Does Smoking Weed Help Lose Weight?

Some say there is an art to growing cannabis — thorough research conducted in the years leading to the decriminalization of marijuana over 40 states across the U.S.

The study of growing cannabis has become a standardized procedure, among medical, and recreational practices worldwide. With an endless amount of new strains available, the demand for this growth is generally supported through the use of hydroponics and LED light systems. Soil, fertilizer, heat, light, humidity, and growth control all come into play when creating the best strain out there. These systems will create the perfect environment for your plants, creating a genetically perfect plant.

Taking this into consideration, the variety of different strains you can grow will have several effects on the body. There are two main types of cannabis, Indica, and Sativa, but in some cases, these strains are mixed, forming a Hybrid. The Indica strain will make you feel tired and quite heavy, known for use at bedtime. Whereas the Sativa strains are created to make you feel quite bubbly and alert, and the Hybrid is everything in between.Now all the medical research conducted across the world has enlightened many states throughout the U.S, to the fact of cannabis being a perfectly normal recreational substance. Different strains have different side effects, weight loss, memory loss, decreased reaction time, and ‘the munchies’. These side effects may cause dangerous driving, making it imperative to treat it like alcohol and maintain a law for no smoking and driving. While still many of us will stay away from weed, there is still a tremendous amount of work that could be done to educate the masses.

There are medical institutions in the USA that encourage patients to smoke weed. This is true for cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy and patients of AIDS, as it helps improve their appetite and, hence, they do not lose weight. If smoking weed helps increase weight, thenwhy people who smoke pot regularly are so skinny?

Well, the answer depends on how many calories you eat when you are high on weed and how many you burn off when you are sober. If you eat high calorie food when you get the ‘munchies’ and do not perform any physical activity to burn those calories, you are naturally going to gain weight. It is very important to keep a track of what you eat, when you are high on weed. Research shows that people who get the munchies will normally have those foods that are high is calorie such as soda, cakes, donuts, potato chips and many other junk food. Why they prefer such food is not yet known.

People who smoke weed and gain weight have only two options. The first (and obviously the best option) is to stop smoking weed or get used to doing some form of physical activity when they are not high. Consuming ample vegetables and fruits as well as drinking lots of water when you are sober is a good way of balancing your weight. Listed below are a few pointers about what a weed smoker should or shouldn’t do to control their weight.

Diet Plan for Weed Smokers

1. Stock up food stuffs

Some pot smokers stack up their cupboards and refrigerators with healthy foodstuffs, so that they have no choice except to eat what is available, and, in this way, they save themselves from eating high calorie food.

2. Smoking in summers

Some other smokers prefer to smoke during the day, especially in the summer, as this is the best time for them to indulge in outdoor activities which are fun. Smoking on a cold winter night or day, for that matter, is very boring, because one can’t go outdoors and, therefore, end up smoking and lying around the house, consequently, add up on bad carbohydrates.

3. Smoke and sleep

Another way to keep you from putting on weight by smoking weed is to hit the hay, immediately, after smoking. If you fall asleep, and do not eat, then, obviously there would be no weight gain.

4. Weed Vaporizer

Smoking weed in public places is prohibited. So, invest in a weed vaporizer, as it will help kill two birds with one stone. You can smoke the weed outdoors in public places, since it is odourless and will keep you away from the junk food present at your place.

5. No smoking with friends

Avoid smoking in groups because you end up smoking and eating more. Hence, the best option is to smoke when you are aloof.

6. Cigarettes and Weeds

Another reason why people who smoke weeds are skinny is because most of them smoke cigarettes as well. Cigarettes contain nicotine which has repressing qualities on one’s diet. Thus, smokers end up eating less and do not put on any weight, because the effects of the cigarette counter balance those of the weeds.

Whilst smoking weed may help people to a certain degree, but there are more of disadvantages. The sole advantage is that you can keep weight gain at bay, provided you smoke and work out.