DIY: Homemade Kohl Recipe

Kohl is the natural equivalent to eyeliner. It is one of the most popular beauty products women use to enhance their appearance as it draws attention to the eyes and can make the whites look whiter so they stand out.

Kohl is collected and made from ashes or soot. It also contains oil to make it into a paste. The eyeliners sold in stores are often made of chemicals and other hazardous materials that can irritate the eyes and lead to infections.

To avoid the issues that could come with store bought kohl eyeliner, you can just make your own. Here is the authentic DIY recipe to make your own kohl at home in a few easy steps.


The following are the basic ingredients you will need to make kohl. Note that a diya is a type of oil lamp used in India. You can use another type of burner if you desire as long as it is heat proof and safe for use with oil. Also, make sure all utensils you use are heat proof. Be cautious when making this recipe as it does use an open flame.

  • Some castor oil
  • A burner
  • A diya
  • 2 bowls (steel)
  • A plate (steel or brass)
  • A few drops of clarified butter
  • Butter knife or metal spatula

Method of Preparation

Step#1 : Invert the two bowls with a flattened bottom. Place a brass plate between them to create a bridge.

Step#2 : Pour some castor oil into the burner or diya and light it with a match.

DIY Homemade Kohl Recipe

Step#3 : Place this diya under the plate bridge that you have made in the first step. While placing the diya beneath the table, make sure that flame of the diya should touch the brass plate for the soot formation.

Step#4 : Let it burn for around 20 minutes and then, remove the plate from the flame. Be cautious while you lift the plate as it’s extremely hot. You can use tongs to hold it. Invert the plate and you can see that soot is collected on the surface of the plate.

DIY Homemade Kohl Recipe

Step#5 : With the help of blunt knife or a spoon spatula, collect the soot into a small box or a jar.

DIY Homemade Kohl Recipe

DIY Homemade Kohl Recipe

Step#6 : Finally, add 2-3 drops of clarified butter into the soot that you have collected, and mix it well to make a thick black paste.

DIY Homemade Kohl Recipe

The pure, homemade kohl is ready to use, and its swatch will look something like this:

DIY Homemade Kohl Recipe

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the process to make kohl is fairly simple. You only need a few ingredients and supplies to get an all-natural eyeliner that will rival any you find in the store.

The next time you run out of eyeliner instead of going out to the store, try making your own at home. You may find that it is far superior to anything you could buy.