DIY Natural Spider Repellent for Home

Saying that spiders are scary would be a complete understatement. For those who are on the verge of arachnophobia, spiders can become an extreme stress factor and may even trigger a panic attack. Still, you do not have to be terrified of spiders to feel uneasy and uncomfortable around them.  No matter how much pest control companies will want to convince you, chemical spider repellents are not the only solution you have at hand. If the words spider repellent natural are the only ones swarming in your mind right now, you have come to the right place. There are actually a few different types of natural spider repellent for home that you can fix up yourself in less time than you would imagine. If you are looking for natural ways to repel spiders, you have come to the right place. Our Home Remedy Shop team has prepared facts, recipes and everything else you need to know about natural spider repellent. Discover them below and consider making your own natural spider repellant to keep those creepy critters away!


Common House Spiders

Before we begin to talk about how to get rid of spiders with natural repellent, it would be good to understand the common species of spiders that can be found in your home. Quite a few of them are rather harmless, while others are venomous (but they won’t lead to death) and, unfortunately, a few have fatal bites.

Daddy Longlegs

Possibly the most well-known house spider is the Daddy Longlegs. It really won’t cause you any harm, maybe just a slight scare upon seeing it. Daddy Longlegs are easily recognizable due to their obviously long legs. They are commonly found in moist places, such as basements, and do not produce any venom, so you don’t need to worry.

Jumping Spider

While this little critter might seem terrifying at first, it really will not cause you any harm. The jumping spider can be found all across the United States, mostly near furniture and in areas with lots of wood. Fun fact: It is actually the greatest family of spiders, with approximately 5,000 species.

American House Spider

While the American House Spider is venomous, it will not have fatal effects on the bitten individual. They love hiding in dark places, particularly in corners, and play dead when they feel an emerging threat. It is also a species that can be found everywhere in America; make sure you stay away from them for any undesired bites.

Black Widow

We are all familiar with the Black Widow and, hopefully, about its fatal effects. The venom of a Black Widow can be the direct cause of death, with female Black Widows being even more dangerous (around three times worse). Female Black Widow spiders are easily distinguished due to their sleek black bodies and small red spots, usually in the shape of an hourglass.

Say No to Chemical Repellents

We really cannot stress enough how important it is to use natural repellent for spiders. A chemical repellant can not only be extremely dangerous for the environment, but also for the members of your family and your pets. Commercial chemical repellents are highly toxic and pose as a threat to nature and humans alike. Author Nannette Richford describes for SF Gate that “When used outdoors, chemical spider repellents may harm plants, birds and other animals that visit or inhabit your yard”. By using an all natural spider repellent, you are not only protecting the environment, but you are also keeping your family from harm.

Essential Oil Natural Spider Repellents

If you want to repel spiders naturally, you can make an awesome spider spray with the help of essential oils. We have prepared some super easy recipes that can be whipped up in minutes:

Citrus Natural Spider Repelant

Citrus is possibly the best ingredient for an effective spider natural repellent. Spiders literally cannot stand the scent and impact of citrus, so you should make a natural repellant with the help of citrus essential oil. As an alternative, you can use peels from raw lemons, limes or oranges to help keep them away. We guarantee that you will see results soon with this homemade solution.

Peppermint Spray for Repelling Spiders

The second best deal to citrus natural spider repellents is the variety that contains peppermint essential oil. All you have to do is take one liter of water and add five drops of dish wash liquid and five drops of peppermint oil. Take the combined liquids and place them in a spray bottle, making sure to shake well. Directly apply the spray to the problem areas of your house, especially around all corners and at the edges of baseboards.

Tea Tree Repellent for Spiders

Surprisingly enough, one of our favorite teas actually serves as a reliable natural spider repellent. Tea tree essential oil can be mixed with a bit of ecological dish wash liquid and poured into a spray bottle to scare spiders away. Shake the ingredients together well and spray around all corners and any other significant areas indoors.

Other Essential Oils for Getting Rid Of Spiders

These are not the only essential oils you can use for repelling spiders in natural ways. The following oils are just as useful as the ones mentioned above:

  • Citronella
  • Lavender
  • Garlic
  • Cedarwood
  • Canola

DIY Natural Spider Repellents with Common Ingredients

While essential oil spider sprays are our favorite varieties, there are also a few solutions that you can implement in their absence by mixing with water and placing in a spray bottle:

Tobacco Repellent for Outdoors

Few people know that tobacco can be a reliable natural spider repellant. This is partly due to its strong smell and also because of the substances included in tobacco. You can take either smoking or chewing tobacco and boil it in water on the stove for around ten minutes.  Allow the mixture to cool and then pour it into a spray bottle. Spray all of the necessary areas in your house where you are undergoing problems with spiders.

Cinnamon Repellent

This is probably our tastiest natural solution for fighting off spiders. While humans love the smell of cinnamon and every food or beverage with this spice, spiders really cannot stand the scent of it. If you do not possess cinnamon essential oil, you can take some ground cinnamon and sprinkle it in the areas where spiders like to roam in your house.

Natural Spider Repellent Vinegar

If you are looking for a natural spider repellent indoors made out of ordinary household items, white vinegar is the main ingredient you need. If you do not have white vinegar around, apple cider vinegar should work just fine. Like in the situation of essential oils, take a spray bottle with around one liter of water and add the vinegar. Shake and spray until your problems go away!

Alternative Natural Solutions

If sprays really are not your thing, there are some additional alternative natural solutions for battling spiders in your home.

Clean up

Let’s face it, maintaining a fresh and clean home might help you avoid more problems than just staying away from spiders. These little creatures love damp, cluttered and dust filled areas where they can easily carry out their lives. If you keep your house clean, you will probably be avoiding spiders and other pests altogether.

Trees and plants

If you want to prevent spiders from appearing in your house in the first place, you can take some extra precautions that also involve adding more greens to your yard and garden. Lavender and mint plants are great for keeping spiders away, for the same reasons why their essential oils are efficient. Additionally, chestnuts have proven to be great solutions for making spiders steer clear of your yard.


The phytochemicals in cedar are just what you need for repelling spiders naturally. If you do not have a lot of time at hand, you can take pieces of cedar bark and place them in key places in your home. Alternatively, you can boil some cedar bark and afterwards create a paste substance to apply in all parts of your house where spiders tend to roam. Cedar will help you stay away from other insects as well, not only spiders.


The powder that comes from diatomite is highly efficient for repelling spiders. Diatomite powder is not toxic and can be used to sprinkle on window sills, cracks, corners, doorways and anywhere else you might need it. While it is not harmful for humans, diatomite contains chemicals that have proven to be fatal for spiders.


Did you ever think that your fluffy kitten could be a solution for fighting off spiders? A delightful piece of news, if you did not know, is that cats are excellent critter hunters and they can capture spiders for you. While it is not recommended that you make your kitty catch spiders all day, you can still count on your furry comrades to help you out every once in a while.

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