10 Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Whether you don’t like the taste of the milk, or you are a vegan, or you are lactose intolerant, here is an astounding and delectable alternative for you- “almond milk”. This absolutely perfect substitute to cow’s milk is made from pounded almonds. However, in the market, almond milk is available in a number of flavours, like chocolate, vanilla, etc., but plain almond milk in itself is very appetizing. There are many health benefits of almond milk, and we’re discovering why this nutritious drink is a top choice of people these days. 

10 Health Benefits of Almond Milk

health benefits of almond milk
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1. Maintains the Blood Sugar

As compared to other milk alternatives, almond milk contains less quantity of carbohydrates, low amount of sugar, and low glycemic index, which make it effective in reducing the blood sugar level.

2. Manages the Body Weight

Those, who want to lose weight, usually keep themselves away from milk. But, they can consume almond milk as it is low in fat and sugar. Consume almond milk without sugar or any added flavours to get other benefits simultaneously.

3. Maintains Eye Health

Vitamin A is essential for enhancing the ability of the eyes to adjust themselves in different beams of light. The judicious amount of Vitamin A found in almond milk helps our eyes to function appropriately.

4. Bone Health

Similar to cow’s milk, almond milk is also abundant in calcium and Vitamin D. These nutritious elements aid in building up of strong and sturdy bones in men, women and children. Moreover, the magnesium compounds help calcium to incorporate in the body properly. Apart from maintaining the bone health, vitamin D is also considered great for improvising the cell functioning and enhancing the immunity.

5. Good for Heart

Almond milk is zilch in cholesterol and contains very low sodium, and it is a prevalent fact that low sodium and cholesterol are really effective in maintaining the heart health and lowering down the blood pressure.

6. Helps in Digestion

Approximately one gram of fibre in a glass of almond milk induces healthy digestion and bowel movement.

7. Good for Lactose Intolerant

As it contains nothing that includes lactose, hence, almond milk is a perfect substitute to cow’s milk.

8. Improves Muscle Power

Almond milk encloses B-vitamins in the form of riboflavin, which are helpful for the growth and repair of the muscles.

9. Bursting With Vitamin E

Almonds naturally contain high traces of vitamin E which can be found in the milk form. Many brands also top-up almond milk with additional vitamins, whereas cow’s milk doesn’t contain any traces of this vitamin.

This vitamin is effective at beating stress and inflammation with the body. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that protects your body against illness and disease.

This type of milk contains 50 percent of your daily amount of vitamin E, which is essential for protecting your skin – particularly against the effects of sun damage.

10. Contains Little Phosphorus and Potassium

Consuming too much phosphorus can have detrimental effects on your kidneys. However, our organs can’t properly flush out these nutrients which creates a built-up in the the bloodstream. This leaves you at a higher chance of heart disease and bone disease.

Almond milk doesn’t contain high levels of potassium like cow’s milk does, which puts you at less risk of having a heart attack. You should consider your own state of health, and if you suffer from kidney infections, consider switching to almond milk.