20 Surprising Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Obesity and weight management go hand in hand. The weight gain problem is being experienced by a major section of world’s total population. Improper diet habits combined with unhealthy lifestyle can cause stoutness. In order to manage weight effectively and get rid of weight-based health problems, understanding the causes of weight gain is a must for all.

Sometimes, even after working hard and giving up all those junk and fried stuffs, you fail to shed the desired number of pounds. Have you ever tried to find out the reasons of this failure? Well, only after knowing the root cause of chubbiness, you will be able to reduce it fast. Here are 20 surprising reasons why you are not losing weight instead of long haul.

20 Suprising Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

20 surprising reasons why you are not losing weight
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1. Improper Diet

Do you know that your body can gain up to 5 lbs in a single day if you follow a wrong diet plan? Improper or irregular diet is the key reason for rapid weight gain or disturbed weight loss. So, have a closer check on your diet and talk to a good nutritionist about altering it. When you are dieting, do not cut off your calories intake, rather make it a slow and a steady process like cutting down only 200 calories in a day, and then over weeks, increase it for about 700-1000 calories in a day.

2. Too much Fluid

Drinking a lot of water and other juices also increase your weight. Do not drink more than 8 glasses to 2 liters of water in a day. Increased fluid intake results in bloating of organs and rapid gain in water weight of the body.

3. Fiber and Protein Consumption

Fruit diet is good but some fruits are rich in fiber that may let you feel thirst or hungry. Fiber needs more water and less time to digest. This way, you may end up overeating fruits or juices to quench your thirst and hunger. Protein also builds up bad fat in your body, so avoid red meat and gorging on protein rich food.

4. Lack of Physical Activities

Do you lead a sedentary life all day long? Then this routine may also slow down your weight loss. Your body needs enough physical activities like walking or jogging, so that you sweat and burn the unwanted calories faster. By following right type of workouts and exercises such as yoga, aerobics, dancing and zumba, you can reduce up to 7 lbs in a single week.

5. Supplements Going Wrong

Sometimes a few weight loss and dietary supplements that people intake regularly also increase their weight five times more instead of reducing it. Always seek the right guidance from the dieticians and doctors before following any weight loss supplement.

6. Stress

Stress increases body weight and this builds up fat in wrong areas of your body like tummy, calf muscles and buttocks. The weight gain due to stress is really difficult to bring under control. If you think that you are stressed or exhausted, then look for a quick solution to overcome it.

7. Carbohydrates

Excessive intake of carbohydrates can also slow down the weight loss process. Carbohydrates lead to organ bloating and excessive weight gain. So avoid eating too much of carb-rich food.

8. Inconsistency

You join the best gym in your city and are regular to it for a month, but later on, you generally stop being so honest with your gym trainer and training. This inconsistency in following a workout or a weight loss diet may also decelerate weight loss in a person.

This is one of the most popular 20 surprising reasons why you are not losing weight because you need to stick to a regular routine that you can keep up. Although there are inevitable challenges that come with weight loss, you shouldn’t put yourself under significant pressure that it becomes difficult to keep up.

9. Sexual Life

If your physical relationship is not that great with your partner then there may be a delay in shedding those extra pounds. Stay active in your sexual life as it contributes to rapid weight loss.

10. Eating Nuts and Dry Fruits

One can eat nuts and dry fruits regularly, even if they are following a strict weight loss diet. But, excess gulping of these oily nuts along with dry fruits adds to body weight instantly. The calories gained by eating nuts are really difficult to reduce.

Don’t eliminate nuts and dry fruit from your diet if you want to lose weight, as in moderation, these foods can actually help with weight loss. Make sure you monitor your portion sizes so you’re only snacking on a handful of nuts each time.

Remember that there are different types of nuts, making their nutritional value different from the other. Cashews and pistachios contain less fat than raw macadamia nuts so be sure to check the fat content before consuming too many in one sitting.

11. Not Going for Regular Check-Ups

Following a weight loss diet and not checking up on how much you are reducing is also wrong. This holds back the weight gain process as you assume and reduce the same amount of weight every month.

12. Exercise with Empty Stomach

Understand that exercising with empty stomach may reduce the muscle weight faster and not the fat. In fact, exercise on an empty stomach may boost up the production of a stress hormone, known as cortisol.

13. Doing the Same Workout

Taking your dog for a walk 30 minutes in a day is not at all an exercise or a workout. Increase your workout gradually like walking for 60 minutes, running, jogging, etc. Similarly, change your exercise course if you see your weight loss is really slow.

When you perform the same activity over and over again, your body gets used to it. In simple terms, your body begins to burn fewer calories with each exercise since your muscles aren’t challenged as much to perform the moves. 

Not only does trying new activities challenge your body and target different muscles, but it’s a great strategy to prevent workout boredom. Doing the same moves continuously becomes mundane and you’re more at risk of injuries if you’re overusing the same muscles all the time.

14. Over Training

Working out a lot and over training yourself also decreases your chances of weight loss. It is a surprising fact that excessive workout increases your body weight instead of working the other way.

15. Watch out for Little Bites

Be conscious about what food you’re putting in your mouth – especially for snacking. If you’re prone to watching past the fridge and grabbing a chocolate bar to keep your energy levels going, you’re not consciously aware of the food you’re eating.

Snacking is an important part of weight loss, though you need to eat the correct foods. You certainly don’t have to restrict snacks out of your daily diet because this can result in hunger. Instead, plan healthy, quick snacks that you can grab on the go. Wash and cut fruit in advance and be mindful of the snacks you’re eating.

16. Mindless Eating

Mindless eating habit with more sugary food or carbonated beverages is one of the key reasons why you are not losing weight. Have a control over what you eat. Check twice that you do not eat jumbo portions in any of your meals. Get a portion control plate, in order to avoid over eating. This way, one can eat less and only recommended number of calories. A perfect weight loss diet must have equal amount of fat, protein, carbs and other essential nutrients in it.

17. Unhealthy Add-ons and Quick Eating

Check your meal if it is free from unhealthy add-ons like cheese, protein, and processed meat. Any unwholesome addition to your food may ruin your weight loss plan. Grabbing a simple bite of fried food or junk on your way to home back from office is the most dangerous habit. This habit not only slows down your weight loss process but also changes your entire metabolism. When someone goes through weight loss diet, it is natural to have shorter hunger pangs. Try to have soups, boiled lentils and more, as a quick bite instead of going for fried or processed meals.

18. Skipping Meals

Skipping meals in the name of diet or weight loss actually has negative impact. People who skip meals tend to gain weight faster than those who eat at regular intervals. When people end up eating less than three meals in a day, they tend to eat more. This way, there will be an increase in the overall calorie intake leading you to put on oodles of weight.

19. Lack of Enough Sleep

Inadequate sleep can also cause weight gain. Many researchers found that those who sleep for less than 5 hours in a day gain weight faster than people who sleep for more than 7 hours in a day. Our body is designed in a manner that it needs adequate rest every day. One must take rest at the intervals of 4 hours.

20. Medical Condition

Sometimes, medical conditions like thyroid can also lead to weight gain. Few women with polycystic ovaries and irregular periods also face troubles in shedding weight. Any medical condition that affects the metabolism of your body can also contribute to uneven weight gain. A few drugs for certain illness may also lead to weight gain as a side effect.