Have you ever woken up with a random, annoying and painful lump on your lower, upper or under your eyelid overnight? It means that you probably panicked for a moment and then immediately looked it up on the internet to see what it was. All results point to a single issue: styes. The first question that popped into your mind was “how do I get rid of a stye ASAP?”, and you probably weren’t sure what direction you should be going in. Sometimes learning how to get rid of a sty is not as easy as it may seem, with so many sources indicating different remedies. In order to help you out in a safe way, we have prepared a list of 19 tips on how to get rid of styes fast and naturally at home.

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1. Turmeric

Our first quick and healthy recommendation on how to get rid of a stye fast is turmeric. Turmeric is a spice with praised healing properties that can help you be stye free. Boil a bit of turmeric in two cups of water until half of the mixture evaporates. Filter your mixture through gauze and then use the remaining solution as eye drops about two to three times every day.

2. Parsley

Another home remedy that will help you understand how to get rid of a stye under your eyelid, on top of it or an internal stye (in the interior of your eyelid) quickly is parsley. Boil some water and drench some parsley in it for around ten minutes. Take a fresh cloth and allow it to absorb the substance, afterwards placing it on the affected area for approximately a quarter of an hour before bed. This also serves as a great solution for how to get rid of a stye overnight.

3. Potatoes

You say potato, I say a great tip on how to get rid of eye stye. Mash up a potato and smear it on a clean cloth to press over the stye. In general, if the lump persists for more than a week so or, my recommendation is that you consult an ophthalmologist immediately.

4. Calendula Infusion

The lovely orange calendula flower actually serves as a reliable tip on how to get rid of an eye stye. Take dry calendula petals and make a natural infusion at home that you can apply to your eyelid with the help of gauze. Do this 3 times daily for quick relief.

5. Warm Compress

Possibly the most effective tip on how to get rid of a stye is using a warm compress to place over your eyes and cover them. Take a clean cloth and soak it in warm water, afterwards applying it to your eyes and letting it set. Lie back and relax for around fifteen minutes and repeat when necessary.

6. Teabag

Aside from a simple warm compress with water, you can also use teabags. How do you get rid of a stye with teabags? It’s easy, just make a pot of tea and keep the teabags to use as a compress for your eyes. Not only will it help you fight that stye away, but you will also enjoy a soothing effect.

7. Herbs

You can mix various types of herbs to obtain an all-natural tip on how to get rid of styes. Take some parsley and acacia (particularly the leaves) and boil them for roughly ten minutes. Allow the mixture to cool and then soak a towel that you afterwards apply to your eyes.

8. Guava Leaves

Guava leaves are recognized for their awesome anti-bacterial properties, which allow the body to heal in a natural way. To fight off the S monster on your eyelid, place one or more leaves of guava in hot (but bearable) water and allow them to become moist. Place it on your eye and keep it there until you feel the leaf cooling off. Soak again and reapply.

9. Acacia Leaves

If you find that the pain caused by a stye is starting to become unbearable, you should consider acacia leaves as a natural alternative for how to get rid of styes. Boil several acacia leaves and let the mixture cool down with a cover placed on top. Apply to your stye infected area for about ten minutes.

10. Cucumber Slices

You know how so many movies portray women taking care of their skin by wearing pasty masks and cucumber slices over their eyes? Well, there is some use in all of that. Another tip on how to get rid of styes is using cucumbers to alleviate the pain and soothe the irritated area. Slice up a few pieces of fresh cucumber and allow them to rest on your affected eyelid. Alternatively, you can use slices of tomato.

11. Chamomile

Remember what we said about teabag compresses being a solution on how to get rid of styes? Well here is where chamomile kicks in. You can either use chamomile as a teabag compression to place over your eyes, or you can boil some yourself to soak a washcloth in. No matter how you prepare it, make sure that you relax with this compress two to three times every day until the stye disappears.

12. Spinach

As one of the greatest super foods on the planet, it is natural that spinach would be good for external uses, as well as internal ones. Filter some spinach through warm water and directly apply the drenched green to your eye for about half an hour. Repeat this process three times a day so you can enjoy fast results.

13. Maintain Hygiene

This is a top tip not only on how to get rid of styles, but also on how to prevent them in the first place. It is essential that you maintain flawless hygiene in your eye area (everywhere, for that matter), to prevent from developing styes or other dangerous diseases. Make sure that you always wash your hands frequently and try not to touch the area around your eyes, as it is very sensible. For treating styes, you can use some tear-free shampoo for babies to gently cleanse the affected area.

14. Aloe Vera

As one of the mother of all healing plants, aloe vera is excellent for treating styes. We recommend that you cut open a fresh leaf of aloe vera and directly extract the clear gel inside. Apply this gel to your affected eye with the help of a cotton swab, making sure that you rub it gently to not further irritation.

15. No Makeup

Makeup is one of the leading causes for developing styes. Not all makeup, but particularly eyeliner, eyeshadow and the way some women apply it. Never apply eyeliner directly to the lid of your eye if you want to stay away from styes and never, by all means, put on makeup while you are suffering from one. In addition to this, we recommend that you do not share makeup with other people and that you throw away any old makeup you have lying around (which is probably filled with bacteria by now).

16. Chard Leaves

One of the most delightful leafy greens is great for getting rid of styes (among a ton of other awesome healing properties). Allow some chard to soak in warm water for a couple of minutes, allowing the leaf to absorb it and afterwards draining the liquid. In order to fully benefit from chard leaves as a tip on how to get rid of styes, allow the moist leaf to set on your eyelids for about half an hour for results to come.

17. Coriander Seeds

If you undergo sever swelling and the pain starts to become slightly unbearable, coriander seeds might serve as the perfect solution to help you relax and speed up the healing process. It is said that coriander seeds are a particularly pleasant home remedy for reducing swollen areas, especially styes. Take a handful of coriander seeds and allow them to soak in water for approximately one hour. After that, strain the seeds and wash your eyes with the remaining water.

18. Dandelion Tea

Dandelions are adorable flowers, delicious teas and great home remedies all in one. As a tip on how to get rid of styes, make sure that you drink as much dandelion tea as you can to fight off the bacteria that are causing your stye and cleanse your body. Also, you can take a bag of dandelion tea, boil it, allow it to cool a bit and then use it as a warm compress over your eyes.

19. Be Patient

Most of all, you have to be patient with styes. In almost all cases, it will heal naturally in a few days or a week and you will no longer have any problems. Never attempt to pop or squeeze a stye. Try to be as patient as you can until the condition disappears on its own. If it seems to persist and you cannot notice a healing process, make sure you contact a doctor immediately and get professional help.

Photo credits: Wikimedia.org, Dailyhealthtips24.com.