18 Amazing Grapefruit Seed Extract Benefits

Grapefruit seed oil extract, also known as GSE, is a mind-blowing antifungal, antibiotic, antioxidant, antiviral, antiseptic and antimicrobial agent that can come under the form of pure liquid, capsules with liquid concentrate, pills, tablets, nasal spray or nose / ear drops. The uses and benefits of grapefruit seed extract are abundant, even exceeding those of many other whole foods; you can use this organic alternative for everything from health issues, to acting as a cosmetics preservative to even working as a disinfectant for laundry, water or produce. If you want to know where to buy grapefruit seed extract, you can find it on Amazon under products like Nutribiotic grapefruit seed extract, Citricidal grapefruit seed extract or Solaray grapefruit seed extract (you can check reviews to see which one would be the best for you).

How Grapefruit Seed Extract is Created

Although the answer to this question may seem obvious by the name, grapefruit seed extract is actually comprised of more than just what comes out of the seeds of a grapefruit. In fact, the pulp and membranes of the fruit are also utilized to create the final consumable extract.

All of these ingredients are ground up together to form a single mixture. Once created, this mixture is combined with glycerine to create what we know as grapefruit seed extract.

Finished grapefruit seed extract is then packaged in capsules or dropper containers for everyday use.

In the article we have prepared for today, we will be covering grapefruit seed extract benefits and grapefruit seed extract uses that really have the power to change your life. Get the what, when, why and how info you need to benefit from grapefruit seed extract below and choose the natural way!

* If you are using grapefruit seed extract as treatment, make sure that your dosage is less than 1500 milligrams per day. I also recommended that you speak with a specialist before choosing to take grapefruit seed extract for severe conditions.


1. Pregnancy Pains

All women know that they can go through some terrible pains during pregnancy. Morning sickness, in particular, is possibly the most frequent (and obnoxious) of all. The good news is that you can use grapefruit seed extract for pregnancy pain relief; all you have to do is mix 5 to 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract into a glass of water and drink the mixture every morning.

2. Lyme Disease

Another one of the most amazing grapefruit seed extract benefits is its power in treating Lyme. A great number of patients have spoken about their positive experiences after they used GSE to treat Lyme, while a small few claimed that they had various side effects. Generally you can dilute 2 to 4 drops of grapeseed oil in a glass of water to drink on a daily basis. If you feel any side effects, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

3. Tonsil Stones

Thanks to the high levels of nutrients that the fruit contains, grapefruit seed extract benefits also include preventing and treating tonsil stones.  You can try gargling with grapefruit seed extract and salt water once a day to either protect your body from developing tonsil stones or for a natural form of treatment.

4. Immune System

Vitamin C, citric acid, flavonoids, tocopherols, minerals, sterols, limonoids… these are just a few of the super hero nutrients that can be found in grapefruit seed extract. With such a rich, healthy content, it is impossible for GSE to not be fantastic for your immune system. A strong immune system means that you will be able to protect your body more from diseases, illnesses and even life-threatening conditions.

5. Diarrhea

We all know how unsettling a bad case of diarrhea can be for your whole body. Luckily enough for us, another one of the many grapefruit seed extract benefits is treating diarrhea in a gentle, organic way. Like in other situations, you can take a glass of water and add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract to flush away your pains for good.

6. Sinus Infection

Speaking of pains, a sinus infection can truly turn into pure torture. Take advantage of grapefruit seed extract benefits and use it for sinus irrigation – take a couple of drops of grapefruit seed extract and mix them with ¼ teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm, distilled or sterilized water (should be around 8 fluid ounces).  With the help of a neti pot, wash your sinuses about three times every day for roughly a week.

7. Acne

From puberty to late teenage or even adult years, acne remains one of the most embarrassing, frustrating and disappointing aesthetic health problems that an individual can undergo. Hope is not lost, though, because another one of the grapefruit seed extract benefits we want to present is its potency against acne. Owing to its antifungal and antimicrobial properties, grapefruit seed extract can clear your face of acne in time if you follow these steps: wash your face with water and put a few drops on your moist hands to dilute the GSE. With circle movements, rub the diluted GSE on your face and pat the area dry after a moment or two.

