8 Exercises to Flatten Your Tummy

Fat tummy can be really annoying for some people. Especially, when it comes to a woman, she does everything to flatten her tummy, from dieting to cardio. Do these 8 exercises to flatten your tummy and feel more confident about your body image.

8 Exercises to Flatten Your Tummy

8 exercises to flatten your tummy
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1. Bicycle Crunch

Lie down on the floor. Remember your back should be facing towards the floor. Put both of your hands behind your head. Begin with your legs twisted at a 45-degree angle. Bring the right knee towards the chest and straighten your left leg.

Simultaneously, rotate top half of your body in such a manner that your left elbow moves in the direction of your right knee. Then, do the similar with the other side. Repeat this exercise thrice a day for 1 minute.

2. Plank

Lie down in such a manner that your face should be towards the floor.  Now, take the help of your hands and give a little lift to the upper part of the body. Slowly, lift the thighs and legs too.

Now, in this situation, your palms and toes must touch the ground. The remaining parts of your body should be erect and in the air as if you are performing push-ups. Hold this position for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

3. Boat Pose

Sit on the floor and bend your knees. Keeping your feet flat, slowly bend and lean backwards, a little. Keep your legs straight, and start to lift them upwards slowly.

Your legs should make a perfect 45 degree angle while your both hands should be straight, and the palms of your hands should face each other. Hold this pose for 5 minutes, and take deep breathes. Repeat this exercise, 3 times.

4. Swaying Warrior 2

Stand straight and turn the right foot, making an angle of 90 degrees. Bend your left leg so that it can form an angle of 45 degree. Now, keep your left hand upwards, your fingers should be pointed towards the sky.

Bend your upper body towards right, and put the right elbow on the right knee. Take 4-5 deep breaths and repeat this exercise, two more times.

5. Scale Pose

Sit straight on the floor and keep your legs in a crossing position. Your hands should face the ground, and keep it in a way that your hands should come next to your hips.

Tighten your body and slowly lift the entire body upwards. Hold this pose for 3 breaths and then, slowly put your body on the ground. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

6. Dead Lift

Dead lift can be very difficult for the first timers, but is surely effective. To start with dead lift, choose a light weighted barbell. Now, bend the knees. Keep your back straight, put your hands on the barbell, and lift slowly. Look straight ahead. During the lift, keep your abs tight.

Now, stand straight and keep your hands downwards. Don’t pull the barbell high; it should be in the level of your hips. Hold this posture for a few seconds. Then, again bend your knees with your back straight. Now, put the barbell on the floor and slowly stand straight. When you master this exercise, add more weight for better results.

7. Ab Pulse Ups

Lie down on the carpet and relax. Now, put your hands beneath your butts. Now, slowly lift both of your legs and form an angle of 90 degree. Both your feet should be straight and pointing upwards.

Now, give a little push to your butt with your hands. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Then, slowly put your butt on the floor, allowing your legs to come down, but do not bend your legs. Repeat this exercise 15 times.

8. Reverse Crunches

Lie straight on the floor and then slowly bend the knees. Your palms should face the floor and your legs should be slowly lifted (from knees to toes). Hold this posture for 5 seconds and then, slowly return to the original posture. Do it at least 15-20 times.

Additional Ways To Achieve a Toned Stomach

8 exercises to flatten your tummy
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The above 8 exercises to flatten your tummy are effective when you regularly perform them, but there are some additional ways to tone your core muscles. Here are some of the healthiest and most effective ways.

Eat a High-Protein Diet

If you want to get thinner, you might be tempted to eat less food, but instead, focus on eating more of the right foods for your body. By increasing the amount of protein you consume, you’ll speed up your metabolism and help your body to turn fat into muscle.

Get Some Rest

Improper sleep can massively affect your body goals, by reducing your energy levels and increasing your appetite. When your body is low on energy, it craves sugary and salty food to obtain some energy. Getting some shut-eye is also important so your body can repair itself after an intense workout.

Reduce Stress

Leading a calmer, relaxing lifestyle is important for more than just achieving a flat tummy. But stress can have a huge impact on your waistline. When you’re feeling anxious, you’re more prone to reach for junk food to comfort your emotions. Stress also affects your cortisol levels, which decreases your metabolic rate – meaning you burn fewer calories than you would if you were relaxed.

Although you can’t completely eliminate stress out of your life, find ways to release it when it pops up. Take a stroll around the block, have a coffee with a friend or read a chapter of a book.

Overall Body Workouts

Don’t neglect other forms of exercise, such as strength training and cardio. These types of exercise help you to burn fat. But while performing other moves, think about your core, too. Ensure that you’re sucking in your belly button and tensing your core muscles so you’re sneaking in an extra ab workout, too.

Finally, remember to switch-up your ab workouts so you’re constantly challenging your body and improving your fitness levels. Remember to get adequate rest and take the movements slowly so you feel the burn.