28 Health Benefits of Pears

Homer (author of Odyssey) honored them as the “gift of the gods”, and from Shakespeare to Abraham Lincoln, all have used the name of this succulent fruit in their phrases and quotations. Packed with several health benefits, pears keep your body loaded with nutrition. Read the article below and discover the amazing 28 health benefits of pears.

28 Health Benefits of Pears

28 health benefits of pears
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1. Fights Free Radicals

Pears contain antioxidants such as copper and vitamin C and K that look after the cells of our body from getting injured by free radicals.

2. Cancer Prevention

To protect the body from various types of cancer, incorporate pears in your daily diet. Pears are capable of reducing the danger of developing colon and breast cancer as the fibers in them eradicate the cancer-causing chemicals.

3. Prevents Osteoporosis

Pears are a very good source of boron, which is believed to increase the ability of the body to retain calcium, thereby, preventing osteoporosis.

4. Hypoallergenic Fruit

Doctors consider pears as a hypoallergenic fruit as they generate less allergic responses when consumed. Therefore, they are also considered safe for the infants and people with food sensitivities.

5. Controls Diabetes

Pears, being low in glycemic index and high in fiber, are a smart choice for those who have diabetes. The carbohydrates in pears are absorbed at a very slow rate by the bloodstream which, in turn, helps maintain the levels of blood glucose and blood sugar. Moreover, this sweet fruit is the healthier alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth.

6. Excellent for Pregnant Women

Folic acid is considered to be very important for expecting women. Pears are well-off in folic acid and protect the baby from birth defects. They also reduce the risk of neural defects.

7. Boosts Immune System

Pears have extremely strong abilities to help an individual fight off illnesses and diseases. The antioxidants in the form of copper and vitamins in pears are supportive in upholding the body from free radicals and building up the endurance and immune system.

8. Good for Weaning Children

The low acidic nature and hypoallergenic properties make this fruit a good treat for infants. Doctors recommend that babies who get accustomed of eating anything other than mother’s milk should be fed with pears as well. The pulp of the pears can be heated, mashed and pureed, and can be given to weaning children.

9. Protects the Heart

Being a rich source of dietary fiber, pears have been proved superb for upholding the health of the heart. High fibers cut down the amount of low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in the body, which are considered harmful for the health of the heart.

10. Improves Digestive Health

Digestive health can be maintained by regular consumption of pears. These fruits are rich in fibers that help the food to easily travel in the colon and also minimize the peril of colon polyps. Drinking a glass of pear juice on the daily basis is helpful in regulating the bowel movement.

11. Treats Fever

Drink a glass of pear juice when you are suffering from fever. The cooling elements in pears help the aroused body temperature to drop down.

12. Helps in Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is a common problem in children as well as adults during summers; hence, it is suggested to consume pears to avoid the breathing troubles and clear the phlegm.

13. Laxative in Nature

The amount of pectin is much more in pears as compared to apples. The pectin that pears contain is slightly laxative in nature, and also helps in toning of intestine and lowering the cholesterol levels.

14. Sustains Eye Health

The antioxidant rich pears maintain your eye health. It helps in nourishing the eyes and preventing diseases like macular degeneration and cataract.

15. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Consumption of pears is a good option to protect you from Alzheimer’s disease. This is possible because of its antioxidant properties.

16. Put off Throat Problems

Pear juice helps a lot in preventing any sort of throat troubles or infections. Drink a glass of pear juice every morning for the nourishment of throat. It also heals the vocal cord.

17. Absorbs Iron

Vitamin C in pears help pump more iron which is essential to produce RBCs (red blood cells).

18. Energetic

Due to high amounts of glucose and fructose, pear juice relieves fatigue and provides you with instant energy.

19. Increases Memory

The copper found in pears is vital for the health of the central nervous system. It also increases your ability to remember and learn.

Beauty Benefits of Pears

20. A Good Treat for Oily Skin

Mash a pear. Add honey and fresh cream to it. Use this face mask 3 times a week. It will considerably reduce the over secretion of oil glands (known as sebaceous glands).

21. Keep Wrinkles at Bay

Since pears are loaded with antioxidants like copper, vitamin K and C, they protect the skin cells from any sort of damage. They also tone up your skin and prevent appearance of fine lines near the lip area and eyes.

22. Makes Your Skin Acne-Free

The high mineral and vitamin contents of pears make your body strong internally so that it can fight against pimples, acne and other skin infections. Moreover, this fruit also helps detoxify your skin and enhances its softness and glow.

23. Moisturizes Your Skin

Pears serve as a natural moisturizer for flaky and dry skin. It balances the normal water-content of the skin. Regular consumption of pears juice retains the moisture of the skin and makes it gleaming and flawless.

24. Natural Exfoliator

Add mashed pear in your regular face pack. Use it to exfoliate your skin. It will remove dead skin cells present on your skin and also boost up the cell turnover.

25. Hydrates Your Lips

The lactic acids present in pears keep your lips hydrated for long and also make them softer.

26. Reduces Dryness of Hair

Vitamin C in pears keeps your hair conditioned and reduces their dryness. Moreover, regular intake of pears helps manage frizzy hair and eliminates those ugly tangles.

27. Nourishes Hair

Sorbitol found in ripe pears provides nourishment to the scalp and hair roots, thereby, promoting hair growth. It also helps regain the lost shine of your strands and revives dull hair. You just need to prepare a hair mask by combining 2 tablespoons of water and apple cider vinegar with the extract of 1 ripe pear. Apply it to get rid of unattractive hair.

28. Maintains Shades and Curls of Your Hair

The application of pear hair pack makes it easy to maintain shades and curls of your hair. This hair pack can be prepared by mixing soybean oil and mashed pear. Apply it on your hair evenly. Rinse off with a mild shampoo after an hour.

The Best Ways To Choose Your Pears

28 health benefits of pears
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After discovering the 28 health benefits of pears, we want to ensure you pick the healthiest options in the supermarket and feel fully educated before adding this fruit to your daily fruit. First, it’s important to mention that someone people like their pears softer while others prefer a crunch.

In the supermarket, press your finger into pear near the stem. If the pear begins to soften, it’s ripe and ready to eat. You can test if the pears are overripe and need eating instantly by pressing the skin in other places on the fruit. However, if it’s so soft that just a gentle touch takes you to the pear’s core, this will be a mushy texture.

Don’t judge a pear by its appearance. Their skin is delicate so they’re prone to bruising, but this won’t affect their taste. However, if you notice tears in the flesh and large dark spots, this is a significant indication that the pear will decay quickly, so avoid and pick another.

Storing Pears

Properly storing your pears is essential to ensuring they’re perfect to eat. If you want the fruit to ripen within a few days, we suggest storing them at room temperature. Alternatively, if you want to speed up the ripening process, remove the fruit from the packaging and place with another ripe piece of fruit.