18 Home Remedies for Teething

Teething is an evident problem in infants. In certain kids, teeth sprout out or break through the gums without any pain or swelling, but some have to counter the painful process of teething. The medical term used for this is “odontiasis.” The eruption of teeth generally commences when your baby turns 6 months old. But, this may vary in different children, and it may start at any point between 3-12 months of age. Babies face high level of irritation and pain along with tender and swollen gums. They try to provide relief to the teeth by placing their fingers into the mouth. It is very important to minimize their discomfort. One can use the following home remedies.

Red and puffy gums, swollen and painful cheek, rashes near the mouth area at times, excessive drooling, sore and bleeding gums, uneasiness and restlessness, lack of sleep and appetite due to discomfort, heavy gum biting and rubbing, low-grade fever and cough, and diarrhea are some of the symptoms which indicate that it’s teething time for your little one.

Home Remedies for Teething

When it comes to teething infants, any parent will tell you that it is easily of the most difficult time periods to undergo as a parent. It can be especially difficult for younger children who do not have the ability to speak yet. Unfortunately, a majority of your teething children will not be of speaking age yet. This may leave you feeling helpless with how you can comfort your little one. Thankfully, there’s a lot more than you can do than you may realize. Aside from traditional medicines, there are plenty of resources around your house that you can use to help comfort your heating child. Let’s go over some of the top ones. 

1. Almond Extract

First of all, take some almond extract and mix it with a few drops of water. Rub this solution on the gums of the child with finger or cotton. Repeat this process regularly. This mixture is very beneficial in decreasing the pain and will provide relief.

You can also provide soothing pressure on the gums of your infant with your clean fingers. S/he may resist initially, but later your child will find it comforting.

2. Ginger

Ginger is an excellent ingredient known for its health benefits. Take a small piece of peeled ginger root and rub it on the gums for minimum 2-3 minutes continuously. You can perform this home remedy regularly to ease all the teething problems.

Because ginger does have an unappealing taste, this remedy may not be the most appealing for young children as the taste can be displeasing for them.

3. Beef Jerky

A slice of beef jerky can be used to decrease the irritation and pain in your baby’s teeth and gums. Give a piece and let him/her chew for almost 10-15 minutes.

Beef jerky can work wonders with young children because of the rough exterior texture and soft inner texture. The different textures allow your little one to rub their gums against if to find some relief. Teething can almost be like an itch you can’t scratch, and the texture of the jerkey allows your little one to have the ability to get to that itch. Older children who are teething especially enjoy this method.  

If you are going to try this method with your little one, then you will need to play it safe and keep an extra eye on them. For younger children who do not have teeth at all, this method may be a choking hazard so be sure to pay extra close attention.

In addition to beef jerky, other types of foods that offer a similar texture may work just as well. For example, hard breadsticks and unsweetened corn husks can work just as great. 

4. Bagel

A bagel will help children in getting rid of the soreness. Get a bagel from the refrigerator and ask him/her to nibble it. This will make your kid feel better and will also alleviate throbbing pain in teeth.

5. Ice

Firstly, fill ice in your baby’s bottle till the brim and then cool it by moving upside down. This will freeze the nipple of the bottle, and you can now let your baby chew the nipple. The coolness at the tip will provide relaxation and calmness.

  • Get a clean and washed towel and some cubes of ice. Put these cubes in the towel and give it to your child. The sucking of this towel will reduce the swelling and will also be very helpful in easing pain. This can be repeated twice or thrice a week whenever required.

6. Biscuit 

This is one of the most easiest and effective remedy for the painful teeth. Take a firm and unsweetened biscuit and let the child chew it. This whole process provides them great relief because their focus shifts from pain to gnawing of biscuit.

7. Vanilla   

You have to take some vanilla extract and rub it on the gums of your kid for some minutes. Your kid will feel good as it lessens soreness. You can repeat this remedy whenever needed for best results.

For the most part, this is one of the more helpful methods as the taste of vanilla is something your little one is sure not to fight against. 

