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How to Get Rid of Blackheads on Nose Naturally at Home

Pesky blackheads got you down? You’re not alone. About 90% of people experience some form of acne problem in their life, including blackheads on their nose. Unfortunately, too many people choose not to treat their blackheads or turn to harsh chemicals that can harm the skin in the long run.

Once you know how to remove blackheads from your nose naturally at home, you can be free from these obnoxious blemishes once and for all. There are many options for getting rid of nose blackheads.

What Causes Blackheads?

To truly stop your blackhead problem, it may be helpful to understand what blackheads are and what causes blackheads to appear. Unlike many people believe, blackheads are not the result of dirt in the pore.

So how do these blackheads form? Blackheads on the nose and face occur when the body’s oils plug up a pore. When the oil in the pore meets the air, it can turn black and become a blackhead. One of the best ways to avoid getting blackheads on your face and on your body is by daily cleansing and exfoliating sessions. when you cleanse and exfoliate your skin, you give it the opportunity to rid itself of those often pesky oils that can clog up your pores. But how exactly do your pores get clogged up? Well, the culprit is often your day to day activities. Below we have listed some of the top ways that are notorious for giving way to blackheads.


Many people who suffer from frequent acne notice outbreaks after significant sweating. If this sounds like you, it could be the result of sweat trapping oils and dirt in the pores. After exercise or other activities that make you sweat, be sure to gently wash the affected areas and prevent a blackhead breakout. One of the best ways to make sure that blackheads stay at bay is by jumping into the shower immediately after a workout session. If you are sweating for extended periods of time outside, then make it a point to come inside and wipe off and clean your face with water until you can get into the shower.


A study in the British Journal of Dermatology found that there is a strong connection between the number of cigarettes a person smokes each day and the severity of that person’s acne. If you are a smoker, your habit could be causing body, face, and nose acne. The relationship between smoking and your skin’s appearance should not come as a surprise. When you smoke, harmful chemicals can be going into your body and of course, will need to eventually find a way out. The most practical ways your body gets rid of toxins is through the sweat that escaped from your pores. This in addition to the smoke that you exhale can result in an oily and dirty face that will eventually give way to blackheads.


People often associate acne with teenagers and puberty for a good reason. As the body’s hormones change rapidly during puberty, one side effect might be acne and blackheads on nose. However, hormones don’t just affect teenagers.

Women may see an increase in acne around their menstrual periods due to a change in hormones. Also, a hormonal imbalance could cause skin problems.

If you’ve ever noticed that some people are more prone to acne than others, it’s partly due to the fact that there is a genetic factor involved. Depending on your family’s history, you may be more prone to suffering from acne than some of your peers. If you do get acne, there are a couple of cleaners that are targeted specifically for acne treatment. Investing in one of these and using them on a daily basis is a great way to keep your face clear of blackheads as well. 


Certain medications can cause acne to appear or worsen. Corticosteroids, lithium, and barbiturates are the typical suspects in this case. However, a wide variety of medications can cause hormonal disruptions that create acne.


Foundation can cause a vicious cycle. You put on makeup to cover your blackhead and blemishes, but the makeup causes more acne, so you put on more makeup. Sound familiar? Try going without makeup for some time or changing foundations to something more skin-friendly.

How to Eliminate Blackheads at Home

Removing nose blackheads is a breeze with some materials you already have at home. No need to make a doctor’s appointment or grab some over-the-counter chemicals. Your pantry might hold the key to getting rid of blackheads on the nose the natural way.


Honey is more than just a natural and delicious sweetener. This golden goop can remove blackheads from the nose naturally. Choose local honey if you can and get ready to shrink your acne.

First, warm the honey slightly for easy application. Apply honey to the problem area and let it sit for up to 30 minutes. Then, wash the honey off with warm water. Finally, rinse your face with cool water. This final step should close your pores.

Be sure not to do this honey application too often. Just two to three times a week should produce results.


When you mix cornmeal and apple cider vinegar, you get a perfect exfoliating solution for face and nose blackhead removal. While the skin-healthy apple cider vinegar (ACV) revitalizes, the cornmeal scrubs away dirt and oil. Make sure to get high-quality apple cider vinegar for this recipe.

Dilute the apple cider vinegar with one-half ACV and one-half water. Then add a few tablespoons of cornmeal until you reach the consistency of an exfoliating scrub. Once you have the texture you want, it’s time to apply.

Use your fingers to apply to scrub in a circular motion. After you have fully cleaned all your problem areas, rinse your face with warm water.


This decadent spice can be used to make remedies for blackhead. In fact, you can combine it with honey for a wonderful paste that removes blackheads around nose overnight. Wake up to a fresh face with this at-home remedy.

First, you should mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder into three tablespoons of local honey. Stir until you have a thick paste. Use your fingers to apply the paste to your nose and other affected areas and allow it to stay overnight. In the morning, simply rinse the paste off with warm water.

