16 Super Foods for Super Women

Now nothing is sexier than a strong, smart and supple woman who knows how to take care of herself. Sometimes hitting the gym and purchasing the latest couture is simply not enough. A true lady must know how to plan her diet and, above all, stay healthy. The notion of “super foods” has been gaining more and more popularity in the virtual world in the past few years, owing to the fact that they act as fantastic home remedies and are essential for a proper diet. Scientists and researchers have discovered a wide range of foods with super hero powers that can actually help cure various conditions, or at least keep them under control.

That is exactly the reason why we have decided to make the ultimate list of 16 super foods for super women who aim to become… superwomen. All jokes aside, these delicious goodies will certainly help you carry out a much healthier lifestyle, while preventing any potential diseases. Check all of them out below and let us know which super food you find the most helpful and enjoyable.


1. Eggs are Excellent!

Eggxactly! Particularly egg yolks are packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Scientists have proven that egg yolks can help you prevent breast cancer, owing to their high levels of choline. Even though many people tend to avoid eggs (especially whole), due to the rumors regarding risks of developing heart conditions, we guarantee that consuming them in a responsible matter will help you avoid one of the most disastrous diseases that females are prone to.

2. Beans are Best!

Beans can really work wonders for your bodies. Red beans, especially, are outstanding for their nutrition properties, coming loaded with fiber, minerals, protein and antioxidants, among others. One of the most awesome qualities of red beans is the resistant starch they contain; it is said to be a key factor for burning fat and maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Avocados are Amazing!

By now, every health-conscious individual should be well aware of the fact that avocados are at the top of the super foods list. They present literally countless health benefits, with monounsaturated fatty acids that protect your heart like true soldiers. Although many ladies tend to avoid them because they’re “fatty”, you should know that the fats they contain are actually “healthy fats”. Aside from the MUFAs, avocados are also rich in vitamins, potassium, protein and magnesium.

4. Yogurt is Yummy!

Studies show that you’ll be living a much healthier life by consuming low-fat yogurt several times a week. Scientists even believe that regularly eating low-fat yogurt can help ladies ward off breast cancer and potential vaginal infections. What more could a girl want? However, always be sure to consume plain yogurt, as the other kinds (such as those with chunks of fruit) contain loads of sugar that could end up harming you more than helping. Get your daily dose of calcium and enjoy some yogurt as a snack or for breakfast.

5. Nuts are Nutritious!

Go nuts! Enjoy a healthy diet while consuming all sorts of nuts, from pistachios and almonds to cashews and walnuts. Many specialists also recommend nut butter, which you can make at home on your own and enjoy as a sandwich spread. Nuts come packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, omega-3s and fiber, which will help you battle low cholesterol and heart conditions, as well as cancer (!). Various nuts have also proven to be a key ingredient for getting rid of stress and even getting better sleep at night.

6. Shrimp is Spectacular!

Sea food has never been healthier! In case you didn’t know, shrimp is practically fat-free and packed with all sorts of goodies, like loads of protein. A serving of 3 ounces has just around 90 calories, so you should really consider incorporating shrimp into your diet. Even though many avoid shrimp for its high levels of cholesterol, but you should know that they are appreciated for protecting your heart. Don’t forget that shrimp is also rich in selenium, which has proven to battle cancer.

7. Oats are Outstanding!

What better way to start your day than by enjoying some whole grain oatmeal for breakfast? Talk about delicious and nutritious at the same time! Another great piece of news for gals is that oats not only lower cholesterol, but they also give you the impression that you’re full so you don’t overeat. You can easily consume oats daily (steel-cut are the richest in fiber) and enjoy your super healthy diet.

8. Curry

Indians really know their healthy food! Little do people know that curry can be an active fighter against cancer, as the primary antioxidant included in it (curcumin), can actually eliminate cancer cells and stop growing tumors! It’s a great super food for women, as it prevents both ovarian and breast cancer, which are very common among ladies. Although we don’t have a particular suggestion regarding the amount of curry a woman should consume, make sure to sprinkle it on your home-cooked dishes once in a while.

9. Go Bananas!

We are already familiar with the fact that bananas are an exceptional source of potassium, which greatly aids you in controlling blood pressure. Ladies also go bananas for their awesome health benefits regarding hair and skin. This is owing to the fact that bananas are rich in vitamin B6. You can eat fresh bananas or make some homemade masks and scrubs for them to treat your skin to some classic tender love and care.

10. Tomatoes are Terrific!

We can never get enough of tomatoes; we toss them in our salads, cook them with our meals and juice them for a refreshing and healthy drink. The wonderful news is that tomatoes are loaded with vitamin A and they come in all sorts of varieties that are incredible for your body. Red and orange tomatoes can help you prevent heart conditions and cancer, thanks to their high levels of lycopene. Rethink your lunch choices and throw some tomatoes in your list of ingredients!

11. Berries are Beneficial!

Yep, berries are an amazing choice for your diet. From blueberries and cranberries to raspberries and strawberries, all types of these yummy fruits can work wonders for your health. Most berries come packed with vitamin C, flavonoids with antioxidant properties and folic acid, that will help patients overcome cancer. You can consume berries both fresh and frozen, as their properties remain the same under each form.

12. Fatty Fish are Fantastic!

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: never underestimate the power of fatty fish! Mackerel, sardines and salmon are all an exceptional source of omega-3 fatty acids that are known to prevent numerous diseases. Lupus, arthritis, depression and heart conditions are just a few of the diseases that fatty fish can help out with, so you should really try integrating some of this delicious sea food into your diet.

13. Garlic is Great!

No, we’re not preparing you for fighting off vampires, but we’re definitely getting you ready to prevent illnesses and live out a much healthier life. Aside from the fact that it makes any cooked meal infinitely yummier, garlic is rich in phytochemicals like allicin, which has proven to be a life saver for individuals fighting high blood pressure. It’s also a cancer-conqueror, which has gained a great reputation for battling ovarian cancer. Now don’t fuss about their odor, you can easily brush your teeth well after each meal and have garlic free-breath while remaining healthy. Your immune system will definitely thank you in the long run.

14. Go for Green!

Remember when you were little and your parents always scolded you for not eating all of your green veggies? Well every responsible parent is well-aware of their health benefits. Greens like spinach, brussel sprouts or broccoli all have more awesome properties than we could ever imagine and are the key to a well-balanced diet. If you want to be as strong as Pop Eye, include more veggies alongside your meals and enjoy as many salads as you can during their season.

15. Apples are Awesome!

Remember the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well we guarantee that it’s not just a matter of folklore! Unpeeled apples are loaded with vitamin C, so keep the skin on if you want to benefit from its insoluble and soluble fibers. These fibers are critical for tummy problems like constipation, as well as controlling cholesterol. Most of all, they’re truly delicious and serve as an excellent choice for snacks between meals. You can even make your own apple juice and carry it with you to school or at work.

16. Dark Chocolate

We’re saving the best for last! Yes, you heard us right, chocolate can actually be amazing for your health. But don’t get too excited, you should know that dark chocolate works the best for maintaining a healthy body and a super healthy heart. Even more so, dark chocolate can aid you in balancing out high blood pressure levels and feel pure happiness (specialists report that if you eat chocolate, your brain releases serotonin). Try to find dark chocolate that contains 60% or more cocoa, so you can enjoy all of its incredible properties.

Photo credits: Holisticvanity.ca, Northcountynaturopath.com.