8. Cloves     

Clove has many medicinal benefits as it is used to cure various acute health problems. You can put them in a blender to create a paste along with water.  Rub it gently on the gums of your child to decrease the uneasiness. It is important that you check it first with yourself before using it on the child due to its spicy taste.

9. Cool Spoon     

American Dental Association has prescribed this tip to help the babies suffering from teething. Firstly, take steel spoon and put it in the freezer. Once it gets cooled you can take it out. Place it inside the mouth of your child. The surface of cold metal will ease all the problems of gums.   

10. Fruits and Cold Chewies

Many fruits with soft surface also relieve teething problems in kids. Get fruits like apple or melon and cool them in the refrigerator for some time. Give it to your child to gnaw it slowly. This will be very useful at the time of teething. You can also use cool and peeled carrot slices, cucumber and peach slices.

  • You can use a chilled banana from the refrigerator and put itin the gums after peeling it. It will provide cooling sensation to the gums due to itssoft and cold surface. The results will be seen very soon if used twice a day.
  • There are many such cold food items which can be fed to provide comfort to the kids at the time of teething. You can ingest applesauce, yogurt and other fruit juices to reduce the pain and irritation.

Note- These items shouldn’t be very cold because it may increase the pain rather than reducing it.

When using this method, you will want to consider administering it In an area that you don’t mind getting dirty. Because the frozen fruit will eventually start to leak, it will get all over the place. One of the best locations to do is out is outdoors on a hot summer day.

11. Barley Water  

Barley water is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient which is very helpful for puffy and sore gums. Boil water and barley together for 30-45 minutes. Then strain, cool and give this to your baby in small quantities when s/he experience excessive pain.  

12. Olive Oil   

Take a few drops of olive oil and then rub it on the gums for at least 2-3 minutes, this will relieve gums and teething. Besides, it reduces heavy pain and drooling.

13. Breast Milk

Breast feeding offers sheer comfort to the infants. However, some babies avoid sucking at the time of teething as it aggravates the pain.

Breastfeeding, in general, will give your little one the comfort that they need to help them ease the pain. When they have the comfort of your breast as well as your warmth surrounding them, they will calm down a bit especially if the teething has caused them to be super fussy. For babies who are inconsolable, this is the method you will want to use as it will allow your child to find some comfort to fall asleep. 

14. Silicone-based Teething Rings

Instead of giving liquid-filled products to infants, prefer silicone-based teething rings which can easily be sterilized. Put it in the refrigerator before handing over to the child.

Herbal Remedies for Teething

15. Chamomile Tea

Prepare diluted chamomile tea and freeze it. Tie it in a washcloth or place in teething feeder, and give it to your tot for gnawing.

16. Essential Oils

Massage the gums of the tot with essential oils such as clove essential oil or lavender essential oil to ease the pain.

Homeopathic Remedies for Teething

17. Camilia 

Ferrum phosphoricum, chamomilla and belladonna are used to prepare this product. This comes in the form of liquid doses which are to be poured in the mouth of children.  

18. Teething Tablets

Hyland is a teething tablet that calms the irritability and soothes the inflammation. It is also available in the form of gels. You can also buyOrajel teething gel for your little one. These gels are made up of natural herbs like chamomilla, clove oil and belladonna.

Note- Consult a doctor before giving any medication to the little one.

Do’s and Don’ts      

  • Apply gentle pressure while massaging the gums. Don’t rub excessively and too harshly. These will indeed worsen the pain and soreness of the gums.
  • Keep their hands busy and also indulge them in different games so that they forget the pain and focus on enjoyment.
  • Check the ice cubes that they aren’t too cold or unbearable to gnaw, before you give it to the infant.
  • The infant’s teeth should be brushed twice a day. Use a soft baby toothbrush and fluoride-free toothpaste. You can also use some gauze or fresh cloth to clean the gums.
  • Foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin-D should be provided to the babies because this will provide energy and will make their teeth stronger.
  • Take care of cleanliness especially when your kids perceive heavy drooling and mouth full of saliva at the time of teething. Keep a clean towel close to them and teach them how to wipe it or an elderly person can do it for them.
  • You can use different refrigerated pacifiers or teethers available in the market to provide relief and comfort to the baby.