23 Weird Home Remedies That Really Work

Chocolates can cure cough, cloves can heal the cuts, and pencil can help you get rid of the headache. Taken aback? Well, most of us are ignorant of the fact that there are several minor ailments that can be cured with unexpected household ingredients and objects. Next time when you experience pain in your feet or get stressed with traffic-packed travel, try your hand at these bizarre remedies.

1. Yogurt for Bad Breath

Image Source : http://www.womansday.com/food-recipes/cooking-tips-shortcuts/best-yogurt#slide-1

As per the revelations of a research, yogurt has some live bacteria that create a detrimental environment for the stink-causing bacteria and reduce their growth.


2. Lemon Balm Tea for Cold Sores

Image Source : http://lookingtop10.com/5-foods-to-fight-cold/

The antiviral properties of lemon balm tea cure cold sores resulted due to a type of herpes virus. To prepare lemon tea, what all you need to do is brew 2-4 tablespoons of lemon balm herb in a cup of boiling water. Then, allow it to cool. Dab a cotton ball in this tea and apply on the cold sores several times a day.



3. Olive Oil for Eczema

Image Source : http://www.foodlve.com/food/olive-oil-cooking-safety-934671

Olive oil is crammed with antioxidants that decrease the inflammation caused due to eczema. Direct application of this oil on the affected area not only relieves the burning sensation, but also prevents the appearance of brown spots and wrinkles. Moreover, it thwarts the drying of the skin.



4. Vegetable Oil for Brittle Nails

Image Source : http://mom.me/mind-body/3286-19-bizarre-home-cures-that-work/item/17294-12-109269217/

If brittle nails are confiscating the beauty of your supple hands, give them a treat of vegetable oil. Rub vegetable oil to your hands and nails before hitting the hay, and cover them with a plastic wrap. It will allow the oil to penetrate the nails and skin of your hands, and prevents them from getting dried.



5. Ice Cream for Pizza Burn

Image Source : http://abcnewsradioonline.com/health-news/burned-your-mouth-pain-relief-may-be-on-the-way.html

Have you ever thought what an ice cream can do besides satisfying your sweet tooth? It sounds crazy but a spoonful of ice cream relieves your inflamed mouth after eating having a hot pizza. Gulping frozen yogurt, putting an ice cube or swigging a cold drink can also soothe the scorching sensation to some extent.


6. Vodka for Foot Odor

Image Source : https://drdandrapacz.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/myths-about-feet/

If stinky feet are the reason of your embarrassment, wipe them with vodka. Vodka comprises of alcohol which has antiseptic properties. It creates an unfavorable environment for the odor-causing bacteria and fungus, thereby, destroying them. Just soak a washcloth in vodka, and rub it on the smelly feet, in order to purge the stench.



7. Cinnamon or Peppermint Gum for the Stress of a Traffic-packed Travel

Image Source : http://www.prevention.com/mind-body/natural-remedies/19-bizarre-home-cures-work

If driving to your office leaves you exhausted? A cinnamon or peppermint gum will take away your fatigue. Surprised? A research study has found that chewing cinnamon or peppermint gum while driving through traffic-packed areas reduces your annoyance by 25% and augments your alertness by 30%. And if you don’t like candy or gum, install cinnamon or peppermint aromatherapy diffusers in your car.


8. Tennis Ball for Achy Feet

Image Source : http://www.femalemag.com.my/lifestyle/health/self-massage-techniques-post-workout-aches

Standing on your feet for long hours may cause soreness and ache in the feet. Give the tennis ball a try to take away your pain. Put a tennis ball beneath your foot. Roll it forth and back many times, giving special focus to the aching areas. Rolling them on a bottle of frozen water can also give you relief from the throbbing pain.


9. Listerine for Blisters

Image Source : http://www.listerine.co.za/good-habits/listerine-daily-use-mouthwashes-directions-use

Listerine can be used for drying out blisters. Sounds bizarre? Soak a cotton ball in Listerine and apply it on the blisters thrice a day until you feel relieved. The antiseptic properties of this mouthwash help speed up the healing process.




10. iPod for High Blood Pressure

Image Source : http://www.newenglandhearing.com/blog/bid/120473/Ipods-and-Hearing-Loss

Listen to your favorite music on iPod while breathing slowly, for lowering your blood pressure. A research has found that 30 minutes of the right tunes on the daily basis can reduce your hypertension considerably which, in turn, brings your BP down.




11. Baking Soda for UTIs

Image Source : http://www.searchhomeremedy.com/home-remedies-for-uti/

Mix ¼ teaspoon of baking soda with 8 ounces of water. Drink this solution as soon as you notice the initial symptoms of urinary tract infections. Baking soda turns the environment of the bladder more alkaline which inhibits the multiplication of bacteria.



