My story and inspiration in life

I’m the eldest of a big holistic family, and my siblings are third-generation chiropractors. We live and breathe the chiropractic philosophy, which states; what made the body heals the body. 


Though I was the first after two generations to diversify my career into digital marketing, I still studied the body, nutrition, vaccination and many other themes regarding optimal health. It is an essential part of my life and now in my family’s life. 


We always opt for natural remedies before going to the hospital and, through the past decade, have only once needed traditional care. 

It is an empowering way of living, and we want to share our family’s remedies for you to make informed decisions about what is going on with your body. 

Home remedy shop

Home Remedies are currently a single-handed operation with the help of like-minded people interested in improving healthy living through natural and herbal cures. What previously started as a project to list some natural remedies for everyday health and beauty problems is now becoming a go-to place for people to live a healthy and holistic life.

We are expanding the topics from natural and herbal cures to covering fitness, weight loss, superfoods, and homemade activities (like small DIY projects for cosmetics and so on). We research all the themes meticulously and bring you the best and most effective home remedies to date.

We have a firm policy of being medically sound and as accurate as possible because many natural remedy sources of information can be misleading, even if well-intended. We intend to bring you the best of both worlds and not advocate something your doctor would completely disagree with within reasonable limits.

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