Among the many options for cellulite treatment out there, anti cellulite massage is becoming an ever more popular alternative. People are starting to get sick of spending thousands of dollars on radiofrequency treatments, laser therapy or mesotherapy in fancy NYC clinics, and they are looking for natural alternatives for cellulite reduction. Even though cellulite massage cannot help you get rid of cellulite for good (as long as you are maintaining an unhealthy diet and avoiding exercise), it can certainly help you reduce the problem from one of its main causes: poor circulation. It is one of the best home remedies that you can carry out yourself or with the help of a friend or family member (for those who want to get out of the house, you can check out your local massage salon or spa for anti cellulite massages with the help of a machine, tools or other professional equipment). The techniques involved with cellulite massage are not as difficult as they may seem to be at first and you can learn them faster than you thought. How do they work? Find out below and check out our X tips for cellulite massage!

cellulite massage, performed by a woman on herself
Cellulite massage, self-performed

1. Brush

Before we get into details about cellulite massage, you might want to consider another form of treatment that does not involve directly massaging your skin. Dry brushing is a great alternative that actually enjoys fantastic reviews all across the World Wide Web. Aside from reducing cellulite, another benefit of dry brushing is supporting the lymphatic system as a drainage technique. It works by brushing away dead cells from the surface of your skin and allowing your epidermis to do its job. There are a wide variety of dry brushes that you can purpose to promote the production of collagen, just make sure that the one you buy is made from natural bristles and not synthetic ones. It is recommended that you brush your skin in the direction of your heart starting from your feet, using long strokes. Be careful that you do not get your brush wet and try to repeat the process as frequently as possible.

2. Moisturize

If you want to continue by applying cellulite massage techniques, you need to be careful to moisturize your skin. We recommend massage or essential oils for hydrating your skin while you work, but you can also use a variety of creams and lotions that do not skin into your skin quite quickly. If you do not want to purchase products from a store, you can consider making your own moisturizer at home with natural ingredients. The main idea is that you must constantly moisturize your skin while massaging so you do not harm yourself. If your skin is not properly oiled, your massage session can result in painful sores, especially in sensitive areas like the back of your thighs. Moisturizer is also recommended if you use exfoliation to reduce cellulite; whenever you use an abrasive, you must always have a moisturizing element so your skin will not remain dry and eventually damage. Try to use a natural and chemical-free moisturizer as often as possible for soft, smooth, silky and glowing skin.

3. Knead

When it comes down to do it yourself cellulite massage techniques, kneading is as basic as it gets. It is one of the essential movements that works deep into your tissue and focuses on solving the problem. To understand the process of kneading better, just think that it is exactly like working with dough: you have to be firm, yet not too firm in order to achieve a positive balance. Begin by using your thumb and other fingers to gently pinch and knead your skin. If you want to focus upon a smaller region of skin, you can use your fingers to knead; if you want a larger portion, use your entire hands. You can easily apply this technique on all areas of your body with cellulite, your thighs, legs, butt, belly or arms. Be careful to not knead too hard so you do not end up with bruises or severe soreness at the end.

cellulite massage performed by a massage therapist

4. Knuckle Technique

Now this cellulite massage technique may be a little more hardcore than others, but it certainly is effective for busting cellulite. Use your knuckles to literally crush the deposits of fat under your skin, by pummeling your fists. It may seem a bit brutal at first, but if you take care to not exaggerate you will be doing a fantastic job. If you succeed in breaking down those deposits of fat even a little bit, it will be a lot easier for your body to eliminate them. This does not mean that you have to treat your skin like a punching bag, it just means that you have to apply the right amount of pressure with the help of your knuckles in order to reduce those yucky bulges one step at a time. Knuckling is the new cupping, so to speak.

5. Wring

Remember in the good ‘ol days when dryers did not exist and people had to wring their clothes before allowing them to dry naturally on a string outdoors? Well bring those memories back and apply them to battle your cellulite through massage. Another cellulite massage technique is wringing, that works pretty much like the old school clothing technique. Use both of your hands to firmly grasp large areas of your skin and wring your skin as if you were working with a piece of clothing. Make sure you do not give yourself one of those Indian rug burns we used to tease each other with when we were little. Try to avoid using this technique for smaller portions of skin and opt for bigger regions with more flesh, like your butt, hips or thighs.

6. “S” Technique

The “S” technique is actually a fundamental one for massage therapy in general. It is usually applied to massaging the back by making “s” and “z” movements up or down the spine, by working on each vertebra. When cellulite massage is concerned, the same movement is applied on problem areas using both thumbs. Bring your left thumb and your right thumb together while pushing down on your skin, until you reach a shape that resembles an “s”. Keep applying this technique on small areas and work your way across your skin. Do not be afraid to apply pressure and make sure you cover as much space as you can for the best results. Twist away and take occasional breaks if you feel that your skin is becoming sore.

7. Direction

Aside from techniques, another fundamental aspect of cellulite massage is the way you apply all of them. The most significant part is the direction that you work on your skin. You must always use long strokes in the direction of the heart, in order to promote healthy blood flow. In addition to this, when working on a particular area, you should always move your hands or fingers using circular movements for the same reason. We recommend that if you choose to apply cellulite massage as a form of treatment, you should be committed to repeating the process for at least 5 minutes on each area every day until you achieve the results you like. At the end of your massage session, make sure you finish with long, relaxing strokes to get your skin back to its initial state.

8. Cellulite Massagers

If you find that your hands are starting to hurt and that you want to continue your daily sessions for a longer period of time, you might want to consider purchasing a cellulite massager (like a vacuum or a cup to suction your skin, for example). The internet and stores are filled with products that you probably want to check out if this is the case. Some of the most popular products on Amazon in this category are the Scala Cellulite Massager Brush Mitt, the Sculptor Body Massager, the Verseo Roller Cell Home Massager or the Torglines Jar of Vacuum Cellulite Massage.

9. Side Effects

Now that we have covered everything you need to know about cellulite massage, it is only fair to include the “fine print” of the situation. You must be very careful when applying cellulite massage techniques because you might end up with some uncomfortable side effects. Beforehand, you should be well aware that cellulite massage is not exactly the most relaxing form of therapy in the world and that it involves some mild pain due to the pressure applied on your skin. It is natural for you to experience this because it is directly connected to the objective of treatment: breaking up fat deposits. As far as side effects are concerned, you are probably going to end up with some bruises if your skin is sensitive and you might also experience some soreness and redness. Please take note that cellulite massage alone will never help you fully get rid of cellulite, you must always combine these techniques with drinking water in abundance, eating fruits and vegetables, staying away from unhealthy food and plenty of exercise every day.

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