26 Easy Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

There is nothing worse than having to put away your favorite dress or pair of jeans, just a few days before a party only because you can no longer fit in. No matter how many diets you try, nothing helps reduce your weight, and you have no choice, but to shop for the clothes that fit your current size. Well, before you head-out to shop, try a few of the following workouts. Experts say that doing 30 minutes of cardio can assist you burn around 200 to 300 calories. You need to tone up your body as you go along; so on every alternate day you should do 36 push-ups to help your upper body and 36 lunges to tone your lower body. Here are a few more workouts that will definitely facilitate you shed weight.

1. Step Aerobics


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Aerobics mostly target your lower body like your bum, hips and legs. Many women prefer aerobics to other forms of exercise, as these are the areas where women tend to put on weight quickly. An hour of aerobics exercise everyday will show you positive results in 2 weeks.

2. Bicycling


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This is the best and the most enjoyable exercise. You can perform this workout outside and, simultaneously, enjoy the cool morning breeze, or indoors while watching your favorite sitcom. It is an excellent way to burn 500 – 1000 calories per hour.

3. Walking


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The most affordable workout to lose weight is walking. You neither need any type of equipment nor are you required to join a gym. The only items you need are a good pair of walking shoes. People who suffer from heart disease, diabetes and obesity can also enjoy this workout. A 4 to 5 minutes walk at a fast pace will help you lose around 225 to 300 calories. Enjoy brisk walking for 45 minutes every day. People who reside close to their work place should develop a habit of covering this distance by walking every day.

4. Kettlebell


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These small bells resemble small bowling balls; the difference is only that kettle bells have handles. The weight of the kettlebell is not equally distributed and, hence, when you exercise, your body will work to balance your weight and that of the kettlebell. A 20-minute kettlebell workout will burn up to 400 calories and at the same time, it will improve your posture, balance and tone up all your muscles. Working with kettlebells is very tricky; therefore, if this is your first attempt, you should join a gym to perform this under the guidance of your trainer so that you do not injure yourself.

5. Swimming


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Swimming is the best exercise to tone up your body. Pregnant women can benefit a lot from swimming in their third trimester. Not only is the exercise beneficial for weight lose, but is also ideal for people who suffer from problems related to the obesity and arthritis. Swimming can help you lose up to 550 calories in an hour.

6. Elliptical Trainer


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Elliptical trainers are easy-to-use and they give you a workout for the entire body. The elliptical trainer is made in a manner that workouts both your upper body and lower body at the same time. This is why, in the recent years, it has become significant training equipment in gyms. The user gets to choose the level of intensity at which s/he wants to target the leg muscles.

7. Racquetball


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Racquetball provides an excellent cardio workout. It helps tone the body and is a good way of having fun with your friends.

8. Running


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Running is the best exercise for people who wish to tone their calf muscles. There is no major cost involved apart from owning a good pair of runners that will cushion your joints. Before you begin your daily running exercise, you should walk for a few minutes to warm up your body and get ready for the exercise ahead. Experts say that running will help you burn up to 600 calories in an hour.

9. Rowing


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Rowing is an excellent way of toning your arms. Find out, if there is a rowing club in your area and indulge yourself in their activities. If not, you can always try the rowing machine at your gym. Rowing can burn around 500 to 600 calories in an hour.

10. Tennis


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Tennis is best for those who like to work out with a partner. It is ideal for people who love to be fit, but do not like working in the gym or in a confined area. Tennis is a great way to work out the muscles of the arms and legs.

11. Barbell Squat


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Squats are an excellent way of working on your abs to get a flat stomach. Follow the directions below to target your leg muscles.

Stand with your feet apart at shoulder-width. Now place the barbell on the upper part of your back just below the shoulder, as shown in position A below. Hold the bar approximately one foot away from your shoulders. Now draw back your shoulders and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor as in position B in the picture shown below. Move upwards in one quick motion so that you stand upright. Repeat after one second pause.

12. Dumbbell Swing


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Exercise that require dumbbells are easy and one can do them at home as well. Place a dumbbell in front of you as you stand with your legs apart slightly more than shoulder-width. Squat downwards and lift the dumbbell with your palm towards your body, as in position A. Now slowly stand up straight and raise your arm up, as in position B.

13. Dancing


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Dancing is fun! Unbelievably an hour dance session can help you burn up to 600 to 800 calories. Dancing tones up the entire body and is a great way to let out some steam.

14. Horse Riding


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Horse riding is a superb exercise to enjoy nature and stay fit, at the same time. Horse riding assists you tone your abs, thighs and butt. Find out, if there is a riding club in your town and go for horse riding at least once in a week.

15. Trampoline


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Bouncing on a trampoline for an hour may burn up to 400 calories. It is an excellent way of losing weight and having fun. Try some different moves such as booty-bounce, straddle jump or even the pike jump.

16. Zumba


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This is the latest trend to stay fit around the world. Zumba is a mixture of dance and exercise, created by a Colombian dancer. There are nine different levels depending on your age. If you want to break up the monotony of the gym, go for zumba.

17. Kickboxing


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Kickboxing is a lot of fun, especially, if you have someone with whom you can work out. It actually tones up your thighs and strengthens your leg muscles.

18. Yoga


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People who suffer from back pain should do yoga every day. Not only does yoga help lose weight; it also makes your body more flexible.

19. Football/Soccer


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A friendly game of soccer with friends or just playing with the kids in the park will help you lose up to 400 calories.

20. Hiking


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Hiking is an excellent exercise when you are on a holiday. It is a good way of working out and enjoying outdoors.

21. Gardening


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Gardening helps you kill two birds with one stone. Along with pursuing your hobby, you can trim down your weight. Raking leaves, pulling weeds and cutting the grass will aid you lose up to 250 calories.

22. Cross – Country Skiing


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Again an excellent exercise when you are out for enjoying your vacations. Working out in the cold is tough, but it helps burn about 650 calories in one hour.

23. Skipping


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You can burn more than 800 calories by skipping for an hour. Jumping rope strengthens joints and bones, and tones up your legs and arms. It also improves endurance, agility and coordination.

24. House Cleaning


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House cleaning is a great idea to work out and dump all the clutter from your home. It is fun when the entire family gets involved. Play some nice and rhythmic music so that you can make your workout more enjoyable.

25. Treadmill


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Working out on a treadmill is just like walking or running. The only difference is that you workout indoors as opposed to outdoors. This fat-scorching and calorie-burning device will help you get back in shape quickly, if you exercise on a regular basis.

26. Pushups


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Pushups are an excellent exercise regime to build muscles and burn fat in areas like chest, abs, shoulders and triceps. You can do pushups any time. For better results, it is better to couple it with other exercises.