DIY Homemade Chocolate Facial Mask Benefits

Women are so fond of having a clear, bright, and smooth complexion that they can do anything and everything to achieve this. From clean ups to facials to massages, there isn’t anything that a woman doesn’t do to make her skin look flawless. Basically, a mask is always used as the final step to facial cleanup so as to give a gorgeous touch to your face that has undergone cleansing, scrubbing, and massage.

It is recommended to apply facial mask minimum once in a week so as to allow your skin to receive that extra dose of moisture and hydration that it needs. Besides that, there is a variety of facial masks that aim to treat specific problems apart from imparting moisture and soothing your face, such as acne mask to get rid of acne and blemishes, whitening and brightening mask, or simply a soothing mask to improve circulation and cool down your face.

The Benefits of a Chocolate Facial Mask

diy homemade chocolate facial mask

Before we share our DIY homemade chocolate facial mask, let’s take a look at the advantages this ingredient has on your skin. 

Adds Moisture

A chocolate facial mask is used to impart much-needed moisture and hydration to the dry and flaky skin, in winters. 

Creates a Healthy Glow

Who’d have thought that chocolate could taste so great and have great benefits for your skin? By incorporating dark chocolate into your skin regime, you reduce your stress hormones. As a result, you feel less tense and your skin thanks you for this with a natural, healthy glow.

Acts as a Detox

Our skin needs a detox every now and then to remove pollutants, impurities, and dead skin cells. Chocolate is a natural detoxifier for your skin which removes any impurities deep within skin cells to reveal fresh, healthy skin.

Acts as a UV Protector

We’re all aware that the sun’s harmful rays can damage our skin. Fortunately, dark chocolate creates a barrier over your skin to form a protective layer against dangerous UV rays. As a result, you’re protected from sunburn and skin cancer.

Makes Skin Softer

The chocolate facial mask consists of cocoa solids that, along with milk, treat the dry skin condition, making it softer and smoother. Besides, chocolate also exfoliates dead cells from the epithelial layer of skin, removing stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, etc.

DIY Homemade Chocolate Facial Mask

diy homemade chocolate facial mask


  • 1 bar dark chocolate
  • 1 cup milk
  • 3 tbsp salt

Instructions for Preparation

Step#1 : Mix salt and milk together in a bowl.

Step#2 : Next, melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Put the bowl of a chocolate in a pot, containing water. Place this pot on the stove. The chocolate will begin to melt with the steam of the water. Continue to stir it until the chocolate gets melted and turns creamy.

Step#3 : Remove the melted chocolate from the boiler and add it to the milk and salt combo. Stir it until all the ingredients get mixed thoroughly.

Step#4 : Let the mix get cooled for some time and then, apply it all over your face. Allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes. As it gets dry, rinse it with lukewarm water and use a mild cleanser, if you want. Pat dry as it is already moisturizing.

Tips For Applying Your Facial Mask

diy homemade chocolate facial mask

Now that you know how to make a DIY homemade chocolate facial mask, you’re probably excited to begin this new skincare regime. But, how often you should apply the facial mask? We suggest one-two times per week, along with your daily skincare routine. 

The main benefit of this dark-chocolate facial mask is to eliminate impurities and toxins from your skin, and this is the perfect frequency to achieve that.

After you’ve removed the facial mask, always use a light moisturizer to replenish any fluids and moisture your skin might have lost. Ensure that the water isn’t too hot when you remove the product either as this can strip the natural oils from your skin.

Finally, don’t apply a thick layer of the chocolate facial mask onto your skin. Instead, stick to a thin layer that’s evenly distributed onto freshly clean, dry skin. This will improve the results by allowing the facial mask to sink deep into your skin’s pores.