or Shea Butter

Natural cocoa butter

Natural cocoa butter on a brown background

Cocoa butter is an oil extracted from cocoa beans while shea butter comes from the nuts of the shea tree. These two natural remedies have a moisturizing and soothing effect on the skin.

You can easily find organic cocoa or shea butter with no ingredients added. Coconut oil and coconut butter are other alternatives you can use, but these natural remedies can irritate your skin.

Cocoa and shea butter are gentler than coconut oil and butter. In fact, these two ingredients are often found in moisturizers and lotions. Using cocoa and shea butter is a better alternative since there are no fragrances and other chemicals added.

Cocoa and shea butter are full of healthy fats that nourish skin cells. These natural remedies hydrate your skin and help your skin retain moisture. They can also reduce signs of aging.

If your skin is too sensitive to use essential oils, these natural remedies are a better option.

If you are hesitating between shea butter and cocoa butter, you should know that the benefits are the same. The main difference is that cocoa butter has a stronger smell.

Milk And Yogurt

Milk And Yogurt

You can use milk or yogurt to soothe and hydrate your skin. These are probably the first natural remedies you will try since you already have them in your fridge!

Milk and yogurt are ideal natural remedies if you have sensitive skin that easily gets irritated. Taking a milk bath is amazing for skin health, but you can apply milk topically to reduce inflammation and hydrate your skin. You can also use clarified butter or Ghee, but regular butter will clog your pores.

The easiest way to apply milk topically is to dip a cotton ball in a glass of cold milk. You can then use the cotton ball to pat the area around your nose. Wait a few minutes and rinse.

The best way to apply yogurt topically is to use it as a face mask. Make sure you use unsweetened plain yogurt.

Milk and yogurt are ideal if you have cracked or chafed skin. These natural remedies will repair damage and hydrate your skin at the same time. Cold milk is also very soothing if you are dealing with a sunburn.

Homemade Face Masks for Treating the Dry Skin Around your Nose

Homemade Face Masks

You can make face masks with natural ingredients. Face masks are an ideal way to treat dry skin in the nose area since they give your skin plenty of time to absorb moisture.

You can make a hydrating face mask by simply mashing a banana. Apply the fruit paste on your face and wait 10 to 20 minutes before removing it. This will moisturize and nourish your skin. If your skin is irritated or inflamed, you can add some unsweetened plain yogurt to the mashed banana.

Olive oil and lemon juice are two other ingredients you can use to make a face mask. This recipe will cleanse and moisturize your skin. All you have to do is mix a quarter of a cup of olive oil with the juice of a lemon.

Eggs are an amazing natural remedy for dry skin. If you have oily skin, you should only use the egg whites. You can make a moisturizing face mask by beating an egg and adding a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the mask, wait for 30 minutes and rinse.

Use A Natural Exfoliant to Treat Dry Skin

Use A Natural Exfoliant

Exfoliating eliminates dead skin cells and cleans your pores. You need to exfoliate your skin to help a new layer of skin cells surface. These new skin cells will produce more oil and retain moisture.

However, exfoliating too frequently can make your skin and irritated. Using a product that is too harsh for your skin can also cause dryness.

If you are experiencing dry skin around your nose, you need to replace your usual exfoliant with a natural alternative. You should exfoliate only once a week to prevent irritation.

You can use oatmeal to exfoliate without irritating your skin. Ground the oatmeal as finely as possible and mix it with some yogurt to make a paste. Massage the paste in small circular motions to exfoliate and rinse.

Sugar is another natural remedy you can use to cleanse your pores. You can use sugar crystals or mix sugar with a few drops of essential oil to make a paste.

You can also exfoliate with coffee grounds. This natural remedy will improve circulation while removing dead skin cells.

Take Care of the Skin Around You Nose!

These different natural remedies should hydrate and soothe your dry skin. You might need to try different remedies before finding something that works for you. Try pinpointing what is causing your dry skin so you can prevent this skin care issue from coming back.

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