12. Sugar for Hiccups

Image Source : http://www.wisegeek.org/how-can-i-lower-my-blood-sugar.htm

Next time when hiccups drive you mad, swallow a teaspoon of sugar. It is believed that sugar modifies those muscles that triggers the diaphragm’s muscles to contract and causes hiccups.

Note – Don’t take more than a teaspoon of sugar as too much consumption of sugar adversely affects your health.

13. Apple for Whiter Teeth

Image Source : http://www.healthbenefitstimes.com/health-benefits-of-apples-2/

Crunchy veggies and fruits have cleansing action on the enamel of your tooth. When you chew them, they remove the yellow tint from your teeth. Apple is one of those fruits that not only keep you healthy, but also does wonders to teeth. The malic acid in apples dissolves the stains and makes your teeth whiter.



14. Pencil for Headache

Image Source : http://www.rantlifestyle.com/2014/04/10/10-home-remedies-work-10-dont/#slide_16

What you do when you feel anxious or stressed? Well, most of the people clench their teeth and jaw which, in turn, put a strain on the muscle that joins your jaw and temples. This causes headache. A pencil can relieve your headache. Just put a pencil in between your teeth. Don’t bite it. It will relax the jaw muscle, thus, reducing the pain.


15. Lemons or Olives for Motion Sickness

Image Source : http://www.boldsky.com/health/disorders-cure/2013/foods-eat-motion-sickness-035879.html

Motion sickness triggers the excessive production of saliva which makes you feel nauseated. As you experience the symptoms of motion sickness, eat a couple of olives. The tannins in olives alleviate the queasiness by drying out your mouth. You can also suck on a lemon for quick relief.



16. Papaya for Smoother Skin

Image Source : http://www.prevention.com/beauty/beauty/foods-give-your-complexion-boost

Since decades papaya is known to increase the eyesight. But it’s surprising to know that it can make your skin smoother, softer and more glowing. Peel a papaya and grind 2 tablespoons of its pulp in a food processor. Add dry oatmeal (1 tablespoon) to it. Apply this paste on the dry skin. Wipe off with a washcloth after 10-15 minutes. The enzyme papain present in papaya prevents acne breakout by dissolving dead skin cells.


17. Licorice for Corns and Calluses

Image Source : http://www.icecreamnation.org/2014/06/ultimate-licorice-ice-cream/

The estrogen-like substances in licorice soften the hard and rough skin of corns and calluses. Take some licorice sticks and grind them. Mix this powder with petroleum jelly (½ teaspoon). Gently apply the paste on the affected areas of your feet.



18. Cloves for Cuts

Image Source : http://www.flusterbuster.com/2013/07/cloves-39-uses-wwii-series.html

Cloves are used to relieve tooth pain, but have you ever heard that they are also effective in healing the cuts? In order to prevent infection, sprinkle some clove powder on the cut. Alternatively, apply clove oil which is rich in eugenol i.e. a pain-relieving and antiseptic chemical.


19. Chocolates for Cough

Image Source : http://www.itv.com/news/west/2014-10-17/the-choc-factor/

Besides satiating the cravings of your sweet tooth, dark chocolates can give you respite from hacking cough. 2 ounces of dark chocolates contain that much of Theobromine as found in OTC cough medicines. This compound represses those nerves that are responsible for the cough reflex. So, that’s a good reason to devour chocolates.


20. Duct Tape for Warts

Image Source : http://1061evansville.com/remove-warts-with-duct-tape-and-other-wacky-home-remedies/

As per a study, wrapping the warts with duct tape removes them in a better way. First cleanse the area. Cut a slightly bigger duct tape than the size of the wart. Cover the area with this duct tape. Remove the tape after every 3 days. With the help of a nail file or pumice stone, remove the dead skin. Repeat the procedure until you get rid of warts.


21. Meat Tenderizer Powder for Sting

Meat-Tenderizer-powder-for-StingMix water and meat tenderizer powder to prepare a paste. Apply it on the bee or wasp stings. This remedy will neutralize the venom, reduce the inflammation and ease the pain.



22. Toothpaste for Bug Bites

Image Source : https://beautyhealthtips.in/amazing-home-remedies-for-treatment-of-pimples-naturally/

Dab a small quantity of toothpaste on the insect bite. The cooling effect of the peppermint oil in the toothpaste will diminish the pain and inflammation.




23. Beets for Constipation

Image Source : http://www.myconsciouseating.com/2010/06/beetroot-and-pomegranate-soup-with-dill.html

Take some fresh beets and steam them. Eat them when you are constipated. Don’t drain the leftover water. Instead, drink it. This water, being affluent in vitamins, helps your body get rid of obstructions in the colon.

Note – Next day your urine or stool will appear to be red, due to the intake of beets, so don’t panic.


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