Since ancient times, people have been adorning themselves with perfumes, colognes, scented oils, and all other kinds of aromas. These days, even cosmetic and bath products have perfumery aroma in them and one can choose according to their preferred ones. There are many reasons why people wear perfumes but one good fact is that it alleviates our mood. Sometimes, it also invokes a fruitful memory from past.

Some people love to wear a combo of perfumes. But, several times you can’t get the aroma of your choice at the perfumery and, hence, the better option is to make your own at home.

Here is a simple and effective recipe to make your very own solid perfume at home. The biggest advantage is that you can add any fragrance or essential oil of your choice.


You can also use a mix of the following essential oils:

(This will give you a kind of floral and earthy perfume)


Step 1 – Grate beeswax.


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Step 2- Take 1 tbsp each of coconut oil and grated beeswax and heat in a small pot.  Stir them well until they melt.


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Step 3 – Pour ½ tablespoon of almond oil in a disposable cup.


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Step 4 – Mix fragrance oil and almond oil.


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Step 5 – Then add the oil mixture to the melted coconut oil-beeswax mixture.


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Step 6 – Transfer the contents into small pots or jars and allow enough time to set.


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Apply this solid perfume like a balm and spread gently. You can apply it at the back of ears, inner side of wrist, at nape of neck.

DIY solid perfume is ready to create a sensuous and pleasing whiff around you.