We Bet You Don’t Know All These Amazing Coconut Water Benefits

coconut water benefits

Are you curious about coconut water?  If you’ve heard of it but never tried it, you might be surprised to learn the benefits of drinking coconut water.  You can compare coconut water vs. water to see all the different coconut water health benefits.  We’ll explain everything you need to know to below.

What is Coconut Water?

The clear liquid found inside coconuts is known as coconut water.  Fresh coconuts are green when they get harvested from the tree.  To gain access to the water, you need to drill a hole through the outer later.  In tropical areas, you may get coconut water served directly from the coconut with a straw.  It’s a popular consumption method in vacation resorts.

You can also find coconut water that has been processed for retail consumption.  These versions are found in a can or bottle.  Sometimes, there is coconut pulp or jelly included in the bottling liquid.

Is coconut water good for you? About 95% of coconut water is water, while the remaining 5% consists of carbohydrates, protein, and fat.  100ml of coconut water contains about 19 calories.

Young vs. Mature Coconuts

Young coconuts have more pressure than mature coconuts.  When you penetrate the inner husk, liquid and air may spray from the pressure build up.  Mature coconuts have an acidic flavor while young coconuts have a sweet taste.

Old coconuts that have fallen to the ground are no longer fresh.  Coconuts on the ground have a greater chance of being rotten and damaged from insects or animals.  You should only consume the water from coconuts that were harvested fresh from a tree.  

Things to Avoid

Is coconut water healthy?  Not all coconut water is created equal.  If you want your coconut water benefits to be as healthy as possible, there are certain things you should avoid.  We’ll show you what to look out for and why they are important to stay away from.

Coconut Water from Concentrate

Companies heat up coconut water and then reduce it to syrup.  From that syrup, they add regular water and package it as coconut water.  Manufacturers do this because it’s cheaper for them to produce higher quantities for distribution.  However, this process removes all the nutrients and coconut water benefits.  Make sure that the coconut water you’re buying was not made from concentrate.   

Heat Pasteurization

Coconut water is perishable, meaning it has an expiration and it can go bad.  To keep it fresh, it needs to stay cold at all times.  Certain manufacturers pasteurize their coconut water with high heat, which extends the shelf life.

While the heat may kill bacteria, it also removes vitamins, enzymes, and minerals from the water.  Furthermore, the heat pasteurization process also reduces the flavor.  Stay away from any coconut water that has gone through heat pasteurization.

Added Flavors or Preservatives

If your coconut water has added flavors or preservatives, it was probably mature and had an acidic taste.  Companies may add flavors to sweeten the mature coconut water and give it a more pleasant and sweet flavor.  As we mentioned earlier, coconut water has a shelf life.  Companies add preservatives to extend this shelf life, but they eliminate some of the benefits of coconut water.

The Benefits of Coconut Water

What are the benefits of coconut water?  There are probably more than you’ve even realized.  If you’ve ever asked yourself, “what does coconut water do?” and wondered what all the fuss is about, you’ll find out below.

Great Source of Nutrients

One of the top coconut water benefits is the source of nutrients.  It contains carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamin C, calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and manganese.  It also contains some fat, but very little.  Young coconuts are the best source of these nutrients, especially fiber and vitamin C.  Drink coconut water to add more of these healthy nutrients to your diet.

It’s an Antioxidant

The antioxidants in coconut water help protect your cells from free radicals that can cause damage to your body.   Free radicals get produced in your cells from your metabolism.  If too many of these free radicals are present, your body has an increased risk of getting diseases.  The antioxidant properties of coconut water fight off these molecules and keep you healthy.

Protects Against Diabetes

Coconut water can lower the levels of blood sugar in your body.  Elevated blood sugar levels can lead to diabetes, so drinking coconut water can help prevent that.  Also, people that already have type-2 diabetes or prediabetes can drink coconut water to decrease their high blood sugar.  The nutritional value of coconut water is safe for people with diabetes, so they don’t have to worry about their levels spiking.

Helps to Prevent Kidney Stones

Drinking water alone helps prevent kidney stones.  However, coconut water helps even more.  Kidney stones are a crystal form of calcium and other compounds combining in your urine.  These painful stones can vary in size, and certain people are more likely to get them than others.  Coconut water helps prevent these stones from sticking to the kidneys and urinary tract.  Overall, it reduces the likelihood of crystals forming.

Supports Heart Health

Coconut water can lower your risk of getting heart disease.  Consuming coconut water helps lower triglycerides and blood cholesterol.  You’ll also notice that your liver fat decreases as well.  Most of these studies about heart health were performed on animals, but the same concept can apply to humans.  Lowering your cholesterol can significantly decrease your chances of developing heart disease.

Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

What is coconut water good for?  It can lower your blood pressure and prevent blood clots.  Blood clots forming in your arteries can end up being a potentially fatal event.  You should take as many precautions as possible if you are susceptible to blood clots, especially if you have high blood pressure.  If you fall under this category, drinking coconut water can help.

Great Source of Hydration

Does coconut water have electrolytes?  Yes.  That means that it’s a great source of hydration.  Magnesium, potassium, and sodium all help you re-hydrate after physical exertion.  Coconut water also limits nausea and stomach discomfort associated with dehydration.  However, compared to other beverages that contain electrolytes, coconut water may cause the most bloating in your stomach.  Since it’s low in calories and carbs, it’s a great option to drink after a workout.  

Promotes Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, you can drink coconut water to help.  Coconut water benefits your weight loss journey by keeping you hydrated.  It doesn’t directly eliminate fat from your body, but it helps boost your metabolism.  If you are dehydrated and your metabolism is running slow, you’re more likely to have problems losing weight and excess fat.

Slows the Effects of Aging

If you have a problem with dry skin, the cytokinins found in coconut water can reduce wrinkles and premature aging.  Drinking coconut water will help your skin look and feel young.  The antioxidants, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids help slow the effects of aging.  You’re also less likely to get diseases related to old age.

Lowers Cholesterol

Both young and mature coconuts produce water that benefits your cholesterol levels.  Compared to other sports drinks with electrolytes, coconut water is a much healthier option when it comes to lowering your cholesterol.  If you consume a high-cholesterol diet, you may want to consider drinking coconut water to balance it out.

Relieves Hangovers

If you’ve ever had too much to drink, you know what it feels like to wake up feeling terrible the next morning.  To cure your hangover, drink coconut water as soon as you wake up.  The electrolytes and hydrating benefits of coconut water will make you feel better and make your headache go away.  You can also use coconut water to prevent hangovers.  After a night of drinking, have some coconut water before you go to sleep as a preventative measure.

Balances Your pH

Unbalanced pH levels can cause osteoporosis and other health issues.  Most of the foods in your diet probably contain too much sugar and sodium.  Coconut water has alkaline properties that help balance the pH level of your diet.  It can also help manage the stomach acid that causes heartburn.  Adding coconut water to your diet can manage your pH levels and prevent heartburn.

Promotes Urinary Health

Coconut water acts as a natural diuretic.  It eliminates toxins from your body when you urinate and helps you urinate regularly.  Drinking plenty of coconut water will help you if you have problems such as a urinary tract infection.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Do you want fresh skin?  Drinking coconut water helps promote healthy skin by moisturizing and hydrating your body.  You can mix coconut water with turmeric powder to create a paste.  Add three teaspoons of sandalwood to this concoction to create a homemade remedy for skin infections.  The antiviral and antifungal properties of coconut water are both great for treating your skin.