DIY: Homemade Body Lotion

Changes in weather bring about drastic and unpleasant alterations in our skin texture and tone, which is really bothersome and difficult to manage. As winters approach, skin becomes excessively dry and flaky. In such a condition, your body demands some moisturizing agent that not just hydrates it, but also smoothes the patches on it. 

In this article, we sharing our favorite DIY homemade body lotion to help replenish any lost moisture and leave your skin feeling and looking at its best.

The Benefits of Using Body Lotion

diy homemade body lotion

We can’t wait to present a DIY homemade body lotion to you, but first, let’s look at the benefits of regularly using a body lotion. This beauty must-have nourishes your skin and does wonders for your confidence. 

Adds Moisture

When we’re exposed to cold weather or intense heat from central heating or hot baths or showers, our skin can become dry. Such conditions strip the natural oils out of our skin, leaving it dry and flaky. Thankfully, a body lotion that’s rich in minerals and moisture can combat an unnatural moisture balance.

Leaves Your Skin Smelling Divine

Spending time looking after and caring for your skin, gives you the essential time you need to become connected with yourself. Choose a body lotion that’s packed with your favorite spices and plants to leave your skin smelling luxurious and divine.

If you purchase a body lotion from a store, make sure you choose one without artificial perfumes, and for sensitive skin, we recommend a scent-free lotion. Alternatively, you can purchase a lotion that contains the same fragrances as your favorite perfume.

Keeps Your Skin Young and Supple

We all want to resist the signs of aging. Fortunately, the right body lotion for you can reduce the signs of aging by keeping your skin looking and feeling supple. Regularly apply the lotion in circular motions so it can sink into your skin. 

Many anti-aging lotions are bursting with vitamins and minerals that improve your skin’s elasticity. For optimum effects, we recommend using a body lotion before going to bed as your skin loses around 25 percent water content due to humidity. Plus, you can add natural herbs, such as lavender, to help you drift off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

DIY Homemade Body Lotion

diy homemade body lotion


  • Oil (grape seed oil, olive oil, sesame oil, sweet almond oil or any of your favorite oil) – 8 tablespoons
  • Lanolin – 4 tablespoons
  • Aloe vera gel –  4 tablespoons
  • Essential oil (rose, vanilla, lavender or such essential oil is preferred) – a few drops

Why these ingredients are being used?

1. Oil

All the above mentioned oils are extremely moisturizing in nature for they effectively cleanse your skin while imparting optimum moisture. They make your skin smooth, soft, and supple.

2. Lanolin

It is highly nourishing in nature and deeply moisturizes the dry and flaky skin. It also helps in skin rejuvenation.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Since aloe vera gel contains significant quantities of glycoprotein and polysaccharides, it is used in place of water. It also helps soothe the skin, besides rejuvenating it, and restoring its moisture levels.

4. Essential Oil

Essential oil is added for aroma. Moreover, essential oils are antibacterial in nature, so they effectively kill the harmful bacteria in the body.


Step 1 – Blend lanolin and oil in a blender, followed by aloe vera gel. Blend until you get the desired texture.

Step 2- Add an essential oil of your choice.

Transfer the contents into a bottle or jar. Your DIY homemade body lotion is ready to use!