Baking Soda

If you or someone you know keeps baking soda in the refrigerator, you probably already know that baking soda is antiseptic. Put that characteristic to use for your face with a simple baking soda mask. It’s an easy and effective way to remove blackheads from your nose.

Add water to two tablespoons of water until you create a thick paste. If you add too much water, just add a little more baking soda. Apply the paste to your nose or other affected areas. Leave it for up to 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Feel free to wash, tone, and moisturize your face as normal.

Lemon Juice

You can pair honey and lemon for a perfect scrub. No need to pop blackhead nose, this will take care of your pesky problems.

First, warm up a few tablespoons of honey for a calming experience. Take half of a lemon and dip it in the honey, then scrub your face with the dipped lemon. Let the honey dry and then rinse with warm water. Repeat this sensational scrub every two days as necessary.


This healing root has historically been used to fight skin disorders. Blackheads on your nose stand no chance against this mask.

Stir together four tablespoons of turmeric, one tablespoon of milk, and four tablespoons of raw honey until you make a perfect paste. Unlike others on this list, you can refrigerate this mask for best results. Apply as a mask, keep on for 15 minutes, and rinse.


Say “goodbye” to blackheads on your nose with fenugreek – a seed beloved by many cultures throughout history. This is a great solution for people with sensitive skin who want to know how to get blackheads out of your nose pores.

The process for making this mask starts the night before. Soak fenugreek seeds in one cup of water while you sleep. When you wake up, put the seeds and water in the blender with one tablespoon of plain yogurt. Blend until it makes a smooth paste.

Apply the paste to problem areas, but be sure to avoid your eyes. Let the solution work its magic for 30 minutes. Then, rinse with cool water. This mask is powerful, so only use it twice per week.

Green Tea

Stop searching for “how to pop blackheads on your nose” and use a green tea mask instead. Not only is green tea great for a morning pick-me-up, but it also makes a perfect addition to your morning skin routine.

Start by brewing a cup of green tea with two bags and let the tea cool until it’s safe to touch. Take the bags out and then add just one tablespoon of sugar and half of a tablespoon of lemon juice. Use your fingers to apply the solution. Rinse with warm water and feel great.


In much the same ways as an oatmeal bath can help irritated skin, an oatmeal mask can exfoliate and get rid of blackheads on your nose. Simply mix four tablespoons of rolled oats, one tablespoon of honey, and one raw egg.

Scrub the mixture on your face and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Rinse the paste off with warm water to reveal a brighter, blackhead-free face.

Epsom Salt

If you’ve ever soaked your feet in Epsom salt water, you know how great it is at exfoliating. Add about a teaspoon of Epsom salt to whatever face cleanser you typically use. The granular salt will gently take the blackheads away.

Apply the mixture in a circular motion to get a good scrub. Rinse as normal. You can use this trick as often as needed to get soft skin.


Steam is known to open your pores, which can allow oil and dirt to escape. For years, this has been a tried and true way to rid yourself of blackheads on your nose.

Fill a clean bowl with steaming hot water and place a towel over the bowl. Put your face near the steam coming out of the bowl for five to ten minutes at most. Once your pores are open, rinse your face with cold water. This will rinse away the junk and close your pores.


This refreshing orange mask will keep you feeling fresh. Mix two teaspoons of orange peel powder, one teaspoon of oatmeal, and one teaspoon of baking soda. Slowly add water until you make a thick paste.

Apply the mask in a circular motion to fully exfoliate. You can let this one sit for up to 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

Egg White

Don’t worry about learning how to pop a blackhead. Use egg whites instead. No need to add extra ingredients to this one. All you must do is apply the egg white to your problem areas, let it sit for at least five minutes, then rinse with warm water.


People with especially oily skin are always searching for how to get rid of nose blackheads. The answer might lie in tomatoes. These fruits are rich in citric acid and vitamins that get rid of blackheads on your nose and elsewhere.

The simplest way to use tomatoes to cure acne is to simply blend a tomato until it is smooth. Then, apply is to your problem areas and allow to sit for twenty minutes. Use a gentle face cleanser to remove the puree with warm water. You can use this method daily.

Toothpaste & Salt

For this at-home blackhead remedy, it’s best to choose a gel-based toothpaste because they tend to contain a bit less alcohol. Just apply the toothpaste to the irritated area, allow it to sit for up to fifteen minutes, and rinse.

The alcohol and fluoride will dry up the pores and take dirt and oil with it.

Strawberry Face Scrub

Get rid of blackheads on your nose with a DIY strawberry mask. Mash three strawberries with just a teaspoon of lemon juice for an easy mixture. Apply it to your face, avoid your eyes, and allow the mixture to sit for 15 minutes.

Wash the strawberry mask off with warm water. Then, do a final rinse with cool water to close your pores.

You can be rid of blackheads on your nose once and for all with these natural home remedies. Not only will you save money on prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs, but you will also treat the problem more naturally.

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