Best 38 Bach Flower Remedies to Try at Home

Nature’s healing power has been witnessed by almost everyone since time began. With the advancements in research, a varied number of plants are now used to provide us with healthy food and curative medi­cines. Bach flower remedies were initially developed by an English homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach.

What Are Bach Flower Remedies?

After completing his research on flowers, he categorized 38 flowers from which he extracted 38 essences. He used them to cure patients’ sickness, taking into account their individual emotional states.

These remedies are not only safe but are also easy to use by any individual, including children. They are non-toxic, natural, and non-habit-forming. Furthermore, treatment with Bach flowers can also be combined with other conventional or homeopathic treatments.

The essences produced by Bach flowers eliminate all the negative thoughts and emotions and simultaneously abolish faulty traits or attitudes, which ultimately leads to peace of mind and contentment. By making use of these essences in our daily life, we can easily deal with anxiety, stress, anger, depression, guilt, fear, worry, and numerous other disturbing feelings.

Best 38 Bach Flower Remedies and Their Benefits

Here is a list of all the 38 Bach flower remedies.

1. Agrimony- Concealing Distress Behind a Smiling Face

This remedy is particularly for those individuals who keep their troubles hidden under a fake mask of contentment and pleasure. Every now and then these Agrimony people start drinking or turn to taking drugs so that they stay ‘happy’. They have a tendency to not be alone. Generally, at night they are left alone with their thoughts, which simultaneously, results in mental torture.

Being a mood remedy, Agrimony helps any person who finds it difficult to face the trouble in day-to-day life and uses various jokes as well as false smiles to get rid of the painful reality.

2. Aspen- Fear of Unknown Things

This remedy can cure any fear whose cause can’t be figured out. The patient always feels that something dreadful is going to take place. S/he remains haunted by these vague mysterious fears all through the day and night. They even hesitate to share their problems with others.

3. Beech- Intolerance and Unable to See the Positive Aspects of the Things

This remedy is useful for people who feel the need to see more humanity and beauty around them. They are deficient in kindness and unable to understand the varied conditions and paths that are faced by other people. Sufferers fail to observe that others are also working towards excellence by employing their own ways and will reach there sooner or later. Thus, this amazing remedy helps promote tolerance as well as understanding, and simultaneously, irritability fades away.

4. Centaury- The Inability to Say ‘No’

This astounding remedy is for all those individuals who find it difficult to say ‘no’ to other human beings as they are gentle, kind, and love to help others. But sometimes, instead of being a keen servant, the person actually ends up becoming a slave to fulfilling the wishes of others. They remain so busy in serving others that they forget their own mission in life.

The remedy boosts self-determination and courage. The individual becomes able to draw a line and build space where one could be his/her own self, liberated of the wishes and instructions of others.

5. Cerato- Lack of Trust in One’s Own Decisions

This startling remedy is for those individuals who are not able to make their own decisions. They go around asking for the advice and opinions of others, and in reality, end up confused or doing something which they actually know is not right.

Cerato aids increase faith in one’s own judgment, so that, s/he pays more attention to his/her inner voice and trusts their sixth sense.

6. Cherry Plum- Fear of Losing Control

This remedy is for those who are afraid to lose their control and end up doing something horrifying, such as harming others or injuring themselves. Cherry Plum is also used for curing fear of loss of control that had taken place previously; because this anxious dread is connected with such a state of affairs.

7. Chestnut Bud- Failure to Learn from Mistakes

This remedy is predominantly for those who fail to learn the lessons that life teaches them, and constantly, repeat identical mistakes again and again. In addition, the mistakes committed by others also fail to impart a lesson.

Chestnut Bud lends a helping hand to such people, so that, they can learn from their past mistakes and the consequences suffered by others.

8. Chicory- Possessive and Over Protective for Friends and Family

This remedy is suitable for those individuals who expect attention and love in return from others and feel hurt if they do not receive all that they had expected. The remedy enables these people to witness the optimistic side – love and care, given unconditionally and without any expectation to receive something back.

9. Clematis- Dreaming of the Future Without Working in the Present

This remedy is particularly for those individuals whose minds actually drift away from the present and they think of the future fantasies, i.e., live in daydreams. Instead of the present, they live in and focus on – the future and put in no effort to realize their dreams.

Clematis introduces them to the reality of life and stimulates them to work for a better life.

10. Crab Apple- Low Self-Esteem and Poor Self-Image

This remedy is also recognized as one of the best cleansing remedies. It is used to aid those individuals who abhor some features related to their personality or appearance.  They feel that they have something poisonous or unclean in their traits.

Crab apple remedy rinses out your compulsive and repetitive behavior such as constantly washing hands, re-checking that domestic devices are unplugged, and many more.