8. Water Purification

Water can be purified instantly with the help of grapefruit seed extract. This can really come in handy is you are out camping and you want to drink some water from a pond or a stream. Specialists recommend that for every gallon of water you should add anywhere from ten to twenty-five drops of grapefruit seed extract so the purification process can take place.

9. Yeast Infection

Some of the most popular searches regarding this natural alternative are “grapefruit seed extract thrush” or “grapefruit seed extract candida”. You can rest assured that GSE is indeed effective when yeast infections are in discussion. In fact, its reputation for treating candida is what made it so famous as an organic form of treatment in the first place. Many people who suffer from candida claim that they had what they believed to be side effects when first using GSE (even thinking that they were allergic to it), but after three days of use its effectiveness kicked in.

10. Colds

With winter knocking at our doors, we are bound to end up with a cold or flu sooner or later. It is recommended that you consume a large amount of liquids when suffering from a cold; to boost the effects, add five to fifteen drops of liquid grapefruit seed extract to a glass of natural vegetable or fruit juice two to three times a day. You will avoid dehydration, headaches caused by the cold and keeping your immune system pumped and ready to fight off the disease.

11. Weight Loss

“In a recently completed 2004 clinical trial involving 100 overweight men and women at the Scripps Clinic, a research-driven care facility in San Diego, researchers found that simply eating half a grapefruit three times daily or taking one 500 mg capsule of whole grapefruit extract three times per day resulted in a loss of approximately 3 pounds per person during a three-month period, compared with a placebo group whose members did not include grapefruit in any form in their diets” Delicious Living reports. That should get you thinking about using grapefruit seed extract when planning to lose weight.

12. Infections in Dogs

Humans are not the only ones who can enjoy grapefruit seed extract benefits. Externally, GSE can be used with dogs for fundal infections, ear infections, minor injuries or itchy paws. Internally, use grapefruit seed extract on your pooch for gas, diarrhea, candida, minor intestinal worms, or from steering fleas away.

13. Intestinal Parasites

Studies show that grapefruit seed extract can successfully combat more than “800 strains of viruses and bacteria, 100 strains of fungi, plus a great number of single-celled parasites”. It works by eliminating the intestinal parasites that harm your body, without interfering with the regular intestinal flora. Make sure that you never directly use pure extract; apply the 67% glycerin and 33% extract ratio.

14. Toenail Fungus

Grapefruit seed extract, as well as tea tree oil, are known to be the best natural remedies for healing toenail fungus. All you have to do is literally spread the GSE on the infected nail or nails (like polish) two times a day. The only downside is that you have to repeat the process daily for approximately two months to enjoy results, but at least you know that the ingredient you use is 100% natural and safe, as opposed to many commercial products.

15. Laundry Disinfectant

Yes, you heard correctly: grapefruit seed extract can help disinfect your laundry. Thanks to the antiseptic properties we spoke about earlier regarding water purification, GSE can thoroughly sterilize your clothing. All you have to do is add about one teaspoon of grapefruit seed extract to every load of laundry.

16. Mouthwash for Bad Breath

Are you desperate to get rid of bad breath? GSE can help you out. Just add a couple of drops of grapefruit seed extract into some water and gargle. If you find that the taste is too bitter, you can balance it out with the help of peppermint oil.

17. Skin Irritations

For mild cases, grapefruit seed extract can be used to treat skin irritations. Make sure that you dilute it, or you will end up with more irritated skin than you started out with.

18. Fruit & Veggie Wash

If GSE purifies water, you can definitely count on it for disinfecting your fruits and vegetables before eating them. Make a fantastic produce wash by mixing grapefruit seed extract with white vinegar, baking soda and water.

Potential Grapefruit Seed Extract Side Effects

  • Interactions with certain drugs (such as Fexofenadine)
  • Enzyme effects
  • Weaken muscles

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