DIY: Homemade Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner

Coconut is one of those few fruits, which is bestowed to us by the nature.  Be it hair or skin treatment at home, coconut is used as a key ingredient in almost all home remedies. Coconut milk is no exception to it as it is the pure derivative of coconut fruit. Coconut milk is extracted by squeezing or processing the raw coconut in boiling water or through other means.

Coconut milk, along with few other ingredients, is used to cure several hair problems, such as dandruff, itchy scalp, dry and frizzy hair, etc. Coconut milk efficaciously helps your scalp regain its lost moisture while keeping frizz and flakiness at bay. Besides, it cures the problem of baldness as coconut is anti-bacterial and antiseptic in nature. Above that it strengthens your hair follicles from the roots so that there is no hair fall. But, for that, you need to have this deep conditioning treatment on a regular basis.


  • 1 can coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons shikakai
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp honey

About the Ingredients

1. Coconut Milk

It balances and tones hair scalp while managing its PH level. Besides, coconut milk also soothes and nourishes the scalp while deep conditioning it.

2. Shikakai

It effectively controls the problem of hair loss. Besides, it is absolutely chemical-free, so it imparts strength to your hair while nourishing it deeply.

3. Olive Oil

It is full of emollients, and one of them is vitamin E. So, it cleanses and moisturizes your scalp and hair thoroughly while slowing down the rate of fall and premature graying of your hair.

4. Honey

This ingredient protects hair and scalp from environmental damage while imparting a plethora of moisture to dry and frizzy hair. Besides this, it balances the sensitivity of scalp.

How to Prepare?

Step#1 : Put the content of can (coconut milk) into a pan and set the heat to medium. Add honey and olive oil into the pan.

Homemade Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner

Step#2 : Let it cook on medium heat for about 30 minutes so that water content of the milk is completely evaporated. Post 30 minutes, your mix will look similar to that of condensed milk.

Homemade Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner

Step#3 : Next step is to add shikakai, but make sure that it is mixed into the coconut milk mixture thoroughly, without any lumps.

Homemade Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner

Step#4 : Transfer the contents into a clean bottle. Store this conditioner in a cool and dry place. Apply this deep conditioning treatment onto your scalp so that it nourishes your scalp from within, reaching the root of the problem.


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