11. Elm– Besieged by Responsibilities

This remedy is particularly for those people who suffer from a momentary loss of confidence, as a result of the burden of responsibilities they have taken on. They feel depressed and think that the tasks are too difficult to be accomplished. Elm drives out such negative feelings and thought processes, so that, they move ahead with sheer confidence and positive energy.

12. Gentian- Discouragement Subsequent to a Setback

This remedy is for those who get downhearted, at times, when things go on the wrong track. Often these feelings vanish as time passes, but the use of this remedy alleviates this problem rapidly, and the person gets the needed motivation to turn things in the right direction.

13. Gorse- Despair and Hopelessness

This remedy is, in particular, for those individuals who have given up all their hopes. They feel that nothing good is going to happen. They don’t like to be encouraged by others. Gorse aids them to achieve their lost faith.

14. Heather- Self-Concern and Self-Centeredness

This remedy is majorly for individuals who are over-obsessed with themselves, however, they don’t like being alone. They always talk about their problems all the time, and that’s why ignored by others. Heather assists them to see their own concerns from other people’s perspectives.

15. Holly- Jealousy, Envy, and Hatred

Basically, Holly is the remedy for people with extremely negative and violent approaches. They possess feelings of abhorrence, doubt, jealousy, and ill will. Thus, the remedy works, in order to encourage gentleness and frankness towards other people.

16. Honeysuckle- Living in the Past

This remedy is for those individuals who live in their past rather than enjoying the present. They feel that their finest days are left behind and there is nothing left to look ahead for. Sometimes, nostalgia and homesickness are also considered as one the honeysuckle states.

Honeysuckle remedy enables one to learn from the past and energizes one to move ahead with enthusiasm towards the impending days.

17. Hornbeam- Exhaustion at the Thought of Doing Something

This remedy is generally used against feelings of tiredness and exhaustion that come before any effort is made. In this state, an individual feels fatigued when he looks forward at the daily workload. This fatigue is completely ‘in the mind’ and cannot be traced to the real world’s proceedings.

18. Impatiens- Impatience

As the name suggests, this remedy is for curing impatience, frustration, and irritability. To circumvent irritation, people generally choose to work alone. Impatiens assist them to become more relaxed and less hasty in dealing with others and also calm down disturbed states of mind.

19. Larch- Lack of Confidence

This remedy is for individuals who consider themselves less capable than others. In this state, people lack confidence and even don’t take the initiative thinking of their failure. Larch aids in moving ahead, in spite of, thoughts of failure and success, and prepares them to take initiative and risks.

20. Mimulus- Fear of Known Things

This remedy is for those individuals who are anxious or frightened about something in their daily life such as fear of speaking in public, of aggressive dogs, of the dark, or pain and illness.

Mimulus is employed for those who generally have a tendency to be shy, timid, and nervous. It helps bring out the strength and courage that are actually hidden, with the intention that the sufferer can face the daily trials of life without fear.

21. Mustard- Deep Murk for No Reason

This remedy is used to cure deep gloom and depression that apparently comes out of no reason. In this state, people often enlist all the possible causes they have to feel joyful and delighted, but still the whole thing seems dull and unpromising to them. Mustard drives out melancholy, and one feels grateful for the happiness, blessings, and peace in his/her life.

22. Oak- Steady, Strong People Who Never Lose Hope During Hardship

This remedy is particularly for tough and stable people who never give up, even in harsh situations. They move forward with willpower and never think about resting until they are overtired. Although, that’s a positive trait about the Oak person, the negative consequence, is that they often end up becoming stubborn and refuse to relax, rest, slow down or sit back in dire conditions.

The remedy helps individuals to stay physically and mentally strong in hard times, and simultaneously, enables them to understand that it is better to let go rather than take intense strain and pain.

23. Olive- Tiredness After Exerting Physical or Mental Effort

This remedy is basically used to heal drowsiness and exhaustion, subsequent to an effort of some kind, for instance, mental or physical labor, or due to the extensive struggle against illness.

Olive provides us with what we need, in order to restore our strength and the confidence we require to carry on our efforts.

24. Pine- Remorse

This remedy is useful when people accuse themselves of things that had happened. In a Pine state, they feel guilty even for those events which were not in their control, or they suppose themselves to be culpable for others’ faults and end up saying ‘sorry’ repeatedly. The positive side of Pine is seen when individuals admit their faults without dwelling on them, and gradually correct the mistakes.

25. Red Chestnut- Over-Concern for the Welfare of Loved Ones

This remedy is for people who are overly concerned for the safety of others. As a result, their fears gradually create a negative effect on the people they are worried for.

Thus, this remedy helps individuals to drive out their troubled feelings for their loved ones.

26. Rock Rose- Fright and Terror

It is an essential ingredient used against fear. In Rock Rose condition, patients become frightened and terrified, which gradually makes them unconscious and unable to make their own decision. The remedy gives them peace and courage. They are able to stop thinking about terror, as their courage is renewed slowly and steadily.

