DIY: Homemade Nail Polish

It is really creative and mind boggling to practice something new DIY every weekend or any other day, whenever you get time. It is quite interesting to make something out of the bunch- something unique and artistic. Doing makeup is an essential part of girl’s life, but how about creating your own makeup and then putting it on?

So, here are few easy and creative steps to make your own DIY nail polish to make your nails sparkle.


Ingredients Required

  • Clear nail polish
  • Paper funnel
  • Glitters and color pigments


Step 1- Remove the brush applicator of the clear nail enamel and put it on a soft surface such as baby wipe or something.

Homemade Nail Polish 1

Step 2- Place the paper funnel into the bottle containing polish, but, make sure that paper funnel should not touch the polish.

Homemade Nail Polish 2

Step 3- Now, put color pigments or sparkles in the polish container.

Homemade Nail Polish 3

Step 4- Put back the applicator brush into the bottle stirring the mix a little, so that, pigments and sparkle get mixed thoroughly into each other.

Homemade Nail Polish 4

DIY homemade nail polish is ready!!!!!

Reasons Nail Polish is Unhealthy for You

Nail polish has so many bad ingredients in it that make breathing it in or putting it on the enamel of your hands truly bad. The reason it is good to DIY your own is because you will be able to monitor and keep track of all the products you use and trade some of the bad ones out for the good ones. But what exactly makes the nail polish you can pick up at your nearest pharmacy so bad? Well, here are some reasons.


This is the ingredient that is placed in what they use to preserve the dead. It is also in beauty products such as nail polish, keratin hair things treatments, and more. Isn’t it a crazy thing it is even legal to use this ingredient for something that is going on your body? Well, not exactly. That leads us to our second point…

Very Limited Regulation

Did you know that the ingredients in cosmetics, especially in the United States, don’t have much FDA regulation at all? It’s actually insane how much these companies get away with when it comes to adding in ingredients that can harm people. A common statistic in this area is that only 10% of all cosmetic products actually have regulated the testing of the ingredients placed inside of them. That alone should make you think twice before you go and purchase cosmetics. Reading the label is vital for health.


This is another ingredient used in traditional, store-bought nail polish that is also used in gasoline! How insane is that?! This damaging ingredient can cause issues for the reproductive system as well as the nervous system. Really, it is just not worth all the issues that could come along with going the easy route.