DIY: Homemade Eye Shadows

Who says that only diamonds are a girl’s best amigos? We would say makeup is something a girl cannot live without. Given a chance to peep into a girl’s vanity, you will find mascara to eye shadows to a shimmering gloss in her bag. It is good to look glamorous and put on makeup, but if it is not put on correctly, it could cause serious blunders for you.

Like all other makeup such as putting on a layer of foundation, applying mascara to enhance lashes is a part of daily makeup regime of every girl. Eye makeup is also becoming a fad for girls these days. Eyes are the most sensitive area of body and treating your eyes with harmful chemicals on daily basis can be troublesome. But, don’t get disheartened because here are some amazing ways to make your own eye shadows at home.

Some of the DIY homemade eye shadows are as follows:

1. Cream Eye Shadow

Homemade Eye Shadow 1

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  • White beeswax pastilles – 8
  • Shea butter (refined) – 1 tsp
  • Refined jojoba oil – 24 drops
  • Vegetable glycerin – 120 drops (about 3.75 ml)
  • Vitamin E oil – 12 drops
  • Violet pigment powder – 2 tsp
  • Pearl mica powder – ¼ tsp


Step 1- Begin with mixing together Shea Butter and Beeswax pastilles and melt them in a microwave.

Homemade Eye Shadow 2

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Step 2- Next, use a pipette tube to transfer jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and glycerin to the melted butter and beeswax.

Step 3- Now, add the mentioned quantity of pigmented powder (violet or any other) and mica powder into the mix and stir well.

Homemade Eye Shadow 3

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Step 4- Leave it for a day and enjoy applying from the next day. Let the glamorous girl in you step out.

2. Shimmer Eye Shadow


  • Sericite – 2 mini scoops
  • Copper mica – 1 mini scoop
  • Bronzer mica – 1 mini scoop
  • Peach shimmer – 1 mini scoop
  • Cappuccino mica – 1 mini scoop


It’s quite simple to prepare this shimmery eye shadow. All you need to do is take all the micas in equal proportions and mix well until they are blended seamlessly. This one is used like a loose powder and not pressed at all. So, whenever you want to glam up your look for a party or a night out, apply it over an eye cream and see the magic.

3. Powdered Eye Shadow


  • Arrowroot powder – ¼ tsp
  • Magnesium stearate – 1/8 tsp
  • Eye approved Pearlescent mica powder – ¼ tsp
  • Jojoba essential oil – 2 to 4 drops


This is another eye shadow with really simple recipe. Mix together all the dry ingredients and pour jojoba oil over it and your powdered eye shadow is ready to use.

Note – Jojoba oil is being used in the recipe because it has a longer shelf life. Moreover, it is hydrating and moisturizing in nature; otherwise, your eye area will look too cakey.

Why Choose Natural Makeup?

Natural makeup is so great. But why exactly? What about it makes it the best choice? We will discuss the reasons why natural makeup should be your first choice over store-bought, below.

Natural Makeup Heals Skin

Unlike other makeups that are meant to cover up the skin, natural makeup covers and heals at the same time. It helps the skin get healthy and stay healthy while it is on your face. This means it will not cause breakouts, pain, or unhealthy skin. It will work along with your skincare regimen to heal your skin.

Natural Makeup is Cost Effective

There is no doubt that makeup costs money. No matter which brand you purchase, you will need to set aside a budget for it if you frequently wear makeup. But it is also true that natural makeup is so much more affordable and easily accessible than other brands. Since natural makeup has been long seen as the best alternative for the past few years, it is coming out in droves. You can go to any store and choose the natural option, and you will undoubtedly spend less on your foundation, concealers, powders, eyeliners, mascaras, lipsticks, and more any other makeup you wear.

Natural Makeup is Toxin Free

Toxins, animal testing, animal parts, unnatural ingredients, harmful chemicals, you name it and makeup will contain it. This is scary to think about, especially if you have been putting it on your face for years now. Many of us use whatever works. But there is a better way. We can help the earth, help the creatures who are subjected to testing, and help ourselves by simply using the brands that are created the right way. Read the ingredients, pay attention to what is in your products. It’s the best way.