27. Rock Water- Inflexibility, Self-Repression, and Asceticism

This remedy is useful for those who take abstinence and self-repression to extreme limits. They seek to become perfect by setting strict and harsh rules for themselves. Rock Water simply permits individuals to relax, so that, they sense and enjoy – the pleasures of life.

28. Scleranthus- Failure to Choose Between Options

This remedy is for those individuals who find it difficult to choose from one or more options. It is also recommended for those people who suffer from motion sickness and mood swings. Scleranthus helps them to make up their mind and reconnect with their intuition, and they choose the correct option.

29. Star of Bethlehem- Shock

This curative remedy is to cure the consequences of shock, such as the one caused by sudden bad news and unfortunate events. It can also be used to cure the effects of a shock that took place years ago, suppose, at an early childhood age.

This remedy is also curable for that sense of the loss and blankness that one undergoes when a loved one moves away or dies.

30. Sweet Chestnut- A Lack of Optimism and Feeling Anguish

This remedy is for those people who reach the point where their mind and body are at utmost forbearance. They have explored all possible methods and are still not able to find any way to solve their difficulties. In this outrageous state, this remedy renews the strength and hope of individuals.

31. Vervain- Over-Enthusiasm

This remedy is for the people who have a sharp mind and a keen sense of justice. Vervain people are over-enthusiastic and have the power to convince people to follow their opinions. But, this extreme fervor can make them unable to pay attention to others’ points of view, which results in putting them under stress. Vervain helps them to re-establish the body and mind balance, thereby motivating them to enjoy their life.

32. Vine- Dominance and Inflexibility

This remedy is for individuals who make their own mentality and believe that they know what is good for other people. Though they have a strong, capable, and confident mind, in a negative state, they actually become dominant and force people to comply with them. In a positive state, such people become kind-hearted, sensible, affectionate, and motivate others.

Thus, in a negative state, this magnificent remedy stimulates the individual’s positive side.

33. Walnut- Protection from Change and Unwanted Influences

This remedy helps individuals to protect against outside influences and the effects of change. In this state, people doubt their own purpose in life after hearing varied theories, views, or beliefs suggested by others. Walnut aids in breaking the links connected with the past, so that, the individuals move ahead quickly and in an easy manner.

34. Water Violet- Quiet Self-Reliance Leading to Isolation

This remedy is particularly for those competent and intelligent individuals whose self-reliance and independence can make them feel proud and superior. Such people give preference to their own company, thus, have a few close friends. Water violet brings back the lost balance, so that, they mix up with others, and consequently, make contact with them.

35. White Chestnut- Unwanted Thoughts and Mental Arguments

This remedy is for mental arguments and unwanted thoughts that encroach into the mind and prevent us from concentrating on significant aspects. These surplus thoughts are seldom described as “worrying.” White Chestnut remedy helps one think straightforwardly. It enables one to deal calmly and sensibly with the problem that is troubling him/her.

36. Wild Oat- Inability to Choose Right Direction in Life

This amazing remedy is for those individuals who are ambitious to do something exemplary in life but are not definite about what they precisely want. Hence, they find themselves unable to choose any direction or option.

They have a tendency to shift from one thing to the other without finding an actual goal. As a result, they become unhappy and disappointed. Thus, in the state of frustration, Wild Oat remedy supports finding the correct path, exactly where they belong.

37. Wild Rose- Apathy, Resignation, and Drifting

This remedy is for those individuals who have accepted whatever life has thrown at them, and have eventually, given up the struggle and efforts for fulfilling their own desires. Generally, in such a state, people align themselves to the way things are and even shrug their shoulders thinking that there is no point in changing things. This Wild Rose remedy arouses interest in life and instead of feeling indifferent, it makes people happy-go-lucky.

38. Willow- Resentment and Self-Pity

This astounding remedy is for people who feel bitter and offended about the way their lives have gone. Willow remedy gives confidence for the rebirth of faith and optimism. It helps an individual feel all the more kind towards others and makes them conscious that negative thoughts can result in their own ill fortune.

How to Take these Bach Flower Remedies?

These essences are simple and easy to take and may be taken in a number of ways:

  • For single essences use:

Add two drops of essence to the water and sip the mixture at regular intervals. Alternatively, you may also add it to a 30 ml mixing bottle containing ordinary spring water and take four drops of this mix, a minimum of four times a day.

  • For multiple essence use:

Add two drops of each remedy (with a maximum of seven essences) to a mixing bottle containing natural spring water and take four drops of this mix, for a minimum of four times a day.

You may also add a teaspoon of cider vinegar or brandy to the mixing bottle, which may act as a preservative.

If you don’t want to dilute the essence, take two drops of it on your tongue, 4-6 times a day, and repeat the same process as long as required.

Note: In case, you are expecting a baby or breastfeeding, you must consult your doctor before using any of these remedies.